Dealing with Trolls

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I have noticed the call to ban certain people on the forum for inappropriate or rude posts. I will admit that the posts of these people are occasionally offensive, and I personally found them to be pretty void of actual intelligence as well, but the best way to deal with people like that is to just stop giving them the attention they crave. A "troll" has mostly one purpose for posting their antagonism on a forum like this one, and that is to get a reaction. It becomes an exciting game to some of them, in fact.


To stop the posting of trolls and spammers on this forum, the best thing to do is to just pass those posts by and move on to less inflamatory posts. Even if the troll in question attacks you, your character, your personal beliefs, or your preferences in this community, walk away from it. Be the better dragon rider, my friends. No attention, no more fun for the troll...unless you have one who is totally brainless, and then you just have to treat their name like the plague and avoid it.


I do not know if this post will help those who have been very upset by recent trolls who have light the forum aflame, but keep in mind that the control of the forum ultimately lies in the hands of the admins, but the members are what makes it come alive, and in every community, there are negative elements. You have to make the choice to move on and not feed the trolls with a response.


I have dealt with forums and being an admin for several different ones of the same size as this one for over 30 years. You will always have trolls. It is how you react or do not react that decides how peaceful it remains.

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