DarkViking - Recruiting right now! JOIN OUR FAMILY!

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There is a new clan created, the Dark Vikings, this clan is created to make some friends and earn some trophies and go to the first places of the ranking. But don't confuse, trophies are not everything. 


 As good Dark Viking you should be:

  ·Friendly with all of your mates.

  ·Active in-game and in the forum, you have to love the game.

  ·You should be loyal and honest.

  ·And, we are trophy earners so you have to get them, you can be Racer, like me, or you can be a Fireball Frenzy <freek>, or why not BOTH.



    We are not like the biggest clans in SoD so we can't ask for the same requisits, but if you are like the description above you should send a petition to join the clan, we are growing everyday. We suggest to have at least 25 - 50 trophies, but if you don't have them don't worry, send the petition anyway, but you must earn trophies. 


       So if you are not in a clan and you want to join us, or if you are in another clan and you want a change, or if you are a clan leader and you want to "get together" send a PM to apply!! Send a PM to jomano1997 (me).



     Include some info in your application, please:

 ·Viking Name:

 ·Dragon(s) Name & Type:

 ·Viking LvL:

 .Friend code:

 ·Dragon(s) LvL:

 ·How often you are active:

 ·Current number of trophys:

 ·Why you are interested to join us:

 ·Which is your talent in-game (races, fireball...)




Thanks to everybody, we hope you have like it. And... JOIN US!



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Hi I just got a membership

Hi I just got a membership free space and I think my character on there will join your clan...

Name: KamdenKnapptl.

Dragon(s): Skrill, Midnight Shock and Night Fury, The Last Shadow.

Viking level: 8

Dragon level(s): Skrill 10 Night Fury 1

How often are active: 6-10 hours per day in the summer, 3-6 hours school. Mainly active at night between 11-4.

Current number of trophies: 0 but I am a phantom Lord on other so I will gain a lot of trophies soon

Why I want to join you: I have been searching the forum and the game for a good clan to join...and yours seems to fit me...  omg sry I just realized I beaded to send a pm to get accepted... I am sry and I hope you will take me into consideration.

Talent: 90 percent racing, 60 percent fireball, 40 percent element match 40 percent eel roast (if that makes sense)

Please accept me! My friend code is in my signature...


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I sent you a PM :D


I like poking things with a stick.

Viking name: Thuu

Friend code: PM me