Credit Island Suggestion!

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I've seen suggestions of things for Credit Island. Most of them talks about adding a bouncy castle, or something fun to do. While I think that might be a good idea, I think I have a good suggestion that will make it a little more special.


While it may not seem like it, a lot goes into making a game like this. Whether that is creating a story, drawing concept art, programming, designing new areas, lighting, and a lot more. Though it is sad that we don't really see any of the behind the scenes stuff. The only few we've seen are drawing boards for new events, an image of Icestorm Island being developed, and that is pretty much it.


The Credit Island credits those who worked on the game, and that's pretty much it. There is an area in the Island, but it's blocked off, and there is not much in it. What I am thinking is maybe the developers will make an area that showcases what it's like behind the scenes. Maybe a little more concept art, teasers for the future, secrets that we have yet to find, early stages, and possibly the recreation of JumpStart Games' offices, or where they actually create the game, and it could be in a Viking-esque design.


The thing is there are some of us who would love to see what goes on when creating it. In a way, this will bring us closer as a community, from player to developer, and to see what goes on when making SoD. As I said before, this will make Credit Island, or  however the SoD team calls it, that more special.


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