DeathSong/Garff Skin Idea

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(idk how to start this but whatevr) The DeathSong is one of if not the most beatiful dragon in the game/series. The colors blend amazing in the show giving this dragon a butterfly like apperance. I remeber when the dragon first came out I flipped out bc i saw how awsome it looked in RTTE. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the DeathSong, but the game doesn't give it justice. A Garffiljorg(i think thats how your spell it lmao) skin would be perfect. Alot of other dragons have hero skins that make them look like the are from the series. This skin will leterally make my life compete lol. This skin will spice up the DeathSong even more. Please consider adding this to the game:)


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I agree. Garf looks beautiful!




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omg right!!! he's soooo

omg right!!! he's soooo cute.  but if the decide to add this they shouldn';t make it toooo pricey

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Honestly they need to give us more than three color options anyway. And make eye color changeable. The reason why the Deathsong doesn't look as beautiful in game as it really should is because it is such a colorful dragon. When you have only three color options on a dragon like that it just doesn't work. With more or less, for want of a better word, "plain" dragons (that is, dragons that don't have an elborate pattern on their wings/scales) three colors works okay but not for the Deathsong and probably the slithersong too.


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