Dealing with vulgar, innapropriate reviews?

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I recieved a innapropriate, vulgar review on my story. Like, i'm not referring to opposing opinions, i'm referring to someone actually trying to insult me. THIS is the story. Besides the word reivews is a number. Click it to see what they said. It's the first review. I've already contacted support and asked that they remove the review. I'm fine with people disagreeing with me, but stuff like that is at a whole new level. How does one deal with extremely vulgar reviews like this? Any thoughts?






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Correction: It's the bottom review.

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Your story is AWESOME!!! I love the story revovling around your character! It is soooo amazing!! Keep it up!




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Excuse me while i go cry tears of joy. I appreciate the positive! I need to stop letting other people affect me!

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I wasn't able to find the review you mentioned -or any for that matter-  so I could tell you in more detail what might have motivated this person. However, I will tell you one thing: when people start getting nasty at you for no reason, it usually means that they're jealous. Which is good, because that means you wrote something so good that they probably wish they had thought of it! Now I won't personnally read your fanfic because I don't read any fanfics, but I see Valasari gave you a shining review and that's good enough for me! So just keep being creative and never ever let your imagination stop being as great as it can be! :)

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le bloop

If someone posted a nasty review, it means one of three things. 

1. The person wanted to do something of harmful attempt, aka, make the OP cry or stop writing. You'll see this a lot in fandoms like Star Wars and Steven Universe. 

2. They are jealous, and jealous people will write nasty things

3. Underneath the nastiness, they were trying to be direct and give criticism. I know I've written some statements the OP thought was negative, but was my way of being direct and giving them constructive criticism. 

Now I don't know the context of the review, but usually, one can place it into one of these three categories. Usually one can tell a vindictive little goblin from a jealous cretin. 


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These are so true! Thanks for posting!

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I would post it here, but it

I would post it here, but it has some swearing! Thank you for that note of encouragement! It helped lift my spirits!

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I read the review........and y'know if people didn't like it, then why did they finish reading? People just like to be mean. You were doing amazing! Even if Hiccup and Astrid will not have a relationship. I like to think that you were going your own way.....recreating the story of Hiccup, a different one. I wish I could comment this there. But I don't do my fanfiction on there :(  Nevertheless, keep up the GREAT work!! ;) =) 

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Thoughts on Handling Inappropriate Reviews

*reads hateful review* ...Well, that just seemed a bit unneccessary.

Well that just seemed a bit unnecessary....


As someone who has written on before and gotten nasty reviews, here's what I find helps with dealing with them in a general way:


-Even if the comment is hurtful, see if there's any criticism in it that's valid. Have they stated anything about how something was written? Maybe they said your story is boring and your character is a Mary Sue. While this opinion may not indicate your story is bad - biased viewpoints are biased - it could indicate a writing flaw that you'll be on the lookout for.


But sometimes, hurtful comments don't even carry any valid criticism. The comment on your story is one such comment. Their underlying issue is that you decided to write an AU, particularly one with a non-canon ship, and in fanfiction, being non-canon is hardly a valid criticism.


After you've pulled any actual constructive information you can, if there even is any, then you go to the next step.


-Ignore the cruel comment and focus on positives. Easy said, hard to do. But when I say ignore it, I mean that. Don't interact with the person even if you have the option; they're generally looking for a rise from you. Don't respond, don't defend yourself, don't even address it in your author's notes unless you feel you need to say something for the other readers. Leave no messages to the source of the comment themselves. And try not to let it get to you. There will always be people who are not kind about expressing disagreement. One thing I find is very helpful is reading positive comments and remembering there are more people who like your work than not, or at the very least respect your work even if they don't agree.


-Discuss the comment with friends who are willing and happy to listen. Not a necessary step and shouldn't be taken too far, but sometimes it's cathartic to talk to someone if a comment is really bothering you, either to get reassurance or sometimes just to laugh them off.


-If the review is truly inappropriate and vulgar in regards to the writer, delete it. If it involves a threat, report it and document it and let Support deal with appropriate responses. If I recall, a user can easily delete anonymous reviews that are not connected to an account, and Support can help if the review is from an account. Deleting it is mostly for your own sanity so you don't have to keep looking at it and helps with the "ignoring it" part, but it also protects anyone else who may read the comments and be exposed to it. Also, always alert Support if you receive any sort of threat. Report accounts if necessary. And don't take threats lightly; treat it as you would any real-world threat, taking screenshots for your own records if need be. (I've personally never had any threats in bad reviews, just the odd vulgar comment every year or so, but there have been incidences, so I feel people should know what to do just in case.)


This particular comment here isn't on a "report" level or safety concern, but I do think a "delete" is called for. Seeing as it's an anonymous guest review, you might not even needs Support's help with that. I can't remember how deleting anon reviews goes in, but I do remember there is a way...


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I'm sorry! I meant to reply earlier. But in between my anxiety because of a midterm coming up, and actually studying for the midterm (and getting some stuff posted) i completely forgot!

It was a little unnecessary! I wish I didn't take stuff so personally. Even when trolls buck up and let their stuff loose! Thank you for taking the time to write all of that! I really appreciate every word! I'm not sure how to delete anonymouse comments! Could you tell me how to do that? :)

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Found It!

Oh, hey, I looked up how to remove annonymous reviews!


Go to your Fanfiction, log in, and go to your account. On the left-hand side, select "Reviews." Underneath that tab, click "Remove Reviews." Once on that page, select the fanfic you want to remove a review from and click "View Anonymous Reviews." Then, when the anonymous reviews pop up, click "Delete" next to the one you want to delete. Easy peasy! ^_^

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Done! THANK YOU!!!

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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

Your story is great! That guy just needs to step away from his computer and grow up a little. :/



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Thank you! I appreciate your kind words ^^ I guess he/she is made about something.