Countless bugs to be fixed

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Okay so just going to list a few of the bugs thst we really need fixed in an update or something...


1: Not being able to open battle chest

2: not being able to open coin chests

3: two battles at the same time

4: battle ships stopping at 1 health and impossible to sink

5: white glitched trees in wilderness on ipad version

6: wearing the required clothes for a certain area and still not being able to go in

7: invisible dragon glitch

8: when your dragon is stuck in glide mode and keep on turning and there's no way to get out of it

9: weird figures and glitches on the store screen

10: all the interaction icons appearing on the launcher screen and it doesn't load

11: flying speed stingers

12: flying in your regular outfit instead of flight suit when you click the button

13: not being able to complete stable quests

14: frozen quest screen


Would appreciate if these got fixed as they make gameplay more difficult ;-;



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