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Because with every OC, we give a piece of ourselves away. More information below~


(creidt - Arrowwalk)


Fan Fiction

victoriae350/vicky271 stories

if you like...

HARRY POTTER: Ron x OC - Bardsley's Tales ( Daddy's Little Shadow, Stony-Hearted Mask).

DRAGON AGE INQUISITION: Solas x Lavellan - My Well of Sorrows. Fate Could Not Stop For Me.

DRAGON AGE INQUISITION: Cullen x Trevelyan - Blood in Black Hearts.

DRAGON AGE 2: Fenris x Female Hawke - TO COME


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: Snotlout x OC - Horizon.

AVENGERS: Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner - Strength of a Hero.

AVENGERS: Bruce Banner x OC - Before the Storm.


May the dread wolf take you~

(he certaintly took my Lavellan...poor Lavellan...)
 seriously...SOLAS WHYY!?!?!? D:


But this hawtie ain't bad, eh? ;)


Loudmouth's Dragons

(credits to Arrow for the photos)


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*DNR to this Comment*





rule and guideline overview | character creating
challenge open | challenge closed
To gather together as a community, and bond over character creation.
How to Participate/How this Works
  • Make sure you read the rules
  • This extends to all fandoms -- keep your OC's T rated max.
  • To participate, post you're interested below -- you will be added to the list of participants
  • You will be required to create a form and fill it out -- or use one that exists. Some resources will be posted for your use.
  • Once you're added to the list, you may begin creating a NEW OC

Rules for Participants

  • The OC must be new -- Partially made OC's or those you've created don't count
  • You must fill out and submit a form -- the form may whatever you wish -- resources will be posted
  • This OC must not share the the same personality/background/etc. with another OC you've previously created
  • Do not take other individual's OC's



  1. victoriae350
  2. FireNightStar
  3. Peymae
  4. Rheithebrave
  5. snowflake12298
  6. Red Wind123
  7. KittyLlama


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Finished! ( I had already had said that I was interested, but I edited the post and put my form here. Is that alright? ) 

(Just in case u can't read it on the paper at the bottom :3) 

Name: Clarisse (Clar-eese)

Nick Name: Clary

Name meaning: gentle, kind, and bright

Gender: Female

Age: 21

DOB: June 1st of 1996 

Weapon of choice: Hand Gun

Species: Swesion (made up species...obviously) 

Appearence: she has long, natural red hair. Clarisse's eyes are slits like a cats and her ears are similar to an elves. When fighting, she wears metal coverings over her ears in order to protect them from harm. Her ears are her most vital part of her. This is because her type of ears are treasured and praised throughout her family. 

Wardrobe: she prefers wearing loose, comfortable clothing. In the drawing, she is wearing a crop top with tight leggings and boots that go up to her knees. 

Voice: Clarrisse's voice is like any other female. It isn't too high pitched, but has a feminin side to it. Her laughter fills up the room and convinces everyone else join in on the fun. 

IQ: she isnt the smartest person in the world, but definetley knows her ways on a battlefield.  

And last but not least, personality: Clarisse can be very stubborn at times. When she gets into verbal fights, with a smart remark she says "I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I'm right".  A Downfall in her persona is she trusts too easily. Most of the people that she has met have been kind and caring, this has led to her trusting most people. But to her surprise, once in a while there is someone who betrays her. They do this because Clarisse is very valuable. Her species is quite rare and when fallen into the wrong hands, will be sold for their ears (kinda gross right?) Clarisse is very protective of the people she loves and cares about most. She would do anything to save or help them if they were in danger. 





Heyo! And welcome to my siggy! 

Good luck ;)


First off, my drawings! 

I love to draw and do it for fun most of the time. I also draw for special events :) 

below are some examples of my art. Enjoy! 






These are just a few examples :) I've made many more and will draw more also. 


Alright so....ELLO HOOMANS! Here's some info on my OC :3 

 Name: Francine


Apperence: long red hair with bright green eyes. She wear loose, winter clothing with a large, light blue hood. Her boots are covered in snow (since that was where She grew up) and have no memory of her family. 

Weapon: Two twin swords


titan gronckle: Nightel

Titan screaming death: Entity

Titan razor whip: Rainstorm

Titan deathsong: whiplash

Adult Groncicle: illuminum

Adult Singetail: Windsnap

Adult Eruptodon: Smoke Rock

Adult Amorwing: Amber Gravity

Titan Skrill: Bristle tail

Titan Stormcutter: Mystery 

Titan Typhoomerang: Winter 

 Titan Hobblegrunt: River Song

Adult Wooly Howl: Pilot

Adult Changewing: Ghost

Age: 17

Distinctive features: small Scar over mouth

Personality: Loyal, Brave, wary 

Weaknesses: Family and her Dragons

pm me if u wanna RP!



Anyways, so wanna get to know me? here's some fun facts! 


1. I'm a girl (obviously)

2. My favorite hobbies are listening to music and reading books

3. My birthday is June 1st

4. I have a 40 gallon salt water fish tank

5. I'm a Christian

6. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons (well and a lot others >~<)

7. Favorite movies are HTTYD, HTTYD 2, and if the hunger games, Supernatural, Merlin and many others

8. I love Cats!

9. I'm a rower (not  canoeing -_-)

10. I like food :3

And finally, 11. Nope, I don't support LGBTQ, but I don't hate the person, I hate the thing that they're doing 

Brace yourself....



Meraculous Ladybug


Gravity Falls




 How To Train Your Dragon 


Art from Others,


Thanks Frozt Wolf! Looks amazing :)


Amazing Skrill drawing by Lululu 6161


My Woolly Howl by AlicornBrodie. Tysm!


By the AMAZING ToshiLoshi! On a scale from 1-10 I'd give this a 100! TYSM!


Tiberius made by Dragonist Hellen. So cute! 


Alright! So far so good right? I'll be adding more later! 



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I actually need to make a new character



Currently Being Re-done.

(Profile pic by Colress, picture by AllyNadderRider. Thank you!)


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Okay cool. I need a new. Hara ter for an rp Im starting soon, ( in case your wondering it is an hunters rp) so you, I'll get a form up soon.


               ................................My Signature...................................

                               !!!!!!Warning: Constantly under construction!!!!!!


Ok so I'm new to the forums and have been playing the game for three months. I am an avid Httyd fan, and have no idea how to write a siggy. XD pls forgive me if I do this wrong, I will be correcting it later.


So here are my characters, I have three.


Character name: Rhayleen


Painted Lady-Flightmare

Tsunomi-Deadly Nadder


Character Name: Rheithebrave




Storm-Deadly Nadder



Cobalt-Wispering Death

Argona-Whispering Death

Fiddlesticks-Monsterous Nightmare



Character Name: Feaflena



Sanda-Sand Wraith

Storm-Deadly Nadder

ZigZag-Hiddeous Zippleback

SplishSplash-Hideous Zippleback


Ok now for abot me.

                                                      !!!!!!!WARNING! CONSTANTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!


HTTYD (of course!), The Green Ember, Big Hero 6, Frozen, and Jane Austen

(sorry I'm still considering a few)


And now for my former fandoms!!!!!! PM me with your answers to this riddle.

"What has tails, and cat ears to,

Wings of black and gold and blue,

what has spots, and striped, as well

insects, animals, who can tell?"


"In their minds, tall,

in our minds, small.

Square stones of red,

Where many bed.

To many small,

But hero's all,

I am that is,

What was now is."



Blue, dragons, horses, story writing, roleplaying, sewing and drawing (I do not do requests yet)



People swearing on forums and chat, in depth romance, and rude ppl. Gory movies moany songs, and neglect of animals, (do dragons still count here Snotlout?)


About Me:

I am a Christian. I have three (possibly four) horses, love the country, have traveled across America and been to Canada. Have Scotch blood. I love Japan and hope to go there someday.



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Hi! :)

My OC 

(currently still being developed)


Name: Aislin Wood
Pronunciation: Ash-lin 
Name Meaning: Dream
Name Origin: Irish
Gender: Female

Birth Date: Unknown
Birth Place: Somewhere in Northern Russia

Dominant Hand: Lefty




Height: 5'7
Species: Human
Race: Irish/Russian

Skin Color: Pale

Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Usually pulled back in a braid
Eye Color: Brown


Vulnerabilities: Nystagmus

Wardrobe: Wool coats and caps
Accessories: Does not like jewelry
Equipment: Bow, goggles, tool belt

Accent / Dialect: Russian
Voice: Silver

IQ: Clever

Learning Style: Hands-on


Biggest Failure: TBA (can't give it away)

Fondest memory: Her father telling her to seize opportunities when they present themselves on his death bed


Abode: Cottage at the edge of town
Hometown: A small poor town
Pets: TBA (can't give it away)


Mother: Alive

Brother: Currently ill

Father: Deceased

Grandmother: Alive

Close Friends: Vidia

MBTI Personality Type: ENFJ


Story is here: Chilled Hearts






 Credit to Clarebear and jada and this beautiful drawing of Bandit by Witcherforever

Credit to themasterplan47


credit to FloofQueen

Credit to FireNightStar


Credit to Spy Girl

Credit to Sky and Ocean 


Tigger from Ty the Dragon trainer


Most of the drawings above are not made by me and I do not take credit for any of them that I personally did not make. Have a wonderful day!!! :)


Name: Leia Tonks

Age: Same as Cederic (Goblet of Fire)
Patronus: Otter
Wand: Redwood, Dragon Heartstring 12½ inches
Quiddich Position: Keeper
Pet: Snowy Owl
Occupation (I would never be bored with this job):
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le bloop

This will be edited when the challenge opens up 


 (Please, just call me Red, or RedWind. No need to add 123 on)

RedWind's Sig

Clan: Swift Champions

Top left is made by SilverDragonFox. Top Right is by Nessie

Two bottom left and right are by Sunivee

Gender: Female

Shipping Affiliation: Omniship

Fandoms: Wof, Marvel, Warriors, OUAT, Nintendo, SWTOR

by Pixle(check her out HERE)

by TosiLohi

Nat by Arrowalker

by Aelyras

Indom made by Stiger!

Indom the Sand Wraith by Scarfy Wings!

Indom by Scarfy Wings!

by Ally Kay


~My past is my own

~You're Late

~Everyone's afraid of something

~“Three minutes and twenty seconds, really? If you were my agents, it wouldn’t be for long.”

~My subconscious is about as subtle as Captain America on the Forth of July 

~I'm not going to dance with you

~I'm ugly :D!

Proud Black Widow Fan!

~I'm not the one who needs to watch their back

~You know the rules: no cockroaches or crying babies

Art made by others:

by Silence

by GreenFire

by Arrowalker

Stamps and other things:

thanks Wutend Bonfire

thanks ScarfyWings


thanks ChanBae

thanks TosiLohi

Awesome Natasha made by Valoris620

Great Hat you got there Nat~By 1flower

(click on my dragons to go to my FR page or click HERE)


Indominus Rex wishes you farewell!


thanks Immortal 


Personal soundtrack list HERE

(Some of the songs have vulgar words so please tred carfully)

(Also I know I listen to trash music but I like trash music :3)


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OC Challenge? you're on!

(Gosh sorry this takes up so much space)


Name: Griff
Pronunciation:  Gr-Iff
Name Meaning: Fighting Chieftan
Name Origin: Welish
Other Names: 'Mr No body'
Gender: Male
Titles:  None

Birth Name: Griffin Gauge
Birth Date: 3/19/1995
Birth Length: 12in
Birth Weight: 6lbs
Birth Place: Iicia
First Word(s): Not today

Death Date: 3/18/2030
Death Place: The back streets of Hostica
Manner of Death: 43 gun shots to Everything
Resting Place: bottom of Hostica lake
Last Words: Say Hello to the Devil for me.

Dominant Hand: right
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Catchphrase: Nope, Never.

ID Number/SSN: ?????
License Plate Number: No car




Image result for Weird never seen anime guys

Height: 5'9
Weight: 109.2
Blood Type: A negitive


Skin Color: Pasty white 
Birthmarks: spot on left knee
Somatotype: Ectomorph


  Health and Image

Diet: One meal per day. no sugar
Exercise: Constantly running and
Fitness: Extremely Fit but
Maximum Load: 130
Running Speed: 30mi.
Posture: Slouches slighty towards left side
Dexterity: Skilled with guns of any type.

Vulnerabilities: Very weak knees
Medication: Risedronate 
Allergies: Soy.
Diseases: Osteoporosis
Broken Bones: All bones have been broken at one time

Wardrobe: Constists of hoodies. 
Accessories: Golden snake curled around right middle finger
Equipment: large gun sash across shoulders 
Musical Instruments: 

Piercings: 3 piercings on right cartalige 
Hygiene: A bit of a slob but 
Makeup: none
Scent: Vannila though he hates it
Tattoos: none




Languages: 3
Vocabulary: relitively large
Memory: not very good 
Temperament: Is easy angered
Learning Style: Is a quick and Visual learner
Emotional Stability: 
Mental Health: Constantly considering Suicide
Instincts: has incredible intuition 



Audition: 6
Gustation: 3 
Olfaction: 7
Tactition: 5
Vision: 8
Intuition: 10
Synesthesia: 4




Superstitions: none 
Spirit Animal:  

Allegiance: none
Political Party: none
Political Awareness: Barely cares

Outlook on Life: Realistic
Philosophy / Motto: 



Quirks: Sneezes everytime some one says "Noodle"
Closet Hobbies: 
Guilty Pleasures: 

Nervous Tics: 
Soft Spots: 
Cruel Streaks: 

Greatest Achievement: 
Biggest Failure: 

Favorite Dream: 
Worst Nightmare: 
Earliest Memory: 
Fondest Memory: 
Worst Memory: 
Funniest Moment: 
Happiest Moment: 
Saddest Moment: 
Most Prized Possession: 
Most Valuable Possession: 

Darkest Secret: 
Pet Peeves: 
Greatest Fear: 



Emotional Status: 



Least Favorites: 








Welcome to my signiture!



In Forum, my name is KittyLlama, but many of

you may know me as NINJA FISH. ;) (Caps inculded)


So i have 34 drangons! i Would love to talk to you and be friends i'm on pretty much 24/7 

so Talk to me!

Image result for Cute Black Butler Sebastian Gif

Image result for ff7 cute Cloud gif

Keelan my beutiful Vesupa made by the Amazing Bavelly

Loki, My Devilish Ratigator. All Credit to ScarfyWings!


Bismuth My lovable and Adorable Buffalord By Boombox74

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Ooo. Tracking!

Ooo. Tracking!


Welcome to my Siggy! 


These are my siggy guardians,  Mist and Snuggles, made by the awesome Wircherforever! TYSM!

An amazing edit of my dragon Felix by Archery and Dragons! TYSM,

And next I'll do my adoptables. Thank you for all of the arists who made all of the art.



Whirlwind and Einstein. Both by Megabolt  Pheniox. TYSM!


And here's Snappers, my Ratagator, and Spiritwatcher. Both by ScarfyWings!

And I can't forget Johnny! Also made by ScarfyWings!            Another amazing picture ofDeanna by Dragon Hellenist!!


                 And Odin's Whisper by Zikta.                                               Jisty by Bavelly


Riptide by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM!


My mythical whalee, by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM. The left one is Glowspark and the right one Dottie.

My new, and only, night fury oc family I will ever make. Made by the awesome Lunarpride! The mother is Dreamseeker, with her babies, Brain Dead, Lilac, Ginger, Gabriel, and Pillow. Thank you!

These sup cute chibli dragons made by the amazing Vinilla Viking, TYSM! The left one is Deanna and the other Banana!


This is Rootpuller! Made by ScarfyWings!             And this SplishSplash, my Muddicry. Made by chesmiea (sorry I can't spell )


 And this is my Boomerwing by GoldenWraith. THANK YOU! This is my Shelleye, also by GoldenWraith, thank you again!

Another Vespa by Bavelly. This is Xelida!

This is one of my Ocs, Jakill, in his Venpus form. Made by Bavelly, thank you!

My big baby Felix, by Ashia Snowqueen. TYSM!


My two baby dragons I won off of  Dragonist Hellen's survey. If I have time I may color them. But for now,

Toe Taster and Bass!

Awesome gifs I stole off Google!




This is not finished, not even close, but if I do this all now, I'll go insane. Stay turned!

Congratulations! You have officially reached the end of my signature! I have some of my favorite animated characters here to wish you goodbye!

By The Ecliptic Eight, thank you so much!

Rainwing bouncy not by me.     Disney and DreamWorks gifs were found on Google.

Disney and DreamWorks characters are owned by their companies who made them.