Cuddlekins and Fiery

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Name: Cuddlekins

Dragon Name and Breed: Fiery the Monstrous Nightmare 

Likes: Racing at Thunder Run racing, flying around the school 


Hello I'm Cuddlekins. When I first came to this school, I was nervous, and not knowing anyone was tough. But when I was at the Hatchery, I never knew my life long best friend would be there, just waiting in the egg. Our adventure just begun.


Fiery always wanted to get off the ground, so he usually flew wherever we went. When he was finally an adult, we flew for a while. I decided to see if he liked racing, so we went to Thunder Run racing. Turns out he loved it, giving us 2nd place. I decided to have him race in our free time. I tried other things, but he wouldn't budge. I have a feeling he just likes racing. 


I'm always trying to get him to play with others, but he refuses. He doesn't go near dragons that want to play, so he's a loner. I really want him to make new friends. Finally, a Deadly Nadder named Skylar was walking around. Fiery thought she was so cute! He walked over to her and greeted her, and I made a new friend, too! The little Deadly Nadder named Skylar is now a teenager, and I see them playing less often. I just hope they play soon.


So that's basically all 'bout me and Fiery. I do hope Fiery makes new friends, and not just one. 





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Omg i love you name hahah!

I love how you have a little story xD


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