Daily Bonuis chests not showing up.

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The daily bonus chests are not showing up on my account when I log on, and I'm unable to acess them. This is the second time thios has happened during an event. The first was during Thawfest.



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You are not the only one. I

You are not the only one. I did not  get any daily  bonus for any event, and i have participated in 4,including this one. Also my daily quests are always glitched in events. I predicted this would happen based on old events.
















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I don't have that problem,

I don't have that problem, but my daily rewards reset after day 2 usually so I don't really care... yeah I know that I would have a lot more gems if they didn't reset before the event and I would have 2 dreadfall bonus chests by now, but it's not under my control -_-


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Yeah me too

Today I entered the game, and I claimed the bonus of the third day, wich was the dreadfall chest, but I can't find it anywhere; please fix that problem

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Yup I have the same thing!


There are so many bugs in this event - daily login prizes, daily quests ( 'tis so dreadful and crashing the party for me), battle events, race tracks, the Bonestormer bone skin and probably even more that I can't think of right now.


But honestly, this isn't very surprising.


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Me too

Me too. It says I got a Dreadfall Chest, then I open my bag and it's not there.


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