Dawn of new riders ( spoilers)

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Hello  new game Dawn of new riders  is coming and people who play it or at least watch videos  have discovered new things 

New dragon that is not normal type one it's not offspring of two dragons and it's created with formula it has about 3 fire type : Ice breath, Lighting, and fireball . Dragon grows up really fast  in few days it can grow from baby to board wing and fly and after that to it's final stage titan wing that gives dragon glowing horns and silver colored scales that looks very cool ^ ^ Also when dragon is about to hide... It goes in a vanaheim and  turns into a egg and get's hatched again with different color so basically that dragon is immortal ( we need that dragon in game )    tons of cool bosses in dungeons  like titan wing stormcutter and crimson goregutter.

New villain Eir ( SPOILER ) sister of  Nikora stormheart !! and  daughter of king stormheart that has a history with drago bludvist it seems like drago killed nikora's and eir's father and  sisters somehow managed to escape. and she wants to revenge. She also has very dangerous partner and his name starts with G  I guess we all know who  that dangerous man is. but that borns so many questions now . like how sisters are related to drago at all and how Eir knows Grimmel.. or how she create Hybrid dragon that ages super fast and it's basically immortal 




                   Viking Name: AlphaWinterNightFury                                       

                    Dragon Name:Senri                                                                 

                    Dragon Species: Light Fury                                                                                         

                    Uhhh... Goodbye!! ^ - ^     





        Credits to amazing The BlobfishQueen for drawing Senri !



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Oh my... I didn't know that

Oh my... I didn't know that Nikora has a sister or that her father was killed by Drago. Well from what I read Eir uses Grimora venom too so it must run in the family. And her working with Grimmel sounds like Nikora probably knows Grimmel too. I hope we see her in SoD too. I wonder what their relationship is. Are they allies or rivals? Ugh so many questions. I hope they get answered in the next expansion.


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Yeah I was shocked when i hear that too ^ ^ Nikora and Eir part ways long time ago.. so i don't think that Nikora knows grimmel as well Yeah i wanna see them in game and also that hybrid dragon it's really cute and strong ^ ^ But with next expainsion i want nothing but light fury ^ ^ 

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Well I hope that it will have

Well I hope that it will have two dragons this time. Maybe the Deathgripper too? I don't know. I am 99% sure that it will not contain the Seashocker so... :/

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Hey, with today's release of

Hey, with today's release of the next expansion's trailer, it seems like they do actually know each other and they probably work together.

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maro maro
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Yeah i saw it too and light fury looks absolutely stunning