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Ok so I've been worrying a lot since I already downloaded the game and I tried playing it but when it goes to the log in screen where it displays the new stuff about the school and stuff, the buttons don't have words, it lags and at some point of time it just shows this:



I cannot show a screenshot of my log in page because everytime I press the screenshot button, the screen minimizes and returns to the taskbar.


Also, how do I get to play on my browser because I haven't tried that since. All it does is redirect me to download stuff of the game and no button to play in the browser, Chrome or Firefox. I wish to receive help



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Name: Crystal
Species: Monstrous Nightmare
Personality: Loyal , Sleepy, Loves Setting on Fire in Flight
Short Stuff: She was the first dragon I had when I enrolled in the school when I was 13.
She always slept in the cave and just ignore me when I talk to her.
Atleast on that, someone is listening to me. 
She is very loyal to me ever since she became my best friend. She protected me at any harm
we encounter in our adventures and on our mission to save different species in the archipelago.


Name: Zipwing 
Species: Deadly Nadder
Personality: Loyal, Speedy, Active and Always Hangs in a tree until I cry.
Short Stuff: She is one of the latest dragons I found from the forest last month.
She was bad injured on the wing so I had to nurse her back in my stable so I took care of her
and when she was all better, I tamed and trained her and she became one of my loyal dragons
and she was all my inspiration and help to get me back on the saddle and race again.


Name: Toothless
Species: Sand Wraith
Personality: Loyal, Loves the Racing, Hiding
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Name: Stingtail
Species: Lead Speed Stinger
Personality: Speedy of course, Loves to give me a trip around IceStorm
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Name: Icicle

Species: Groncicle

Personality: He loves freezing stuff and fool around at IceStorm. He also loves to hang out with other Groncicles around and make friends.
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Name: Cloudjumper

Species: Stormcutter

Personality: Cloudjumper always glides with me in sun down. We glide in air and I standing on his back.
He loves to fly with his upper wings and hold me down like I fly using his second set of wings.
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Name: Flamewing
Species: Fireworm Queen
Personality: Well, she mostly stays in her cave to protect her flock but when I need her,
in one call she comes to me without any objections.
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Downloaded Version issues

Computer: Laptop

Operating System: Windows XP

Web Browser: Downloaded Version

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: Typically just downloaded the game and wanted to continue my progress from before but when I started logging in, I noticed that no words were appearing on any of my screen. Same goes when I chose my viking and until the game loaded! Even my own viking is missing.

When did the error happen?: Since Yesterday when I first downloaded it.






Graphics Card: I don't get this one lol 



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Try reinstalling...

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Most browsers are no longer supporting the Unity Web Player, which is needed to play School of Dragons. However, you can continue your dragon training adventures by playing through the downloadable, mobile app, and a few others. Regarding the loading issue, this is occurring on the PC downloadable, correct? Have you tried reinstalling? This can sometimes help resolve certian issues. Do let us know.Thank you!