Crimtonia: The Last Ri'iyen - Prologue

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"This WIP story is non-related to SoD or the HTTYD universe, just from the mind of a tenacious teenager. In short, this is the tale of a girl who searches for her missing family, no matter what happens, and must protect her siblings in the process. Feel free to read and give feedback."


~Jyharri D. Arowdur




Crimtonia: The Last Ri'iyen (Prologue)


When I was little, barely hatched from an egg, my parents took extra good care of me because of the rarity of our species. Mother had taken most of her lifetime to birth her eggs, so my upbringing, along with my siblings, was a real commitment for her as I was told. Our pregnancy rates always vary in our species, from a mere 6 months to as long as 100 years, usually depending on age and how long for the eggs to develop. I was told this at a very young age, lest I did want hatchlings of my own. However, since we are Ri’iyen, which is what our species is called, have been persecuted, hunted, skinned and mostly had been slaughtered because of our unique abilities and strange customs, so we always live in secluded caves for safety and for breeding, as well as being guarded by magic barriers that masked our hideaways. It wasn’t all races that did this though, but a select few think Ri’iyen are more animalistic than any of the other races, which we are in a way. They also think that our skins give them the magical properties that we have, but based off of my knowledge… this was not so. I guess that’s why we have to live secluded underground for most of our lives. Since my mother was very protective of me, when I grew old enough to walk she kept me away from other hatchlings in the nesting grounds. I knew that she loved me, so I obliged for the time being. However, as I began to grow more rapidly, I didn’t get to see many members of my family for too long.


I was taught by my mother that Ri’iyen are magical beings that have organized their magical potential in several tiers. When I first hatched, I was a Tier I. Now, I’m a Tier III, and able to cast magic to an extent. As I began to practice my skills, I began to get farther from my family. A little while after my mom noticed my skills as a caster, I met my older brother, who was leagues above me at this point. My brother never spoke much, he was very strict and focused on his training. Seven years later, my mother laid two eggs that hatched at the same time. I wasn’t given the news about their hatching, so it surprised me when the twins were allowed to train with me after we first met. They stuck to me like gluesap after we first met, it felt very strange at first but I began to get used to them. I was told at age 8 that our race’s population reached under 60 individuals spread out all over the continent in the last few hundred years… all inside this system of dark caverns. My family and I were apart of the southern branch, and I later found out that we were the largest group of Ri’iyen in this continent, while others like the northern and eastern branches hid out in other continents. Keep in mind that our branch has 46 members, along with children combined. I wasn’t taught about the other branch’s population because it was kept “in house” as my dad put it. A few months after reaching Tier IV and as I progressed in my training, I began feeling a certain strength in magic within me that I never felt before. It felt very strong.  

A few days after that discovery, I was told to meet with a really old Ri’iyen, probably 250 years older than me or more. My dad, who later told me he was apart of the Kye’ren Council instructed me to go to the Ir’emost Tower, the largest underground tower in Ri’iyen history that was made of pure volcanium. It spiraled upwards from its base… 125 tail lengths high. When I looked down it, I felt a little baffled, yet scared and surprised such a thing was kept out of sight. He told me to talk to the eldest member of our branch who dwelled at the bottom. Dad also told me he was called the Arch Caster and that I should address him by the same title. Since his real name is unknown to us, since speaking names is of little importance underground, it didn’t bother me too much. Also, since Ri’iyen are very discreet even when talking with each other, we use signals taught to us by our parents to communicate non verbally when the time is right. When I was introduced to him, we shook hands and linked tails briefly. His deep, gray eyes met mine, and I could tell that he was judging me. He circled me and told me to lift my arm, he began tracing his finger over the top of my hand. His fingertips struck the center of my hand, it felt very intense to the touch. He told me to cast a simple fire spell. The Arch Caster summoned a target for me to concentrate on. I breathed in slowly, and rephrased the spell incantation in my mind, and began speaking the words in tune. I released my magic and scorched the target. The aftermath was a large, fiery explosion. The Arch Caster fixed his eyes on me again patted my head. “You’re chosen for greatness, girl. Embrace it,” he told me. I watched as he beckoned my mother to come over, and he whispered in her ear. I had no idea how she got here, since it was me that was told to come meet the Arch Caster alone. I saw as Mother’s eyes glowed and her ears twitched. She held my by my hands and smiled. “You finally have a name my child. In our language, you are ‘Aieda Kumiran’, the gift of power... Celestial,” she told me that day.


My new-found potential as a magic user led to my name, which all Ri’iyen had to go through until they are named by their mother. My parents, brother and younger twin sisters were the only family I had known of, yet I was very distant from them A few days after I was given my name, I was introduced to a group of some older looking Ri’iyen. Along with a taller Ri’iyen that accompanied them, I watched from afar as they walked up to my mother’s section of the cave-ground and spoke with her. I heard the leader explain that his students were also considered great magic users and that it was time for me to join their ranks. One of the older students noticed me eavesdropping and came up to me and explained what I had coming to me before I joined. He took my hand and brought me over to the group. At first sight, they looked like thugs and really scared me, and they were almost terrifying to be around, but I soon realised that their magic was powerful and just like me, they aimed to be stronger. The older Ri’iyen told me to consider them as a “new family” for the time being. I felt like I had matured much quicker that day. Several more years of hard training with them led to me forgetting about most of my family. However, I heard of my mother’s new birth while training, and was given the opportunity to see what was going on after she laid the egg. It wasn’t just one egg, there were two when I checked on my mother. They were exactly the same shape and size, so I wagered my mom laid twins.


After about another year, my intense training came to a two week halt. I was summoned from my mother, concerning the twins. When I went inside my home, they immediately ran and hugged me. “They kept whining when I wasn’t around because they were so attached to you,” my mother told me. “This is rather strange since they don’t know you that well, but at least you’ll be able to see them more often.” That was the last I saw of my mother, and dad, and older brother. Eska and Mora, which they were appropriately named stayed at least a tail’s length beside me whenever they could. I was happy that I could spend time with them but… I began to wonder why the rest of my family couldn’t, or wouldn’t visit. This circulated in my mind for quite a while. To my knowledge of my mother’s words and my teachings, all Ri’iyen were allowed to be closely connected to their kinsfolk, not like this.

  As the years past like doomflies in a migratory wind, I grew strong enough to be known as a very powerful caster, the leading student in my rank. So much time has been put into my study and training, that I eventually forgot about what my mom, dad, and older brother looked like. The only members of my family that were closest to me were the twins. Throughout the years, my younger sisters were allowed to be at my side even when I trained, which made me very happy. Eska was a proficient user in magic for her age. And Mora… she could barely cast a healing spell, so I could tell she had a lot of work ahead of her. However, we were always closely monitored by my superiors. They didn’t give us much breathing room to be ourselves. Their words were always clear, “Be proficient, or succumb to the terrors of the outer world.”


It eventually progressed so much that I was only allowed to be five minutes with the twins throughout the day. When I did have the chance to be alone with them, I taught them a few things about the magic I learned growing up. They caught onto it quicker than I expected, even Mora took grasp of my lessons. Eska was closing in on my knowledge of magic, but still wasn’t able to cast the extremely powerful spells in contrast to my own. All things were going well until the summer reached our world. All the Tier VIII’s had to climb to the surface to study the outside world for who knows how long. I decided not to question anything, since it will be my first time out there. Before heading out, I asked one of my superiors where the rest of my family was, or could be. “In the outer world for a business trip, but they haven’t returned here for quite some time,” he whispered to me, which meant they were already outside... “After today, you’ll be able to search for them if you wish. Let’s consider it a new form of training.” When Eska saw me packing, she ran up to me and asked if she could go. Eska overheard what my superior said and wanted to tag along, but when I asked one of them, he didn’t allow it until she got a little older. The slightly younger Mora was even lower on the tier list, so she had no excuses to go. As I started to walk up the stone steps leading to the outerworld, I felt a warm breeze enter the cave. My pupils began to dilate, adjusting to the light. As I walked outside for the very first time, I set off on my own to search for the rest of my family… where ever they might be.



"I am the one who made a home within


Scuttleclaw Island... I am the one who


protects this Island and its


inhabitants... my name... Jyharri,


Jyharri Arowdur!"




Name: Jyharri U. Arowdur



 Age: 17



 Height: 5' 2"



 Weight: 110 lbs



 Gender: Male



 Weapon of Choice: Barbaric Rupture





 Apex/Lead Dragon: Blitzkrieg, the





Clan: None



A Little About Myself -- My Lineage


 Many centuries ago, the Arowdur family started hunting a

group of dragons known as the Shinglewing, as a species, for their skins

and meat... however, news has spread from my family's clan in the deep,

deep south of Berk's Archipelago that Hiccup and the dragon riders had defeated

Drago's army in order to save dragons. My family, and my former civilization, had all

disapproved of the truce between dragosn and humans, and continued to 

hunt down the Shinglewing dragons to near extinction. But thanks to a few

bruises, planning, and some knowhow about dragons, I had actually learned

how to domesticate a Shinglespike, the male of the species. With its help,

and a few Shinglescales for backup, I escaped the grasp of my murderous

family, and escaped to Berk's Archipelago.


When I first reached it, I had noticed that the Shinglespike didn't want to

travel further into Berk's Archipelago, but it did let me jump off of his back

when we reached a nearby island. I had waved goodbye to the Shinglespike

and Shinglescales as they traveled out of my sight, with me hoping they

would be alright. Before the Shinglespike departed, I documented as much as I could of his stats...




After makeshift building a hut on Scuttleclaw Island, out of view from any

other people, I have tried to stay out of the way of all the new and

mysterious dragons on this island, eventually co-existing with them after a year. However, by some strange coincidence, a message from my parents made its way to me via Terror Mail.


I read it and I knew I had to visit Berk. As soon as I arrived to the Berk

Docks, I was surprised by a chain of events going to pass at that time. I took

a wild ride on the fabled Night Fury, Toothless and eventually rescued my

first ever trained dragon, a Sand Wraith which I named Sandstreak.


Well, that's my dragon riding start (officially at least). My only passion now

is to grow as a strong, effective dragon rider in order to someday return to

my homeland, train the Shinglewings in front of my civilization and demand

my family not to hunt these amazing creatures... if not, then I may have to

end their twisted tradition myself.




Stable Shoutouts!








Species: Psudoskrill, one of two of


her kind 


Gender: Female


Age: 18 years old (dragon years)


Length: 42 feet (dragon form), 18 feet


(humanoid form)


Height: 10 feet (dragon form), 8 feet


(humanoid form)


Wingspan: 38 feet (both forms)


Weight: 700 lbs (dragon form), 150 lbs


(humanoid form)


Fire Type: Redirected Lightning


Special Ability: Stormbomb


Personality: Aggressive, Tsundere-ish,


 Protective and Loyal to the bitter end.






Species: Shovelhelm


Gender: Male


Age: 7 years old


Length: 36 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 38 feet


Weight: 2000 lbs


Fire Type: Brighty Colored Fire


Special Ability: Rampage


Personality: Rampant, Tough, and Itching


for a drawn out fight!







Species: Grim Gnasher (oroshi)


Gender: Male


Age: 5 years old


Length: 20 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 12 feet


Weight: 110 lbs


Fire Type: Frost-ridden Teeth Shards


Special Ability: n/a


Personality: Peaceful, Agro when challenged, yet


a strong, Loyal dragon.







Species: Stormcutter


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 42 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 52 feet


Weight: 660 lbs


Fire Type: Valed Tornadic Flamethrower


Special Ability: Wind Clap


Personality: Wise, Intelligent, and has a strong


Understanding of the wind and sky.








Species: Razorwhip (golden)


Gender: Female


Age: 3 years old


Length: 47 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 54 feet


Weight: 675 lbs


Fire Type: Blazing White Hot


Special Ability: Shimmer


Personality: Proud, Elegant, and loves to Display


her scales to male dragons!








Species: Speed Stinger


Gender: Male


Age: 1 year old


Length: 8 feet


Height: 4 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: n/a


Weight: 75 lbs


Fire Type: Venomous Tail


Special Ability: Intimidate


Personality: Secretive, Vicious even at best times,


and willing to challenge flying dragons...







Species: Deadly Nadder (Titan Ivor-Gold)


Gender: Male


Age: 8 years old


Length: 32 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 30 feet


Weight: 500 lbs


Fire Type: Magnesium Sparks


Special Ability: Spineclone


Personality: Energetic, Playful and always full of


a Spark of energy!







Species: Singetail


Gender: Female


Age: 25 years old


Length: 48 feet


Height: 7 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 35 feet (small), 56 feet (large)


Weight: 880 lbs


Fire Type: Semi-explosive Flame Missiles


Special Ability: Rapid Fire


Personality: Ravenous when hungry, Orderly over


the Stoker Class dragons in my care, yet remains


extremely loyal to me.







Species: Cavern Wraith


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 40 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 32 feet


Weight: 220 lbs


Fire Type: Mix of Snow/Dirt Combo


Special Ability: Swift Digging


Personality: Shy, Weary of vikings and dragons, but


will defend herself savagely if necessary...







Species: Silver Phantom (Iced)


Gender: Male


Age: 6 years old


Length: 52 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 58 feet


Weight: 180 lbs


Fire Type: Bluish Oxygen Formed Firewaves


Special Ability: Ice Dance


Personality: Graceful in the air, able to Manage the


well-being of many of my dragons, yet is especially


Territorial with Rathalos (Monstrous Nightmare).








Species: Skrill (Titan Green-Thunder)


Gender: Male


Age: 12 years old


Length: 50 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 60 feet


Weight: 720 lbs


Fire Type: Greenish Lighting


Special Ability: Thunderblade


Personality: Hyper-aggressive than most, able to


state Dominance over his territory, as well as


having Rivalries with many of my dragons.




Vaal Hazak



Species: Boneknapper (Soulkeeper)


Gender: Female


Age: Unknown


Length: 65 feet


Height: 14 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 48 feet


Weight: 1200 lbs


Fire Type: Effluvious Fire Burst


Special Ability: Corpse Shield


Personality: Mindless wanderer, able to Sense the


presence of an attacker, yet always being a Neutral






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"Below is a gallery of all the things I've seen or noticed within my dragon riding career, including dragons known to Berk's Archipelago, non-Archipelago dragons, as well as a few dragons I've documented in my homeland..."




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