Dear Non english speaker of the forums, Do you have alternate dragon names in your language?

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This is not the first time a thread like this exist but it has been years now and with a lot of new forum user I think a new thread for this topic is due. If you are from the non-english speaking country like I am, do you have alternate name/ translation for the dragons name in your language? This thread can be a collection of that as well as for me to share mine. I'm Thai and there're a lot of funny and interesting Dragon name translation here. I won't bother put in the Thais but only the translation of the names.

Here are the notable ones I have:


How to train your Dragon - The legend of Dragons Conquering Vikings"

Night Fury - Black Flame

Light Fury - Smooth Flame (Funny story about this is that a name was given by fan first after seeing the untranslate english trailer but then official translation just roll with it)

Toothless - Fangless

Stormfly - Needle Storm

Deadly Nadder - Flamecloud Dragon

Monsterous Nightmare - King Deadly Flame/ Ki,ller flame

Gronckle - Excited (Sour) Meat

Zippleback - Two headed Zip

Snapptrapper - Four headed Zip

Red death - King Red

Boneknapper - Bone-Ka-napper (they translate bone but remain using the english word knapper but pronounce very weirdly)

Fireworm - Firetube

Scauldrom- Boilng King

Terrible Terror - Super small

Scraming Death - King Whispering Death

Skrill - Death/Grim reaper, Dark Bird,  Sleeping Lightning (the name was change multiple time)

Flightmare - Nightmare,  Dark Flame (another multiple name)

Hotburple - Melting Boiling

Timberjack - Forest Destroyer

Bewilderbeast - Beast Dragon

Speed stinger - Deadly Bullet Dragon

Seashocker - Lightning Sea dev,il

Rumblehorn - Echo Trumpet

Hobblegrunt - King Flame

Snafflefang - Ki,ller Fang


Can't wait to learn more about yours!



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I'm originally Canadian French but for some reasons the movies and shows seem to give out the France names of dragons. I do have one Canadian dragon name so why not sharing them here? xD (Lookin' at you, Nadder)



Night Fury- Furie Nocturne

Light Fury- Furie Éclair

Night Light- Éclair Nocturne

Toothless- Krokmou

Stormfly- Tempête

Barf and Belch- Prout et Pète

Hookfang- Krochefer

Meatlug- Bouledogre

Pouncer- Pirouette

Dart- Flèche

Ruffrunner- Vifagile

Deathgripper- Aggripemort

Skrill- Écrevasse

Woolly Howl- Hurlement Laineux (Gosh, it's cringe to read it that way)

Singetail- Rôtisseur

Seashocker- Horreur des Mers

Bewilderbeast- Ice Beast

Thunderdrum- Mille Tonnerres

Razorwhip- Razolame

Stormcutter- Foudroyant

Changewing- Aile de la Mort

Hideous Zippleback- Hideux Braguettaure

Flightmare- Volchemard

Rumblehorn- Cornebrute

Deadly Nadder- Dragon Vipère/Lézardus Léthal




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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

Rumblehorn became Echo Trumpet?

Why is that so funny?


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It's even funnier when you realize why

Rumble = Echo

Horn = Trumpet (they must have been thinking like a French Horn, not a rhino horn XD)


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Exactly XD

Exactly XD

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This is awesome!  I love it!  So tracking!


Sorry I have none to share.





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Co się dzieje

My native language is Polish; some of the dragon names are just the same in English but there's actually quite a few translations, although none are exactly to the English names. 

How to Train your Dragon ~ Jak Wytresować Smoka

Night fury ~ Nocna furia

Light fury ~ Lekka/światło furia 

Toothless ~ Bezzębny

Stormfly ~ Mucha burzowa

Barf and Belch ~ Barf i Beknięcie

Hookfang ~ Haczyk kieł (doesn't translate exactly but somewhat close) 

Meatlug ~ Wyciągnij mięso

Windshear ~ Uskok wiatru

Shattermaster ~ Roztrzaskać mistrz

Deadly nadder ~ Śmiertelnie nadder 

zippleback ~ Same but you could say Zamek Błyskawiczny Plecy (doesn't translate to Zippleback but fairly close)

Monstrous Nightmare ~ Potworny Koszmar

Gronckle ~ same

Snaptrapper ~ Kłapnięcie traper

Death song ~ Piosenka śmierci

Razorwhip ~ Brzytwa bat 



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I'm not sure if that's what the OP meant. I guess they asked users to write their official translations, not what English names literally mean in other languages.
And from what I gathered, in Polish "Toothless" isn't called "Bezzębny" (though Google Translator says so). Or maybe Polish HTTYD wiki is wrong :P
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Co się dzieje

Eh, what the Polish translations translate to in English weren't that special although they were not that exact (aside from some of course) XD 

I used an adjective for Toothless. There's a lot of alternate words for adjectives but the Szczerbatek is also right. 

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I mean, I guess the OP wanted to know exactly the translations like "Szczerbatek" lol. I mean, what's the point in listing translations which aren't accurate at all (my buddy from Poland told me that Toothless was never called "Bezzębny" lol). But Idk, maybe I'm wrong.

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People tell me I'm a little bit barmy

Tracking! I only speak English, so I can't add anything, but this looks really interesting!



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This is awesome

These are fascinating! Unfortunately I'm English, so I don't have much to add.


I think it's fantastic how some of these (Night Fury, Monstrous Nightmare, Skrill, Timberjack, Speed Stinger) are awesome and arguably cooler than some of the English versioms while others (Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Snaptrapper, Fireworm, Terrible Terror, Rumblehorn) are just flat-out hilarious. XD

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I would argue that Flamecloud

I would argue that Flamecloud (i actually should call it Cloud flame like black flame and smooth flame and dark flame) is one of the better name although very inaccurate to the original name. I think calling it alternate or localize name fit since while some are translate, some are the new name given after learning what those dragons are. And usuallt the goofy ones are the one trying to stay close to their original name

Not always the case though, some that are not list here like Thunderdrum, Whispering Death, Raincutter have the names that can be translate back exactly like their original name but sound very cool in Thai(mostly because they use the old fancy poem like words for them)

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I only mentioned the Nadder as funny because it really doesn't have anything to do with the dragon itself - it's like calling it "Fire-Breather" I guess.


Yeah I actually vastly preferred some of the names especially stuff like "Sleeping Lightning" that actually says way more about the dragon than just a random cool-sounding word like "Skrill" does, lol.

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I'm another native English

I'm another native English speaker, so I'm afraid that I can't add any translated names... at least not yet. I am taking Spanish classes, so I might try translating some dragon names through Spanishdict.


Reading the translated versions of dragon names does remind me of hilarious/wierd literal translations, such as "Helicopter" becoming "Lifting Screwdriver" in German, or "Tissue" becoming "Nose Paper" in multiple languages. This thread also reminds me of funny sayings that don't exist in the English language, or else are untranslatable, example: A set of questions asking wether various animals have either stomped or farted in a person's ear (a polite way of asking wether a person is tone deaf. The species of the animal and the action performed depend on what language is being spoken and where the person asking the question lives.)



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  I am a native English speaker. lol I am loving all these translations. Tracking for more. :3




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*Grabs popcorns*

Oh, actually, there are many! I'm italian so i will only add here a few examples, it would take me literal ages to add every dragon name here, so here they are:


Furia buia (night fury) = dark fury

Pungirapido (speed stinger) = rapid sting

Uncinato (deadly nadder) = hooked

Incubo orrendo (monstrous nightmare) = Horrid nightmare


I know some of them sound really bad, but eh, what can i do about it..



Welcome To My Signature!!!

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Toothless Night Fury GIF - Toothless NightFury Httyd GIFs

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Credits to Morgaerwen!

Credit goes to Aussie the second!

Credit goes to Emeraldhuntress65!

Credit goes to ninjadragon!

Credit goes to ninjadragon!

In-Game Facts About Me:

Retired Player: 6/25/17 - 10/10/20

Name: TheCreepyRider

Clan: Great Heights

Gender: Female

Age: 25 (After The Epilogue Of The 3rd Movie)

Main Dragon: Korthanak (Night Fury) And Others

Interests: Racing, Battling, Flying Around At High Speed Doing Acrobatics, Running Around And Jumping Things With A Speed Stinger

Dislikes: Farming, Fishing, Fireball Frenzy, Flight Club, Alchemy Adventure (The Last One Got Removed, But I Still Didn't Like It)

Real Life Facts About Me:

Name: ---

Gender: Female

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Birthday: 20th January

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Dislikes: Not Doing Anything

Fandoms I'm In: HTTYD, Trollhunters, TDP, HH (Also Including HB), SVTFOE, My Pride


So, Since A Lot Of People Here Are Adults, I'm Considered As A Child XD (Poor Me)


Here's The List Of My Main Dragons (Decided To Delete That Long, Useless List)

Korthanak: Male Night Fury

Etrix: Male Titan Skrill

Aquileas: Male Titan Sand Wraith

Hurricane: Male Titan Thunderdrum



So... Uh. Don't know what to write down here since i never asked for any fanart. Well... All i can say is that i had a wonderful experience in this game, despite all the bugs and the crashes, and i've met wonderful people, that i'm proud to call friends, but won't mention here for privacy (and also for the fact that they're kinda retired too). But now... I'm kind of retired. After 3 long years of playing, i really can't seem to enjoy the game that much anymore, i also got different priorities now. I still remember that i thought i would love the game forever, when i started playing.. Kind of a silly thought, but i was younger than now, and much, much more naive. Never thought i'd change.. But, surprisingly, i did. Huh. 12 years old me would be shocked.



Anyway, if you arrived down here, congrats!! You arrived at this end of this still-not-finished signature!









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Oh, fun! We have some very wonky Dutch translations...


How to Train your Dragon is translated into How to Tame your Dragon / How do you Tame a Dragon.


Night Fury: [Redacted] / Hellwipe / shrew / B-word

Light Fury: Heaven wipe

Hideous Zippleback: Furious Zipperback / Furious Rustleback

Deadly Nadder: Horrible Nadder

Meatlug: Bacon Neck

Snotlout: Snotbrat

Ruffnut & Tuffnut: When compounded their name translates to 'scum' or 'riffraff'.

Stoick: Stompum the Sturdy


I have no idea for the rest hahaha, I avoid dubs like the plague so I haven't really watched any of the films in my own langage. There's not much info out regarding the translations so I assume no one else liked them enough to put them online.


p̨͙̹̟̹̍͋ͭ̇̂̂ͬ̆͐ͨ̔̏̿̎̆́͘͞ļ̵̷̥̗͙̹̐̉͐̅ͮ̑̌̒̉̊̈͗̅͑̈ͬ͟ͅe̷ͮ̾̄̇͂͏̙̫̝̘͈͈͖̣̦̪ͅą̵̸̻̘͉̳̦̳͑̒͂͛ͬ̐͘s̷̨̫̺̦͌ͪ̓̃̋̆ͫ͛͋̑ͣ̏ͯ̍̚͞e̴̸̩̗̠͙̭̽̊͊ͥ͋͐̔ͮ͊ͨ͒̓͋͋̀͆̈́ ̷̴̧̮̰͚̠̞͈̤̱͚̤̜̤̫͇̟̖͛͑ͦͫͣͬ̅ͯ͛ͯͭ́̑̅̽̚̚͝m̵̵̵̭̬̳̞̻̺̤̺͔͎̻̼̮̬̦̥͖͓̿ͨ̋̔ͥͣ̎ͨͪ̿ͣͪ́͟i̸̡͖̤̙̲̩̟̰̗̻͖̘͖̰͙̼̎̀̽̂̓͐͂̂ͮ͛͒ͨ̌ͯ̓̇̀̄̏̕ͅͅͅn̓ͬ͂ͤ͆̑̾̈͐ͩ͗͌́̓̉ͭ̄̚͏̜̖̝̪̤̤̦̫̼̩̱͕̳͈̺̤̩͞d̶̢̛̳̭̯̘̞͉̟̗͓͙͓̻̫̘̜̣̫͓͙̒͂͛͐ͤ͑́̕ ̸̨̦̮͓͙̞̩̎͂̽ͮͨ̽͌ͭ̐̓̅̌̒ͭ̅͛ͩy̧̢̛̹̻̥̰̦͍ͣͤ̽̆́̔͟͟ỏ̢̊̇ͥͭ͐ͨ̿̒̋̚͠͏̶̨͖͇̺̯͎̪̹̲͚̼͙͓͕̰ͅų̸̵̰͕̲͇̻͗͌͊̓ͧͫ̐ͪ̆̐̅̅̉̚͝r̓͆̊ͨ̏͌̌ͥ̿̋ͪ̑̏ͣ͒ͯ͏͎̙͚̤̲̼͙͚̦͘͘ ̶̨̯͔̹̯͖͍̞̗̰͎̥̦͐̓͋͆ͧͅs̨̨̞̖̥͍͎̙̋̄̔̎ͭ̌̆̌̚t̨̛̟͖̼̖̟͓̙̦ͩ͋͛̅̅ͥ̆̌̂̄ͦ͗͂ͮ̏̊̚͠ḙ̸͙̜̬̘͓̊̍̿̓ͯ̅ͨ̈́̀̃̃͋ͯͨ̓̚͢͡p̶͖̹͓̗͓̯̆́ͪ́̀ ̶͔͉̬͔͖̠̲̗͖̱͉͍̥̲̽̈̏̉̽̈́ͫ́̀͟͠ͅ:̡̨̨̖̦͇̥̳̪̟̅͊̋̊͑ͫ̄̑0̽̃͌̏ͭ̑̑̿ͯ́̃̂͌̔̀̕͏̴̧̳͚͙͖)̖̹̞͉̭̦̼͚̗͔͍̥̭̫͎̱ͤ͋ͫ̈͛ͩ̒ͭ̌͗ͯͯͧ͊̾̇̉ͨ̀͠͠


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I'm Czech. I my country most

I'm Czech. I my country most of the dragon names are translated (but only those that are spoken) and i don't remeber all of them, beacouse i prefer to watch the shows in english. This is what I rememer.


Night Fury = Noční běs

Light Fury = Bílá běska

Deadly Nadder = Nodr Smrťák

Gronckle = Garvan

Monsterous Nightmare = Děsovec Obludný

Hieous Zippleback = Zipák Ohavný

Terrible Terror = Hrůzák hrozivý

Whispering death = Plíživá smrt

Screaming death = Vřeštící smrt

Scauldron = Gejzírník

Seashocker = Mořivec

Red death = Rudá smrt

Boneknapper = Kostilam

Speed stinger = Štírák Dravý

Timberjack = Rubavec

Bewilderbeast = Alfa drak

Fireworms = Ohnivá havěť

Armorwing = Pancířák

Changewing = Žíravec

Flightmare = Zářící drak

Death song = Smrtipěv

Razorwhip = Břitišvih

Singetail = Žahochvost

Raincutter = Kratidešť

Smothering Smokebreath = Kouřový Mlhofuk 

Night terror = Noční hrůzák

Crimson Goregutter = Karmínový Hromohrab

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Arabic-speaker here! Most names mean the same and many of them are pronounced in English in the Arabic dub, but those that got changed are interesting XD


~Dragon Characters~


Toothless: Toothy or One-Tooth (Abu Sin)

Stormfly: Whirlwind (Zawba-a)

Barf: Web or Net (Shabaka)

Meatlug: Meatfist (Qabdat Lahm)

Cloudjumper: Cloudflyer or Cloudbird (Tayir Alsahab)

Skullcrusher: Crusher of Skulls (Sahiq Aljamajim)


~Human Characters~


Fishlegs: Fin (Zanuf).

Snotlout: RudeSnot (Mukhat Jalf)

Ruffnut: Roughway (Khashina Shakal)

Tuffnut: Toughway (Shakas Shakal)


(Not exactly sure if it's way, style, look or form, as shakal got many meanings XD)


~Dragon Species~


Light Fury: Day Fury (Funny thing is Hiccup was actually going to name her Light Fury, but Astrid was like "Day Fury!" XD)

Deadly Nadder: Deadly Serpent

Hideous Zippleback: Hybridised Flame

Monstrous Nightmare: Horrifying Nightmare

Terrible Terror: Terrifying Terror

Changewing: Switchwing

Snow Wraith: Ice Ghost

Cavern Crusher: The Destroyer

Singetail: Lonetail

Buffalord: Thorlord

Submaripper: Superdiver

Shellfire: Bomb Barrage

Lycanwing: Shiftwing


Current Art Thread:

Dragon Art Requests!





|| About Me ||


Alias: Era.

Gender: Female.
Date of Birth: 1 May.
Personality Type (MBTI): INFJ.
Favorite Movie: How To Train Your Dragon.
Favorite Book Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Favorite Colors: Purple, blue, green, brown, orange.



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|| Favorite Dragons ||


Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terror

Deadly Nadder






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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Unable to add because pure english speaker but looking at these the one that confuses me the most is when Skrill is translated. Isn't that a made up word anyway? Why translate a made up word? Do parts of the word not exist in the languige they were trying to translate it to or something? (Like some letters don't exist in some languiges that do in others and whatnot)



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Not sure if you aim this

Not sure if you aim this question toward the language with more close relation to english but for mine it's more like a concious decision of the localization as all of the dragon name are being rename into their alternative names in thai so having one english sounding name would be out of place. I mean there's the only other dragon that name in this style is boneknapper which is awfulf. For skrill, they could keep the name similary to english it would be something like สกริล or สคริล but i like what they did better. Sleeping lightning seem like a name given after watching the show or knowing a dragon.
Like i said, mine is more of alternative names than a direct translation

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Is skrill english sounding though? That's the thing that confuses me. It's a made up word. It means nothing. Maybe this is an issue with me not really being someone who understands accents and such very well and so I might not really get what one means when a made up word sounds English.

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Its english sounding/ foriegn

Its english sounding/ foriegn sounding (ok i should use that term instead)when you dont understand the meaning behind it and that it doesnt sound like thai word.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Ah ok.

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Oh, I love hearing about

Oh, I love hearing about different names in translation, is always very interesting, I'm from Argentina and most Latin American countries share the same translation (wich is funny because the Spain Spanish translation is very different from the Latin Spanish from what I've seen)

The Characters


Hiccup - Hipo (Hiccup)

Astrid - Astrid

Fishlegs - Patapez (Fishleg, single one lol)

Snotlout - Patán (I don't know how to translate this one, I don't trust google translate, but it's basically an insult)

Tuffnut - Brutacio (Brute basically)

Ruffnut - Brutilda (She-Brute? basically...)

Toothless - Chimuelo (If it actually means toothless I never heard it where I'm from)

Stormfly - Tormenta (Storm)

Meatlug - Albondiga (Meatball)

Hookfang - Colmillo (Fang)

Barf and Belch - Eructo y Guácara (Belch and Barf, the names are turned around)


The Dragons

Night Fury - Furia Nocturna (Night Fury)

Light Fury - Furia Luminosa (Light Fury)

Deadly Nadder - Nadder Mortifero (Deadly Nadder)

Monstrous Nightmare - Pesadilla Monstruosa (Monstrous Nightmare)

Hideous Zippleback - Cremallerous Espantosus (Horrible Zip is the closest translation)

Gronckle - Gronckle

Whispering Death - Muerte Susurrante (Whispering Death)

Screaming Death - Grito Mortal (Deathly Scream)

Stormcutter - Cortatormentas (Stormcutter)

Red Death - Muerte Roja (Red Death)

Rumblehorn - Cuernatronante (Thunderous horn)

Scauldron - Caldero (Cauldron)

Eruptodon - Erupciodon (Eruption)

Fireworm - Gusafuego (Fire Wor, didnt finish the worm part of the name for some reason)


Most translated names have actually stayed pretty faithful to the original, the only main difference is that if we translate them literally the names are almost always turned around, as in instead of Night Fury it would be Fury Night, because that's what sounds good in Spanish


Like my art? Interested in buying me a coffee?

Much appreciated!!


A multifandom lass from Argentina who's into way too many fandoms to write here, but some include: HTTYD, Haikyuu!!, Brooklyn 99, Dragon Age, Red vs Blue, The Adventure Zone, Boku No Hero Academia, etc etc. 


Also a huge shipper, I ship about anything, and in How To Train Your Dragon I mainly ship the OT6 (Basically the gang together thanks to a girl in tumblr who enlightend me) and also Heather with the gang (mainly Astrid and Fishlegs because they really are super cute together) I'm going to stop talking about my ships now.... Unless anyone doesnt want me to stop, ok fine.



My friend code if you wanna add me: FLHJ2Y



                                             ** Art corner **

Other people's beautiful art <3


                                                                           Made by X Katerina Pettrova X 



                    Made by TosiLohi     Made by TosiLohi  



                                                                              Made by nathanviking


                                                      Made by nathanviking


                                          Secret Santa (2020) by Frost Shards



Dragons I own and love as if they were my children (Now in all their Hidden World Glory):

(I didn't plan on having this many dragons lmao, so here's the short list and below that is the detailed one if you feel like it. The dragons are the last part of the signature)

Grandcanyon - Male Sandwraith

Firebringer - Female Monstrous Nightmare

Iceberg - Male Groncicle

Grimmer - Female Whispering Death

Shockjaw - Male Skrill

Seafoam - Male Scauldron

Swampdiver - Female Mudraker

Torchnight - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Ironclaw - Female Armorwing

Acidrain - Female Flame Whipper

Goldwing - Female Razorwhip

Sirencall - Male Deathsong

Shiverbeast - Female Stormcutter

Oceaneyes - Female Raincutter

Bonfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Bass & Wood - Male Hideous Zippleback

Pinkspark - Female Singetail

Lonquimay - Male Eruptodon

Gildfang - Male Thunderdrum

Solar - Female Skrill

Serpentide - Female Grapple Grounder

Frostsky - Male Shivertooth

Stingbark - Male Triple Stryke

Nibble - Male Hobblegrunt

Moonstone - Female Gronckle (Moonrock in game cause it didnt let me call her Moonstone)


Grandcanyon - Male Sand Wraith

Hidden World:

The first dragon that Parakeet owned, since is the one she helped escape from the Hunters. Basically the Dad Friend of the Dragons, endless pacience and loyalty. Loves to bury himself in sand, and often runs around in two legs


Firebringer - Female Monstrous Nightmare

Hidden World:

(they did you dirty girl)

Not the brightest Monstrous Nightmare in the bunch, but she tries, she is the first dragon Parakeet ever trained since hatched, she acts like an annoying big sister and likes to bite a lot, an habit that she got from when she was a baby, and Parakeet never corrected. She also saves Parakeet from falling a lot


Iceberg - Male Groncicle

Hidden World:

Enjoys Berks climate, doesnt particularly enjoy Firebringer's attention, likes to chill (hehe) with Parakeet rather than do flips in the air, prefers islands with snow, and is a picky adventurer. If dragons can eyeroll, he's doing it all the time. He just doesn't have the patience to deal with his new trainer but still does, cause he appreciates the help she offered him


Grimmer - Female Whispering Death

Hidden World:

When Valka gave Parakeet a Whispering Death egg, she wasnt very sure to be able to train her properly, since Whispering Deaths are terrifying. Now she thinks her Nightmare Eyes are endearing and even climbs into her mouth to show how gentle she can be. Although Grimmer is prone to jealousy she has a soft spot for Seafoam, whom, alongside Parakeet, she saved from a sinking Outcast ship as an egg


Shockjaw - Male Skrill

Hidden World:

A very hard to read guy, Parakeet isnt sure of his personality, since he doesnt seem to show any, even tho he got him as an egg. He loves to fly and do tricks, but outside it, he's a mystery. If there's anything Parakeet learned from him, is that he is competitive, and enjoys racing, so Shockjaw is her main go to dragon from when she wants to race


Seafoam - Male Scauldron

Hidden World:

He likes to spit his boiling hot water at people when he's happy. Look out. Parakeet has her shield in hand at all times because of this. He's learning to just create bubbles, but it's a work in progress. Considers Grimmer his mom, mostly because she doesn't let other dragons aproach him much


Swampdiver - Female Mudraker

Hidden World:

Loves to swim around, with all of her family members, and sleep on her trainer's chest (wich was cute when she was small...) she probably believes Parakeet is another small dragon since she always tries to drag her into the water and not let her go. That or she's trying to drown her... Let's hope for the first one


Torchnight - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Hidden World:

(look how they massacred my boy)

Altho not the first Monstrous Nightmare she trained, Torchnight prooved to be a very hard case to work with, since the dragon would just not listen to her and go off to his own business, often hitting her with his tail without realizing. The only command he seems to understand on land is when Parakeet hits her chest to call him, wich is when he just launches himself towards her. It was cute when he was younger and it worked, now it's coming back to haunt her and pin her to the ground 


Ironclaw - Female Armorwing

Hidden World:

Because of the abuse of the Hunters, Ironclaw is very shy and defensive, but with care and the other dragons help she's coming to be a very curious girl. She loves to watch Parakeet work and will often try to take her helmet off to put into her armor


Acidrain - Female Flame Whipper

Hidden World:

A mischievious prankster who loves to play hide and seek with her trainer, she always cheats by hiding in places Parakeet can't access on her own. Likes to surprise and scare dragons and people alike, as well as sleep on the job. Loses her tail all the time whenever she gets scared


Goldwing - Female Razorwhip

Hidden World:

Responsible and serious, almost doesnt like to play, only when she's sure Parakeet is done with any quests she has, talk about the mom of the group. Rarely plays with the other dragons, gets along the best with Grandcanyon, silently judges the rest, come on girl, you gotta have more fun.


Sirencall - Male Death Song

Hidden World:

A sweet, sweet boy. Playful and kind, like a little brother for the rest of the dragons, also a little prankster, he likes to sing to lure other dragons, and then just flies around with a flock of dragons behind him. Kind of hard to explain to other trainers that he's a bit excentric, to not say otherwise. If fed up Parakeet will start to sing real loud to shut him up, wich  offends him but succesfully gets the point across


Shiverbeast - Female Stormcutter

Hidden World:

Surprisingly gets scared of storms, she can't fly through one, Parakeet learned this the hard way, loves to swim and "fly" underwater, a great explorer of the great seas. Well, the sea during storms is scary, perhaps that's the reason. Rather small for her breed, but she's also young, so it's to be expected, she eats as much as the others after all


Oceaneyes - Female Raincutter


Hidden World:

Like most Raincutters, Oceaneyes loves to fly through rain (looking at you Shiverbeast), and do tricks, the only problem is that in the rain she becomes more slick and it gets hard to get a good grip on her, so no tricks allowed until we get a saddle for you girl, she gets moody if the weather isn't optimal for her, if there's high winds, or too much sun she rather sleep. Loves to fly off in the morning dew, and Parakeet would love to join her, if she was a morning gal. "Also, hehe, duck feet" Parakeet, probably


Bonfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Hidden World:

(oh god why)

Much younger than the other Monstrous Nightmare, he is like the spoiled little brother. A master at playing victim, likes to sleep on top of Firebringer and Torchnight, even when neither of them like it most of the time he gets his way. Likes adventuring but gets scared really easily, so Parakeet can't fly with him through the night. When he lights himself on fire his flames are weaker than most other Nightmares, Parakeet still doesnt understand why. His smaller size, once tought by Parakeet to be because he was younger, is actually due to him being a runt, same reason why his flames are weaker


Bass & Wood - Male Hideous Zippleback

Hidden World:

Bass is the gas, Wood is the spark, they hate each other and are constantly snapping and trying to bite the other, Parakeet has to pet both at the same time if she wants to have peace. They barely get anything done, including flying, except when they're practicing with Astrid and Parakeet, that's the only time they'll work together


Pinkspark - Female Singetail

Hidden World:

She's more wild than trained, absolutely refuses to get a saddle on her, so Parakeet has given up on that. Sometimes sleeps in the stables, sometimes flies away for entire weeks before coming back to Parakeet, needless to say she was terrified at first and didnt sleep right until she knew Pinkspark was safe. Equal times playful and serious, gets reasonably along with the other dragons.


Lonquimay - Male Eruptodon

Hidden World:

He likes napping more than he does anything else, and Parakeet can relate to that. He doesnt often do anything else other than sleeping or eating, but Parakeet likes to fly around with him when he feels like it, cause she feels high and mighty on top of the dragon. Other than that, she also enjoys napping with him or just reading some books while resting alongside him.


Gildfang - Male Thunderdrum

Hidden World:

Stubborn like any Thunderdrum, Gildfang likes to submerge himself underwater when he doesnt feel like listening to his trainer, prefers to travel through water, and is faster that way. When traveling underwater his higliths become more prominent and help him see around especially at night or at very deep level wich is why Parakeet allows him to keep going deeper underwater (even tho its terrifying). Gets rather well with the other dragons, especially Seafoam and Shiverbeast, whom are his water loving buddies. 


Solar - Female Skrill

Hidden World:

Miss new addition to the family, she knows she's perfect and isn't shy to show off, kinda makes Shockjaw jealous, no matter how hard Parakeet tries to show both of them the same amount of love. She is friendlier than Shockjaw so most vikings prefer to deal with her rather than the other Skrill, but one thing that she can't surpass Shockjaw in is racing. But she is a sore loser so don't tell her that


Serpentide - Female Grapple Grounder

Hidden World:

Parakeet didn't know about the existence of this dragon, so when she got a Grapple Grounder egg she was really excited, but after reading a bit about them she became more and more doubtful about raising one, thankfully after hatching Serpentide dispelled all fears with her calm personality, one that would only turn stubborn during battle tactics, where the only way you can get her to back down is some good ol fashioned dragon nip to calm her down.


Frostsky - Male Shivertooth

Hidden World:

Surprisingly a mature fellow, not as playful as some Shivertooths are, or so Parakeet thought, until she found him and Firebringer playing pranks on a very tired Iceberg, aparently he is more of a play pranks in teams kind of guy, so she and Frostsky often go to the twins to play some good and non malicious pranks to any Berk residents.


Stingbark - Male Triple Stryke

Hidden World:

Stingbark definetly has taken a like to Sleuther, Dagur's Triple Stryke, so Parakeet has definetly (and kind of against her own wishes) gone to Dagur to train Stingbark, and altho they both differ in more than a variety of different stances Parakeet does listen to some of Dagur's advice (but she will never admit to it). Stingbark is civil and calm but when paired with Sleuther and his Rider he can get rather into it, Parakeet can say for sure that the days she's trained Stingbark are the days she's felt the most tired afterwards.


Nibble - Male Hobblegrunt

Hidden World:

Altho he started being incredibly iperactive as a child, but growing up he calmed down, even to the point of getting lazy, wich Parakeet doesn't appreciate because she loved playing with baby Nibble and now hes like a teenager whos annoyed at his guardian, definetly still likes to set eels on fire (wich Sirencall later eats... I guess the system works for them)


Moonstone - Female Gronckle

Hidden World:

Mom Friend, cares for the dragons and definetly enjoys the company of baby dragons specially. Treats Parakeet like another baby because.... well Parakeet. Loves hanging out with Meatlug and Fishlegs (and Fishmeat) and Parakeet has definetly have long chats with Fishlegs about Gronckles.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Just so you know a lot of your sig's pictures are gone because Tinypic went down a while ago. Particularly all of the images at the end. Just mentioning because I got curious and randomly decided to sig explore.

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oh yeah, I've known for a

oh yeah, I've known for a while, but I'm always lazy to update it, but thanks for getting curious and scrolling, might get to it now that I know there are people that look through it lol

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Hi, I speak Brazilian

Hi, I speak Brazilian Portuguese.

Here's a few:

Deadly Nadder- Thorn Dragon
Singetail- Tail Of Fire
Hobblegrunt- Snorer
Shovelhelm- Anchor Lantern
Catastrophic Quaken- Catastrophic Earthquake
HotBurple- Hot Breath
Sand Wraith- Sand Spectrum
Zippleback- Horrifying Zip
Boneknapper- Bone Breaker
Grapple Grounder- Earth Spanker or Earth Beater
Snow Wraith- Snow Ghost
Prickleboggle- Prickly