Defenders of the Wing Decor: New Items!

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The second set of Defenders of the Wing decor has just been released to the excitement of Vikings everywhere! 
After such an anticipated wait, Queen Mala and Fishlegs have released two new items as part of this decor set. Vikings throughout campus can now relax like royalty in this all-new throne and bed! 
Since early morning, whispers have been traveling through campus letting people know that the second set of the hideout decor from Queen Mala and Fishlegs was finally ready. It was a crowd of Vikings who began making their way to the Trading Post and lining up in front of it. It seemed no one wanted to miss out on these newest items. 
As soon as Trader Johann opened it’s doors Vikings were rushing in and getting their hands on the Defenders of the Wing throne and bed, as well as the items that were first released. 
These items are selling like hot cakes, so don’t wait too long and start making your way to the Trading Post! 
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uhm tbh i dnt knuw why they

uhm tbh i dnt knuw why they added this in insted uf the uh armr xD i prefure armr btw keybrd brken thats why i taIk aII stpid


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