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I’ve seen A LOT of people complaining about the admins for not fixing their problems. First of all, they don’t work on the weekends so this has been their first business day since the update. Second, everyone should be grateful that we got a new dragon, a hybrid, plenty of new quests, cool new ships, and plenty more unlike most Dreadfalls. I understand being upset about the bugs but really, yelling at the admins about them not “acknowledging” the bugs? You should be greateful that they put out an update post VERY quickly. Also, the people complaining about the Skrillnapper being way to expensive, it’s supposed to be. This is the first hybrid dragon and it even says that it’s the rarest dragon yet, so of course it’s going to be hard to get. If people would stop wasting their time ranting about issues and bugs and straight up whining, they might just find enough time to get the Skrillnapper. So yeah, cut the admins some slack.




Name: Mychael (pronounced Michael)


Nicknames/Title: WIP


Gender: Male


Age: 19


Residence: With Earthguard 


PersonalityMichael is always thinking logically and doesn’t understand jokes. He is smart enough to understand them but always takes things literally. For example “Mercy then replied “Hey look Michael’s back!” Not understanding Michael asked “What! What’s on my back?”. Michael prefers to be alone and hates being the center of attention. He is always serious and doesn’t understand why Vikings socialize. Michael isn’t quick to trust people but once you gain his trust he will risk his life to save them. He is very intelligent and thinks outside the box. Not many people want to be his friend because he is so odd. Even though he likes to be alone that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel sad about it. In fact often he is often depressed that he doesn’t have any friends. Michael is brave though his main weakness is that he has low self esteem. All Michael really needs is a friend he can trust. Michael loves to learn new things and to explore new places. He is more interested in dragons than spending time with Vikings. Michael hates to make speeches and presentations. He loves to teach others and dreams of teaching young Vikings the history of Berk. He is a know it all and often is bullied because of that. Michael keeps a journal of all the dragons he knows about and their stats and it is his most prized possession.


HistoryFor unknown reasons Mychael was forced to be a hunter at a young age. He hated hurting dragons but was beaten very badly when he tried freeing a couple. While there each hunter was given a dragon to control and Mychael was given Scuttles. They both were scared but found comfort in each other. Unlike the other hunters, Mychael was very skinny and smart. He was bullied and punched many of times and he knew he had to escape. Then all off a sudden one day he awoke on a shore with Scuttles, surrounding them were a group of vikings and dragons. They didn’t trust him at all at first and when his book on how to kill dragons fell Eslig threatened him with her bow. After a while they trusted him a little and brought him back to their camp (Present RP)


Likesdragons, heights, cold, flying, swimming, exploring, learning, teaching, being near people he trusts 


Dislikes:  Making speeches, being the center of attention, crazy people, huge dragons, chains, blood, people or dragons hurt, dragon hunters


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Name: Albatross


Gender: Male


Species: Shockjaw


Age: Broadwing


Residence: With Mychael 


PersonalityAlbatross is aggressive to anyone he doesn’t trust. Also he loves competition and hates to lose.  Hates taking orders from other dragons or Vikings. Albatross is easily annoyed and super protective. In fact if anyone lays a finger (or Talon) on someone he loves, Albatross will attack to kill. His past was rough and hates most humans. Being easily aggravated many people call him a monster though he is only doing what he was taught. He doesn’t understand how Dragons An day Vikings live in peace


HistoryThe day Albatross hatched he was born into captivity. His parents had been killed by hunters and he was a runt and very weak since he had no one to teach him how to fight. He was immediately sent to work in the Arena and was bullied by the bigger dragons. In the arena he was forced to battle against Vikings to train them. After only a few days Albatross learned he had to fend for himself and only worry about himself. As he grew older he became stronger and soon everyone feared him (other dragons in the arena I mean) On night he finally broke free and escaped. As he flew out many dragons roared for him to free them too but he didn’t for Albatross only cared for himself. Knowing the hunters were capturing and killing many dragons a day he set out to seek his revenge by attacking all the other villages not stopping until every Dragon feared him. Though one day when attacking Berk he was injured by their weapons and for years was stranded. Then one day a group of Vikings stumbled apron him and... (will be descided in the RP)


Likes: Flying, being alone, Rue, Mychael, being in charge, fighting 


Dislikes: Young dragons, hyperness, having others help him, Drift, most dragons and Vikings, chains




(Without armor)

(With Armor)




Name: Scuttles


Gender: Male


Species: Terrible Terror 


Age: Teen


Residence: With Mychael 


Personality: Scuttles is very playful and has a ton of energy. Even with that said, Scuttles still can be calm when needed. He loves to explore new places and meet new dragons. He isn’t very found of people, except for Michael who this little dragon thinks of as his brother. Him and Michael share a close bond even though both of them lost their memories and don’t know why. Scuttles doesn’t have nightmares of his past like his “brother” but still knows his past was awful. He is easily scared but feels safe around larger dragons and Michael. Even though We is easily scared doesn’t mean he will back down on a fight, instead Scuttles loves to fight. Now what Scuttles calls Fighting is more like playing violently or in other words horse playing. He acts like an energetic wolf cub and is loyal like one too. Scuttles will protect those he cares for (even though he might not be able to help that much) even is it means risking his life.


HistoryScuttles doesn't remember his past, all he knows is one day he awoke on the shore with a human. Even though neither can remember anything they still feel a deep connection with each other.


Likes: Playing, having fun, being around Mychael, being around larger dragons


Dislikes: Storms, bossiness, obeying selfish people, being cold

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THANK YOU!  Basically what I said on another thread. I quite agree. :)


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The problem is that most of us can NOT do anything in the game.


  • Dreadfall quests? Expansion quests? Have a "sync failed" instead!
  • There's a maze? Sync failed!
  • Oh look, a ghostly ship! Maybe now we can get some candy! Have yourself a "server call timed out"/"you've been logged out" or a ship with infinite HP!
  • Need to go to the farm or wanna race? Lol no, you can't!
  • Battle Tactics? Here, have it freeze on an enemy's turn, AND you get the bonus of being de-leveled!
  • Need some white pumpkins? There's no seeds, you have to spend gems instead!
  • Need gems? You can only get like 6 from DT at time. Stable quests? PFFT! There's only Toothless' quest. Not a member? Too bad!!
  • Android user/Windows Store user? You get a delay in the update!


Now I'm not saying this to start a fight fight but PLEASE understand...This is why we're frustrated. Please don't tell us we can't tell them what the problems are. If we were NOT complaining about the wildfire that was left behind, it'd ONLY GET WORSE.



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SpOoKy SeAsOn

I think since everyone can't work on getting candies right now due to all of the issues maybe they should lower the amount needed for the Skrillknapper or like another game I play, whenever they have server issues or errors they give free premium currency or in this case candy? Anyway I gave up playing for now since I usually use windows store version I'll try playing again when that is updated. But I do understand the admins are busy and hopefully working on fixing the game.


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???There are so many things wrong with this post tbh

Okay, number one, how are we supposed to even get candy when the bugs that we are trying to bring attention to prevents us from getting them


Literaly all were trying to do is bring light to the problems, and yea, were getting a little fed up with the game because it is literaly unplayable. you literally can not play it and earn candies without the bugs kicking you off the server before it registers and you have to start all over again. and again. AND AGAIN.



everyone should be grateful that we got a new dragon, a hybrid, plenty of new quests, cool new ships, and plenty more unlike most Dreadfalls

Sure, yes, we should be, that is, if we could actually play the game to enjoy it. I feel like we'd be a bit more 'grateful' if we could play the game and actually enjoy what they put into it, but due to glitches and bugs, we can't.



Also, the people complaining about the Skrillnapper being way to expensive, it’s supposed to be.

Yes, I agree, its a super rare dragon and the first hybrid, naturally it will be expensive, and naturally, everyone wants one! So everyone is trying their hardest to earn the candy, and it's hard when bugs and glitches ruin their effors.




 If people would stop wasting their time ranting about issues and bugs and straight up whining, they might just find enough time to get the Skrillnapper. 

 So yeah, cut the admins some slack.



Okay, now you're just white knighting over here. Bringing up issues and glitches is not whining. If anything, it's helpful to bring up problems. They literaly can not 'find enough time to get the skrillnapper' if the bugs and glitches prevent them from doing so. Bringing up issues that need to be fixed is not whining. Your veiw on this whole problem helps nobody at all, and if everyone thought that way, this game will never be fixed. 

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"everyone should be grateful that we got a new dragon, a hybrid, plenty of new quests, cool new ships, and plenty more unlike most Dreadfalls."


Look, I don't want to look at every post about Dreadfall and I'm certainly not here to start an argument, but let's look at what we got:

New dragon, hybrid: Awesome! Although it's very expensive and takes a lot of time. You tell people later on in your post not to complain about price, but why is the most expensive dragon in the store 1,000 gems and no time, but this dragon takes multiple hours per day of work plus gems? While there is no actual gem buy requirement, you do have to spend gems to get enough candy, as you either have to buy chests or buy farm animals and then along with that, take more time feeding and collecting candy from animals. Yes, it's supposed to be rare, it shouldn't be easy to get, but relative to the other dragons it's...a lot of time. 

Plenty of new quests: Another great thing! Except for many people they can't be played/completed because of the sync error.

Cool new ships: I personally haven't had problems with the ships, but many people have had issues with crashing or ship health bugs making it incompletable. 

Plenty more: I do geniunely like this event and candy collecting, I think it's a great idea. I just don't think it was the best execution, especially with all the bugs. 



I haven't seen a single person being overly harsh to the admins or insulting them. Everyone is just frustrated with all the problems of this event, and are voicing their concerns. It's true, the admins don't work on weekends. That's normal and I can't blame them for not responding over the weekend, however today all we got was "sorry the update still isn't on mobile, we'll update when we can" - a great response to that issue! They have no control over updates coming out on devices. But they ignored mentioning the sync errors until that was all the responses on that topic, which they said they were looking into it, also good, but we still don't have an answer that they've acknowledged the level glitch, people's concerns over getting enough candy, ghost ship bugs, and all the bugs in that one bug compilation topic. 


We are cutting the admins slack, they had the weekend off, they had the day to address issues to us, they responded to 2 issues, we still don't have all the answers. I don't expect them to fix the bugs the day they come back from the weekend, but they could let us know they're seeing our complaints and concerns. They're adults, this is their job, they need to know when and how an update is bad.


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And another great addition to this thread

Thank you, you've put in some fine words, and worded it better than I could have lol

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"Another great thing! Except for many people they can't be played/completed because of the sync error. " 



Personally.. No issues with sync, fire tablet amazon. Not the greatest internet but no crashing\sync errors! No I don't have the greatest manners, I'm only a "Tiny-Tooth" as valka would call my little baby dragons. Have you all considered re-installing your games? I'm sorry and choosing my words carefully! Don't mind me at all!




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Your wording is fine! And I hadn't had any issues until yesterday, so I dont believe there's anything to fix on my part, especially with how many people are encountering the issue, but thank you for the suggestion!

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You are right, the admins

You are right, the admins aren't responsible, but they are the only mouthpiece we have. Yes, absolutely it's the weekend and people need their days off from work (and in the US it's a holiday for some)! BUT, they could have released the event on some day other than Friday, when there are certain to be some kind of problem to address. (The admins aren't responsible for release, just letting us know about it)


Yes it's great that they have such great new content and special dragons! However the players have real lives (as do SOD employees that need to get paid), so perhaps a little adjusted happy medium is in order as far as what it takes to earn this dragon. Perhaps this event will be a learning experience for all on what works or doesn't.


And we DO get lots of cool things and activities! However for many people almost all of them are glitches or buggy! Not just one thing, but most. This is worse than even expansion bugs in the past, and I personally rarely complain. And this event has a limit, so people are missing out on opportunities to work toward their Dreadfall goals. It's not like an expansion where it'll always be there whenever you want to play it. So I get people's frustrations in this case. But it is happening, so angry pointless complaining isn't going to change anything, but reporting legitimate concerns can be helpful to the SOD staff to resolving those issues. Also people are frustrated with communication (a chronic issue). If the admins just at least acknowledged people's concerns, many would quiet down. Instead SOD has only mentioned about the game not being available on some platforms (which is at least something!), but not all the other issues people are having.


So yes and no. Do people need to chill a little? Yes. Do they have legitimate concerns? Yes. Is it the admins fault? No but they are our only source of information exchange and that could be improved.



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I stand a little corrected-

I stand a little corrected- Brynjolf did briefly mention the other issues farther down on his initial post:

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Preach it!


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Also, I know I'm going to have haters for this but oh well read on to my quote and think before you speak but, I don't care if someone is hacking as long as they stay on their account and stay away from me and my friends; I guess I'm saying I support hacking unless they hack another person's account. There I said it. Get over it, because I'm not arguing with you over it.

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Apparently I type slow

Apparently I type slow ...


Ultimately, you do make valid points and often, the complaining is pretty much 'whining', when we just need a little patience. This time however, complaints are pretty grounded, and most comments relatively tame. There's very clear positives and negatives, IMO.

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While the Dreadfall stuff might just be remnants of the change over (I'm not entirely sure, but things like this happen) a lot of the glitches and bugs found within the game are due to the rapid rate the team puts these things out at. And while you may think "Just delay it, or put it out when it's ready", you get the whiny people who are there every week going "Where's the new update?"

I mean, I remember when there was an update every week, whether it be a new dragon, or a sale of some kind, and it made the game buggy as all he.ll. The community didn't seem to realise that their own impatience for content was what made the game more intolerable than what it was, but the team stopped the weekly updates. Once they stopped to focus on other things, the community got upset, because their "promised (not really, but they acted like they were promised) updates" weren't there, and went to the forums, and flooded it with topics of the same nature. All asking where the new update was.


Dreadfall's glitches are most likely in the works right now. The team doesn't work on weekends, if we remember, but they are most likely updating it to fix the problems. Have faith in them. They're working so darn censored a free update, where you run around, getting candies and trading them in for exclusive items. If they had just done the aesthetic changes to the School and Berk, like they normally do, we'd complain about it just being more of the same.


Grow up, people. It's a dragon. It is literally code. It won't be the end of the world if ya can't get you little mits on it.

I'm going to go and hide, and wait for the ensuing rants from people tellign me it's "more than a dragon." 

See y'all when I do.


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Thanks so much to IzzyDrawsDragons for this adorable little Night Light!

Getting in the holiday spirit, and ready to celebrate with everyone.

Thanks so much!





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Actually when I just logged

Actually when I just logged in a short while ago (after writing the above few posts) a few things were cleared up for me. Not sure if it's cuz I logged in with MMO turned off or they actually fixed a few things already. Specifically I was able to watch(well actually only listen) a video for 10 gems which wasn't working over the weekend, and the daily Dreadfall quest worked and I didn't get the sync error message again. Was therefore able to complete the dailies and get 100 candies!

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『Madoka Miyazono』
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There we go! 

They do fix stuff. A little on the slow side, but they do fix stuff.

I've found that being persistant with the Sync Error makes it go away. Haven't seen it since I finished the quests.

THere are ways around it.


It could be the fact that MMO was off, but I haven't run into too many issues with it on. 

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There's Moderators, Administrators and Developers as far as I know mods work in-game, Admins work on the forums (maybe work as designers for future updates as well I can't confirm it) then the developers, develope the designs into the game so it's not the admins that fix the issues they just relay the information to the developers so they could fix they probably are aware and fixing the issue tomorrow when work starts or whatever idk 


~started new account~ (Clan: Harbingerz) 

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I wish people like OP would stop pretending that team SoD consists of two to three hobbyists or 'admins' who made the game in their free time without getting a montly paycheck for it.

They're not. Building this game is their job.


The 'suck up the bad quality because reasons' excuse is very bad. 'If you just played the game and didn't mention any bugs you might be able to obtain the thing-' well that is the problem susan. We cannot get the thing, for this patch has a lot of issues and people are simply bringing them to the devs' attention. What's wrong with that? People should be allowed to complain about not being able to play the game & getting stuck.


tl;dr: You shouldn't complain to players just because we're pointing out obvious issues QA should have picked up on.


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I'm sorry but I have to side with piggy here on this. Yes the admins might make mistakes every update but MOST games to that as well. Some games just have a better (bigger) team and great communication! SoD however is a small team within a small building. (I've seen pictures but I have no idea if it's legit or not) so not having as many peoples as a big gaming organisation would makes it a bit trickier to get everything done quickly and efficiently. 

Despite not having many helping hands, they have been a bit better about communication this year. However, last year they would leave us in the dark when they were doing maintence & would only speak up if multiple people on the forums started freaking out. 

Yes, it is the admins job to fix things, and communicate with us but really the developers are the one processing this. It takes time to address all these issues. Sure they should extend the event time to make it fairer to earn the Skrillknapper, (because of all the bugs) BUT with not many hands makes fixing it a bit trickier. 

if you get where I'm going at. 

-Passion Bat. 


Passion Bat

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Can't find me anywhere else in game besides TRR and the lookout? Simple, just go to the school or the Hidden World. Those are my favorite areas. ^__^

*psst or possibly The Wilderness. 



Welp bai bai, that's all there is here. Have some waffles~ :D 

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Honestly, I agree with both sides of this conversation. Yeah I know, the admins are people and don't work the weekends, I understand all of your post, it's just that this time things are a little bit extra haywire. It's honestly understandable, with the first time trying a new event.  But I don't see very many people being exactly "Mean", it's just that it's frustrating. So I understand both sides here. I do love the event and I think it's really cool and I thank the admins for it, and I wish I could have more time in my daily life and more fluid playability to really partake in it because I'm so happy we have it. That's the thing, we do love it. But errors make it hard, and life makes it hard, and that makes it frustrating because we want to enjoy it before the month is over, which it will be in like roughly two weeks... There's not much time left to get the glitches fixed or earn candies.


It would be nice if they could either A. extend the event or B. give everyone a bit of a boost in candies or C. lower the amounts needed for prizes, what with the glitches making it harder for a lot of people to earn candies. I myself am having the syncing glitch, which makes it difficult to even do the initial quests to unlock the DT levels, and in my case and possibly others, we don't all have four hours a day to spend on the game to try to get the Skrillknapper. I'm not heartbroken over this, I'd love to get it but it's okay if I don't. And I really do understand it's not supposed to be easy to get at all. But I mean, a little more realistic to even out chances for people who are having trouble and can't simply plop a large amount of money down on the gems to get the candies would be nice. I'm not saying easy, I'm just saying realisitc with the circumstances at hand.

"Once, we hauled up the tangle-nets to find giant prawn-like creatures
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So that was how I first began to write the How to Train Your Dragon
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This is day 2 now I havnt

This is day 2 now I havnt been able to do any quests because of the sync error.  I also cant earn candies from dragon tactics because Im afraid of loosing levels.

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First of all why can't

First of all why can't everyone agree on anything? I agree that we should cut the admins some slack it's not their job to fix everything.I think that's the dev's job(I could be wrong)


"If people would stop wasting their time ranting about issues and bugs and straight up whining, they might just find enough time to get the Skrillnapper." 


↑I highly disagree with this.You can only get 10-30 candies every 2 hours(not counting farms cause not everyone has the sheep or chicken etc) so we have alot of time to to camplain since we have nothing to do between the battles.




And Happy Snoggletog!!!






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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Worse. Those who are trying to farm can't earn much right now ether. They have until their stocked up coins run out because trying to farm up more is stopped by the same syncing up to the server error that is blocking a lot of people from doing any other sort of quest right now too. I would know. I had a spider and sheep farm that was working very nicely until I suddenly found myself limited to stable jobs and eel roast for coins because everything else was blocked by that error.



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

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 Flint the over curious gluespit.

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Well, because people are different and they have different opinions.

Bring a good argument and you may change opinions, though.

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Misty turned into a skeleton-dragon and ate the subject!




Could y'all go easy on the messagers? They can't get EVERY little bitty-bug to the devs as quick as light!



As one of the proud people of EthicalxWarriorsz, I'm used to complaints! But this is chaotic! Mind me, but y'all need some manners! For God's sake every day of the summer I dealt with a hacker! Deal with the bugs for a bit will ya?!



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Spooky Scary Skrills

The thing though is that unlike an expansion update, this is a timed event, meaning we've all got limited time to do stuff...if that stuff even works that is.


This update has the worst connection issues and some of the worst bugs all coupled together that I've ever seen. As a player that's been around since 2014, I'd know what I'm talking about here. 


So of course we're going to shout at the messangers, as there's really no way to contact the people who build the game otherwise. Have you ever tried sending the company an e-mail before due to a bug, hacked account, or something else before? Anyone who's tried never gets written back. 


I'm a patient person, but when there isn't a swift fix to help with at least some of the problems, and it's a timed event and I'm constantly getting hit with "failed to sync/server call timed out", it's hard to stay patient. I've seen game companies where the only contact you usually get is a bot, not a real person. Yet they at least get maintanence done ASAP. Since I've got online games that are both older and younger then SoD, where patches are swift and through, I'm naturally going to hold SoD to that standard.


Yes, I am fully aware they're human, but the sloppiness at which this patch was released is disappointing and worrying. After all, shouldn't they have warned us that they were going to remove 99% of all the stable gem quests so we could prepare accordingly without it being snuck up on us? I can fully see why people are worried this was designed as a quick cash grab.



TL;DR: Read what I wrote.

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oh no, you should have secured your account better then or something.


Ironic reply to your relative privation aside, what about the major, game-breaking bugs?