CotC. Gonna Happen?

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If the admins see this (yeah, right), please answer if Clash of the Clans is going to happen this year, if so, when, if not, why?


Y'all think the tournament's gonna happen? I'm assuming not, due to the lack of preparation by clans, whereas last year, people had already formed tour clans and even vet racers were warming themselves up for the tournament. I really hope it does happen, plus it pours money into jumpstart and it's really fun. I just want to know how many people think it'll happen. Personally, I don't think the tournament will take place, but I hope it will.


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If it's Thor's will, we'll never have that in the game again ....
It was always a hateful time in the game for me! Almost 1 month with nothing new in the game, with bugs and lags accumulating, only for 4 or 5 clans trying to win a prize that any hacker can get.
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Co się dzieje

Usually around this time they would announce a week before March if tour would happen (correct me if I'm wrong) I guess clans aren't really preparing as they have some sort of premonition that tour would instead be replaced by some broken event. 

Even though a lot of clans want tour back, I doubt it will happen. 




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Nightwatch ate my subject

CoTC was officially removed and replaced by Thawfest last year, so it is not really meant to return this year unless people really hate Thawfest.



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Well now that you said that I do hate Thawfest, cuz it replaced CoC



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I'm not a robot

Oops my bad

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People really hate Thawfest xD

In Brynjolf's 2020 CotC post, he never said Thawfest replaced CotC, he also never said Thawfest officially replaced CotC, like for good. He said it may or may not come back. At the time, he said they were 'working on other issues and a possible new event.' He also said the exact words; 'This is not forever, CoTC may return in the future'

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I doubt there will be one this year, if ever again. I figure they'll have another Thawfest event. I do think that Thawfest replaced it last year(I think Thawfest was meant to start earlier than it did, I mean, it's called Thawfest, it's a spring thing, but it didn't happen until May which is nearing summer). Their concern right now is events even though a lot of players have expressed that they don't like events and would rather have expansions instead. I figure the reason that no one is preparing this year is because they prepared last year only to have all their preparations be for nothing so they're just not bothering this year.


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I kinda hope not. And probably not. As I recall, Thawfest replaced it last year. We can expect it to do so again. But, that is a very divisive subject.


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Just to be clear for whoever comments next, I am not asking wether you want CoTC to happen or not. I am asking if you think it will happen or not.

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Taking Things into Perspective...

I don't think the devs will let CoC happen this year either. The game has just gone through a mayor round of offending bugs, it would be a risky move of them to actually apply a big tournament like CoC after they've just done eliminating (some of) the bugs. Plus, with the deletion of Racing Armour, I'd say it is safe to say many new players would be at a slight disadvantage against veterans when competing; they could have an advantage, and if devs know what's fair, they wouldn't continue CoC with this kind of unfairness.

The lack of preparation of clans isn't something new since last year it was the same, although the issue here compared to last year is the abscency of communication with the developers. While I (personally) do like the tournament, I'd rather not say much since I don't really have much information about this year's CoC. 




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I only ever saw it once and

I only ever saw it once and it was, disastrous. I didn't participate but still. There were complaints about the rules and about a clan being let in despite it not being fair to everyone else. I also think some said the Cotc was just not meant for this game, or it just wasn't done properly. I don't think they're going to do Cotc again, it was difficult and unfair to many. And Thawfest is available to everyone, not just people in clans with all the time in the world, that's not to say Thawfest isn't fair. They're learning how to make the events better. It's just taking a while.






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When I joined (the game) last year, I saw several post about this and got pretty excited for CoC. It was rather disapointing when it was cancled. I'd like to participate in at least one event of CotC's. To be honest I don't see the point of Thawfest in SoD like I do CoC's. I would say CoC's is some of the clans main point of exsisting, the point of racing for trophies to get exclusive prizes. While Thawfest.... well, it gives some cool prizes, and the game money I guess. 






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