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Been playing this game since 2014. Through the years i’ve taken courses in animation, 3D modelling and world-building/level design. Going back to this game after learning game graphics, I have some opinions and some suggestions. Critique may be a bit harsh! Ps. I know the budget isn’t massive. I know.



• The islands added in the RTTE expansion (Hobblegrunt Island, Mudraker Island, Zippleback Island etc) all feel extremely empty and pointless. There is nothing to do there (except for quests) and every island feels unfinished. My biggest problem is that a lot of these islands have big areas with nothing in them, no bushes, no trees, no water, nothing. Just some grass textures. I suggest adding some more trees, grass, bushes, waterfall, stones, just anything to make the islands feel more ALIVE. 

• Add AI to Hobblegrunt Island and Dark Deep. Hobblegrunt Island is very big but suffer emptiness. There are Hobblegrunt eggs but no Hobblegrunts, and that doesn’t make sense to me. Dark Deep actually feels a bit creepy and unsettling because it’s such a huge island with large empty areas, spooky music and a lonely upset Prickleboggle. Add some Timberjack AI or something. Maybe civilisation? Berserkers?

• Some islands have permanent music, aka music can’t be turned off or is part of the sound effects.. this applies to stables for example. Please change it.. 

• I really appreciate that you added some Zipplebacks to Zippleback Island. Definitely feels more alive now!



• I think majority of models in game look really good! However, quite a few dragons suffer from body parts clipping into each other. That’s really all I have. Gg.



• The classic four, minus Gronckle (Zippleback, M. Nightmare, Nadder) all desperately need new animations. They are currently the worst animated dragons in the game, along with Sliquifer & Grapple Grounder. I feel like they should be updated before anything else, I mean, they are the original 4!

• Typhoomerang is an amazing dragon.. but the animations not so much. I’d suggest giving it an altered version of Timberjack’s flying animation. This one has always bothered me because it’s wings are huge!

• Sweet Death is such a boring dragon, especially with unfitting animations attached to it. I hope to one day see it receive some love (individual animations)

• Dragons with the old Toothless hovering animation need help. Give them the Sand Wraith hover!

• I’ve noticed that majority of the newer dragons all have the same flying animations. All animators reuse animations but it’s becoming a bit too over used!

• Slithersong, Shovelhelm, Timberjack, Terrible Terror and all expansion dragons all have amazing animations. I wish all of the older dragons with reused animations could be given the same amount of love. 

• Skrill should walk on it’s wings.

• Remove fat dragons with tiny wings gliding.



• Some of the titans have spikes and teeth clipping through their bodies.

• Titan runes are pointless as it’s so much easier to spend just $5 to get a titan. Remove them or implement a different titan rune collection system.



• When diving, Catastrophic Quaken’s speed is extreme! It doesn’t slow down and becomes faster and faster the

more you dive. Gronckle has this problem too. Just a thing I wanted to point out.

• Energy system (playing with your dragon) is pointless as giving them eggs is easier. I suggest implementing a different and more interesting way to play and interact with your dragons.

• Everything takes an extreme amount of time to load on mobile! It’s frustrating! Do something about it please!

• The ability to hear someone’s walking sound effects from the opposite side of the map is really bad programming. Make it so you can only hear other’s steps when they’re close.

• Add sound effects for wings flapping and dragons running (not just that 1 second of noise)

• Some items are very overpriced.. *looking at you, Astrid’s Stormfly flight suit*

* Breeding! Make the genders useful.







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Chat filter is TERRIBLE!

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I agree with almost, if not all of this. So much room for improvement and I wish at least some of it would happen. Fix minor errors, or over-haul the huge one's and make the game better. 



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subject? don’t know her

huge agree with a lot of this! the older dragons definitely need new animations, ESPECIALLY the M. Nightmare because good GOD! the wings with the walking animation is painful to look at, and makes me not want to use my Nightmare. Even the Typhoomerang, who uses the same animation, looks better in my honest opinion. also, i would LOVE for them to reanimate the skrill to where it walks on its wings, like in the show. i love how they look near the end, and that’s what i’ve been desperately wanting for a reanimation. let’s hope they listen to our requests and make the game even better! and yeah, the chat filter is god awful.


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Stormy fetch the subject!

I agree with a lot of this, especially the animations I've been playing since 2013 and I would love for my Nadder to get some improved/updated animation



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I'd love to see the Grapple Grounder get some new animations. Unlike a lot of people, I like SoD's GG design, the animations though, not so much. It looks extremely awkward when it sits back and it's neck swings around.


I agree that the new flight suits are overpriced. I don't care that you can use them in DT, 1,500 gems for a flight suit is way too much. Even the limited edition 4th of July flight suit is only 500 gems. I barely ever use the flight suits I do have(I have 3: the shield maiden one or whatever it's called, the one you get when you buy a game card from Target, and the one from Secret of the Leviathan), there's no way I'm going to waste 1,500 gems on more flight suits I'll barely use. Besides the fact that I barely ever use the flight suits I do have I have the flight suit glitch any way(the one where the wings and back fin are stuck on my viking) so I can fly without a flight suit. Hahaha.


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I think before ANYTHING, bug

I think before ANYTHING, bug fixes are a top priority. I am losing interest in the game due to having to restart my game every minute because of the journal not closing or connection issues and I don't think new dragon animations will make up for it.


But yes, I think if all the bugs were to be fixed (the most annoying ones at least) then dragon specific animations would be a nice touch along with some new sound effects.


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Definitely agree. While new content/updates are always nice there's no point to it if there's so many glitches around that we can't enjoy it. Honestly I'd be ok with no new content for 6+ months if it meant that a lot of bugs were going to be fixed.

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Agreed! Heck, if it takes a year to resolve the bugs, at least I would be looking forward to a more stable game. 

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Yeah, bugs should always be priority

I play on mobile. This is how it usually goes:

• Open game. Spawn at the school. I run towards training grounds. loading. loading. close app.

• Open game. Spawn at the school. Open shop. Can’t close the expansion pack ad. Close app.

• Open game again. Battle is about to happen. I go to training grounds. Loading for a very long time, which makes me late for the battle. Game crashes when I approach the ship.

• Tries to switch dragons and the game crashes instead.


Very annoying :P