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I was leveling my Stormcutter today and while doing these endless quests i thought about daily quests. Many online games have them and i think this would help those who want to level their dragon, but have no membership for double exp in eel roast and arent good racers. I think about this water quest with the sick nadder for example.










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"Long ago, three nameless Pokemon lived in Ecruteak City. During a lightning storm, they were inside the Brass Tower when it got struck by lightning. The tower went up in flames and the three pokemon perished.After the fire went out however, the legendary Pokemon H o-oh appeared from the sky and revived the three pokmeon with its mystical powers. The pokemon gained new life as Raikou, Entei and Suicune, much to the shock of the citizens of Ecruteak City, who found their revival to be unnatural. They used violence agaisnt the three pokemon, after which they fled Ecruteak, never to be seen again. Legends say that they will show up again when they gain trust in humanity again."














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I like the idea of random quests as they would bring some variety.

However, for leveling dragons I suggest joining the battle. Its possible to use the best dragon for battle and switching right before the end to the one to level. It doesn't take a much time and gives a lot dragon xp (750 for gold box against Dagur I think).  Play it 3 times a day gives 2250 XP. I dont think we will get that much XP from daily random quests :-)

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Im doing the event, too but i think it would be easier for ppl with lag. When im by my mum i have no problem with events but by my dad on laptop and phone i have problems. The quests would be for between event if there are no friends online :).

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I myself have made a similar suggestion in the past. It was for repeatable quests but daily ones would work just as well. ^^ This idea defs gets my vote


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Daily Chores and Daily Rider Quests

Daily/Weekly Chores:

cleaning out each of your dragon stalls 

grooming every one your dragons at least once a week, and

refill the water troughs twice a day 

feed your dragon twice a day

If you do not water and feed your dragons they will become sick and unable to be active until you care for them two days in a row And all of this should help to influence your dragons mood.


Daily Rider Quests:

 Hiccup: exploring different islands (the more expansion packs you have the more you get to explore) 

Astrid: target practice,

Snotlout: tracking down Hookfang, (like hide and seek)

Ruff and Tuff: a game yak stack and you have to try and beat them (and then if you win you should get at least five gems.) 


I love this idea and I think it would help keep people playing daily, boosting activity and I know people who would love the game almost as much as having a real life nightfury.


It would also be good for players who don't have any quests at all, which I know players who don't have any,(minus expansions that are not yet purchased) So that they have a way to level up their dragons and earn coins when they finish the daily Rider Quests




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Those are some interesting ideas. I especially would love the one about grooming our dragons regularly, though it would be admittedly arduous for those of us that have several dragons. As long as the stuff for it would be free to use with having some "premium" stuff you can buy I'd be okay with it. :)

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Interesting ideas. Would be cool if they really made it happen.


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2.Speedy (Female Hidious Zippleback) Second



Speedy is a very social dragon she loves playing around with other dragons and is never shy. She loves flying around with me and doing stable quest with other dragons. She is a very fast dragon for her species but despite the name she hates doing racing competitions as she always thinks that she will lose.


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Ya, that's what I was

Ya, that's what I was thinking if you think that's a good idea you should check out my other posts.

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Ash Blasted My Subject

I need this to happen I have no quest. And is really hard to get packs for non members...


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