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Hey there, I have a question regarding Daily Rewards and was hoping someone could answer.


K, so I was wondering. That if I invest in a another Viking slot for 550 gems, will that second Viking also be able to earn a unique (it's own) set of daily rewards on top of my other Viking. I'm hoping this is true, if you ask me that's a pretty good investment. Sure I'll be loosing quite a bit of gems to start with, but I could potentially earn more from purchasing the slot (assuming I collect the daily rewards regularly). If this it true then awesome, thx SoD team for having this as a feature since it would be really awesome (since people should either decide whether to save up gems to buy something they want e.g.. a dragon or expansion, or investing in a slot and loosing a significant number gems but will help them in the long run if they collect the all daily rewards regularly).


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Yup you will get the daily

Yup you will get the daily rewards for your second viking along with your first! And since gems earned are shared among all of your viking profiles on the same account, you will get 40 gems every 5 days (15 gems one day and 25 gems another day) for each viking. So if you have two vikings, you will get 80 gems every 5 days. Three vikings, you will get 120 gems every 5 days and so on. 


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Yeah, you get daily rewards on each Viking. It's a good way to save gems


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I agree, you get them. But

I agree, you get them. But when I made another viking I didn't get the daily reward from the second day on. It seemed that you actually have to play that second viking up to a to me unknown level (but not far in) to start getting the daily rewards.