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I did a sort of Fan Description about the Cave my characters and my friend's are living in. It is a place under Akala Island, seing way bigger than Alola itself!

So yeah... why not sharing it here? xD




Im going to Copy and Paste... since I also posted it on DeviantArt...


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Via - Woolly Howl - Level 10

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Delirious - Shockjaw - Level 30

Etharius - Shockjaw - Level 22

ImDerpyBobYT - Shockjaw - Level 10

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PoliceCar - Shockjaw - Level 10


Frozen - Snow Wraith Titan - Level 30

Dexy - Snow Wraith - Level 13

Vlair - Snow Wraith - Level 10

Ary - Snow Wraith - Level 10


DarkSong - Slithersong - Level 20

Purple Stripe - Slithersong - Level 11

Canada - Slithersong - Level 10


Shadow - Grapple Grounder - Level 20

Nemera - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Funzy - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Rayquaza - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Jogi - Grapple Grounder - Level 10


AquaJet - Raincutter - Level 23

Jingle Bell - Raincutter - Level 10

RainDrop - Raincutter - Level 13


Horizon - Terrible Terror Titan - Level 30

Focused Arrow - Terrible Terror - Level 10


Vechio - Boneknapper Titan - Level 31

Apocyne - Boneknapper - Level 4

Luigi - Boneknapper - Level 10

Gilta - Boneknapper - Level 10

BonePicker - Boneknapper - Level 10


MoonStrike - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 30

Poison - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 30

ICherryI - Scuttleclaw - Level 10

RibbonHeart - Scuttleclaw - Level 10


Lugia - Devilish Dervish - Level 16

Shade - Devilish Dervish - Level 45

Spectra - Devilish Dervish - Level 10


Lunala - Timberjack - Level 21

IRazorWindI - Timberjack - Level 10


Moo Snuckel - Shovelhelm - Level 20

BomBayPotato - Shovelhelm - Level 10


Radioactive - Silver Phantom - Level 20

Kiawe - Silver Phantom - Level 10

MysteryNight - Silver Phantom - Level 10

Midnight - Silver Phantom - Level 10


Marshadow - Night Terror - Level 21


Golden Spyrogia - Windwalker - Level 20

Taisu - Windwalker - Level 13

Xenon - Windwalker - Level 10


Barricade - Rumblehorn Titan - Level 20

Lemon - Rumblehorn - Level 10


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AcidGasPoisonCarbon - Snaptrapper - Level 11

MyKeyboardDied - Snaptrapper - Level 10


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Earth Power - Thunderpede - Level 10


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Mini Burger - Buffalord - Level 10

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Metal Stealer - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 12

Smeargle - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 10

Canta - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 10


Groudon - Catastrophic Quaken - Level 21


Pikachu - Triple Stryke - Level 21

OHopeO - Triple Stryke Titan - Level 23

Americo - Triple Stryke Titan - Level 20

Miika - Triple Stryke - Level 10


Souls Eater - Sentinel Titan - Level 40


Statue - Elder Sentinel - Level 20


Oriak - Grim Gnasher Titan - Level 29

Ganondorf - Grim Gnasher - Level 10


IThousandFireI - Dramillion - Level 8

IDoomI - Dramillion - Level 21


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Scorpio - Male Deathgripper

Tricolor - Female Deathgripper

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Art Section!

Here are most of the drawings I've made and others have made.

RotomDex (Made by amazing Zikta)

Frozen (made by AndreaEaston)

Leiby (made by Embala)

Baby Orion (made by Embala)

RotomDex (made by RoaringOrigins)

RotomDex (made by RedHoodJason)

Orion (made by amazing Zikta)

Icarus (made by amazing Zikta)

Fluffy RotomDex (made by HoneyCloudy


RotomDex (made by sunsetlightthelovely)

Frozen (made by amazing Zikta)

Hope (made by amazing Zikta)

Icarus (made by Monkorpio)

Laki (made by RagingNature)

Edit of RotomDex by SilverNight

Lana made by Luluba1590

Laki's Headshot made by HoneyCloudy

RotomDex, Shade and SeaWave made by amazing Zikta

Ball Dragons made by amazing Zikta

Laki and Mini Laki by amazing Hillevij!

Awesome drawing of RotomDex by amazing DyliehIdol1214

Amazing Drawing of Icarus made by TosiLohi


Icarus meets RotomDex as a Skrill made by The Blobfish Queen (aka PurpleHolking)!

AMAZING drawing of Frozen made by the amazing StellaMontague!


Funny drawing of RotomDex with an eel (and a Pokéball) by the amazing Blobfish Queen!

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Joke, but I warn you, this is a long Journal which describes the Crystal Cave.


Each colored pictures are just screenshots of the Trailers of HTTYD, since I'm lazy to draw anything xD
Credits go to DreamWorks for these screnshots!


The Crystal Cave is a underground world covered of crystals all around its ground. This mysterious place is the home of the mythicals Glimmertooths and the beggining of ancient mysteries. It has three ''worlds'' or other word ''floors'', and each have different sizes, histories and things. It looks like a sort of Hidden World (HTTYD reference), hidden under Akala Island.

Apparition and dissapearance of the Glimmertooths
The apparition of these mythical dragons started many years before humans live on Alola. They were the first to have found Alola, and made the Islands their home. Until a day, humans appeared on the Islands and started to build their own houses, destroying the homes of the Glimmertooths. To protect themselves and hide from these intruders, the dragons digged a hole on Akala's mountain, far down the earth, until they reach a secret world, which was then discovered 1,000 years later by a adventurer. Since then, a very old book is found in the library of Ula'Ula Island, which gives you information on the cave and its secrets. The dissapearence of the Glimmertooths must be because of their ages. Most of them must have been unable to reproduce since they were too old or didn't wanted to. It is probably due to Hunters, who started to chase them down for their teeth, horns and skin. The last Adult Glimmertooth seen was Twilight, but also got killed by Shattered, a Rotom PokéDex that has a sort of addiction at killing Glimmertooths.

Dragon Icon by ImDerpySheyla This little dragon icon is a full grown Glimmertooth. It will appear on each Parts of the Maps drawing to say how big it is compared to the map itself!


The First Floor (Crystal Cave)

The Crystal Cave by ImDerpySheyla

The first floor is named after all of the cave itself: The Crystal Cave. This floor only has so many crystals that nobody else know how many there is. It is know for its magnificent colors and shining lights of multiples colors. There is crystals of all kind, mostly is found Quartz, Saphir, Ruby, Onyx, Amethyst, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Diamond, etc. This cave is a real Crystal palace and a very nice place to study crystals!
The first floor has its own Cave parts, which all of them are given names differently.

#1- This is the main bedroom of the characters, such as Jewel, Shard, etc (and probably Diamond, who will appear within the next week). It is a huge bedroom and can contain a maximum of three adult Glimmertooths. If humans sleep in there, there is a maximum of 35 who can sleep there. As for little Pokémon, at least 70 or more! The little cave has a tiny waterfall, a grassy terrain and the rest of it is basically just rocks and crystals.
#2 (Left)- The passage next to the #1 is the entrance of the cave. When outside, all we see of it is a black entrance surrounded of mossy rocks and grass. When inside, if you follow the passage, you will start to see more and more multi-colored crystals, which are all illuminating the passage you are walking in!
#2 (Right)- This passage is on the other side of the Crystal Cave, which leads to the second floor. This passage is harder to find since it is hidden in the darkness of the Deepest Area (which is nicknamed Alaglowe Biolumis). The only way to fins it is by being focused on a glowing golden circle, which is the entrance of the second floor. Only flying animals and objects can enter this passage.
#3- This is the place where is found the most crystals. There is a little places where you can walk without having to dodge the crystals. The thing that looks amazing on this cave part is that the crystals are classed into colors, so from black to white, red to pink! If you're lucky enough, you could even see a rare Glimmertooth crystal we named: Glowing Amerial, which is a crystal made of diamond and amethyst, there is one that grows every 10 years! Along with that, there is a waterfall and a river next to a sort of rocky wall that will show you the next place if you find a way to get over it.
#4- The biggest part of the Crystal Cave. It is a regular jungle who serve of habitats to little animals and Pokémon. The threes are otherwise very big and gets to the size of an ault Glimmertooth. The trees also look like Alolan Exeggutor, but doesn't have the tail and three faces of it. In the middle of this place, is found two huge crystals, which were made by the Glimmertooths' falling sparkles, just like dust! It has taken 100 years for both crystals to fully grow.
#5- The third biggest place of the cave! It is a luminous hallway which can lead to the Deepest Area or even the Fruit/Berries conservation. This hallway shows lots of colors and so many types of corals on the walls. Mossy rocks and grass also seem to be illuminated due to the light. Both the hallway the the Alaglowe Biolumis are the places where it glows the most!
#6- Now here is the Fruits and Berries conservation! This is where we find all berries that can be found in the Pokémon World! As for fruits, there are: Apple, dragonfruit, kiwi, orange, grapes, bananas, watermelons, cantaloups and more dragonfruits! It is a real safari fruits and deserves to be protected, since no other known conservation like this one has been discovered.
#7- Here is the most amazing part of the Crystal Cave: The Alaglowe Biolumis! This dark but luminous place glows from ground to the top of the cave itself. Once entered from the hallway, people's body will start to glow from different colors than their originals. Sadly, this glow doesn't work on humans, but animals and Pokémon. If you touch the glowing moss or mushrooms, you'll get a sort of sparkling liquid on your hands, but if you fly off from the Alaglowe Biolumis place, the liquid will turn to a transparent color, but will reglow if you go back in the Biolumis cave.
#8- This was used as the home of the Glimmertooths, but has got empty when those started to get extinct. It now serves as a hospital in case if someone gets hurt, since we can find a lot of medicinal plants in this cave. We still are wondering how they get there and how they are still alive...

Alaglowe Biolumis by ImDerpySheyla
Alaglowe Biolumis Cave


The Second Floor (Waterfall Palace)

The Waterfall Palace2 by ImDerpySheyla
The Waterfall Palace is a HUGE second underworld which shows a whole lot of waterfalls and rivers. A bright yellow-orange light is surrounding the horizon, while the other darker parts of this cave are basically just blue-ish purple. We count at least more than 200+ waterfalls in only one underworld! Which is sure big! We said in a book that there are a lot of diamonds and other rare crystals hidden in the lakes.

#1- This place is another bedroom, but this time, for bigger Pokémon. It has more place than the first bedroom from the Map above. It can welcome 20 big Pokémon to sleep in. From this cave, you can also hear the water falling down the waterfalls!
#2 (Left)- This is the passage that will lead you to the last floor, but only daredevils would be brave enough to go deeper in the cave and discover it's secrets. From all years humans lived there, not a single one was brave enough to get there, and the Glimmertooths... as scared as a scared chicken! By the moment you enter this passage, you'll see less and less crystals and more fog than anything else. Darkness is taking over, so better have light around you!
#2 (Right)- This is the passage to go back and forths from the Crystal Cave to the Waterfall Palace. while going through this passage, you'll see the colorful crystals changing from many colors to white and transparent. This is due to the light, which affected the crystals and make them turning white and transparent!
#3- This is where the waterfalls start showing up. You can clearly see waterfalls everywhere around you! The most amazing being the shining diamonds underwater, which give one of those brightness as the reflection of water goes on them and makes them shinier than ever!
#4- A little cave that contains water, which makes it a tiny lake, but be careful if you decide to swim in it, because sharp crystals can be found easily since the water is not deep!
#5- This is the biggest place of the Waterfall Palace! It is a huge and deep lake that contains a whole bunch of diamonds and other rare crystals! Plus, the water is pure and safe to drink, so don't be scared to go take a calm moment there and enjoy the sound of waterfalls and waves!
#6- Another little lake but with a blue-ish purple colored water. Mostly due to the crystals that are deep under the water! They are known to be saphirs, amethysts and rubies!
#7- This cave is empty, but has a little waterfall falling down, which makes a tiny river. Cute and tiny, and fun to watch! But watch out of the sharp crystals... they're everywhere...
#8- The last waterfalls of the Waterfall Palace! These ones are tinier than the ones of the first batch, but offers a very beautiful show when it comes to go down the final passage! The light then dissapears and the sounds of water and waterfalls became more silent...

Waterfall Palace by ImDerpySheyla

Waterfall Palace2 by ImDerpySheyla
Waterfall Palace


The Third Floor (The Dragons Cemetery)

Dragon Cemetery by ImDerpySheyla
This is the final underworld of the Crystal Cave. It is by far the biggest underworld of the Crystal Cave. A mysterious dragon cemetery that nobody knows the existence of, since not anyone dared going down the passage that goes to it... not even a dragon! Little is known of this place, but the adventurer who wrote the book has found dragon bones that were laying on the ground. Apparently, some came from Glimmertooths and other unknown dragons. Scared, the adventurer gave up on going farther in the cave for his own security and returned back home, publishing his final book: The Akala Underworld.

This underworld has the shape and look of a Glimmertooth. From a very old Legend, it says a Titan Leviathan Class Glimmertooth once lived there, way before the Islands of Alola were created. It died of oldness and his body layed down deep in the sea, which suddenly created a sort of underworld right after the Islands of Alola were formed. This cemetery has gotten fog and trees started to grow with time, transforming the dead body into a Phantom Forest. It also says that dying dragons flies to this underworld for their last days and to finally hidein peace. The Dragons Cemetery itself looks like a dead body, and it is! If you watch closely, you could see gigantic bones going up the ground. It has a dark and foggy ambience which seems to go through your soul.

#1- This cave is the only one which possess quartz. They sadly don't light up due to the missing light and are also fusionned with dragon bones... something we didn't expected to see around!
#2- The passage to use if you want to return back up. Be sure to have a fire or a light with you, since this passage is quite dark!
#3- The biggest place of all! From the tail to the neck can be found dead bodies and bones of several dead dragons and the gigantic dragon itself. Just looking at those gives you chills and can even make you scared and wanna be alone forever. It can also happen to see a dead body moving because of the wind that pushes it a bit on the side or something.
#4- The wings are a sort of souls container. It seems like that all dragons souls (besides Twilight's) are living in this containers and only come out if someone enters the Dragons Cemetery, trying to chase the person away. The dragons souls are able to appear to people and Pokémon because of the fog. Their screams are even scarier than anything else... you think they're a group of banshees yelling at you!
#5- The back legs are empty, but only have trees and cracked branches into them...
#6- Same as the back legs, but a few bones can be found around...
#7- This place never has been explored, just like the entire dragon itself. All we know is that somewhere in htere is hiding an extremely rare treasure... it is probably the reason why the souls of other dragons chase humans and Pokémon away...
#8- This is the place where the souls try to protect. It seems like something important for them is hiding there... and it is true. It is named the: Dragon Heart. It is a sort of heart shaped bright blue crystal, and there are dragons on both sides of it! It is the only light of the Dragons Cemetery! If it gets taken away without them wanting that, they'll kill the theif without hesitation!

Glimmertooth Cemetery by ImDerpySheyla
Dragons Cemetery


Finally! I'm done!!! After 7 hours! T^T

Again, I didn't draw the colored pictures. They all come from screenshots of HTTYD: THW Trailers!

Do not repost this anywhere else! I put lots of efforts into the Maps designs and writing all of this!!