Credit Island?

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So I see people talking about the credit island. What's that? I know I'll come in the future, but what is it (and would it be avaliable to all players?)



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Go to

Go to your tools on right hand side -  picture that looks like wheel.  It is the place where you can turn on/off sound, on/off music, names of viking over their head, etc.  There is a spot in there says credit.  Click on the credit.  It will take you to this place.  Its says it underconstruction. 


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Wow, that looks awesome. if only that would be the Dragon Island~

I also noticed that you can fly really far away from the island without getting the travel options (continue flying, berk, etc..).


Like, REALLY far, untill you cant see the island anymore xD


And if you look on the map while you're there, you see you're on the edge of the wilderness.

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Also, if you fly around the island, you can see a volcano. Could that possibly be Dragon Island?