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This message is mostly for the SoD admins and technical people, but if anyone else can help me I would appreciate it.


Since this new update, I am only getting daily rewards from a single viking once a day. Whereas I used to get a daily reward for each viking. It doesn't matter which viking I go to first, I only get the one daily reward. Is this something you have done with the new update SoD, or is this a glitch? I have not had any problems getting the daily reward for each viking in the past.


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same here

Just wanted to let you know that it's the same for me. Only daily reward for one viking. I guess it's on purpose, but it's really disappointing.


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I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I have two vikings but I only receive the reward for one of the vikings. However, I had this problem long before the new update.  Sometimes I don't receive the daily reward altogether (and I know it was >24 hrs since I got the last one).




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