The deadly silver orchid vine

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So this is just a lil thing I made up, about a plant species that harms dragons. (That I also made up)


the silver orchid vine is a vine that grows over walls. It’s not deadly for dragons, but it does make them go temporarily insane. What happens if a dragon comes into contact with these vines is that they start to think they are two separate creatures, and are trying to control both versions of themselves at once. It makes them impossible to fly, and they are extremely disoriented. They won’t be able to do anything without potentially harming everything and themselves. Luckily these vines only last a couple of hours before the dragon is completely back to normal. It might be a very traumatic experience for the dragon however, and it has been so drastic that these dragons tend to avoid any type of vine. It’s quite diffcult for the dragon, but with enough time they’ll get over that and can go wherever they wish to.


(I Just had this pop into my head and decided I needed to write it down.)