Corporal’s Past~Short Story (kind of xD)

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Corporal’s Past is a shortened story about Amy’s past: The reason why she became part of the Stormcutter Guard, how she managed to become Corporal, and what happened to her parents. Enjoy c:

The warmth of the campfire made their faces glow. The stars filled the pitch black sky, where Stormcutter Guards set up their camp.
Mia, one of the Lance Corporals couldn’t handle the silence. “Amy?” She whispered.
The Corporal lifted her head. “What is it?” She whispered, not wanting to disturb James’ rest. “You’ve never told us why your parents..ahem....aren’t here anymore..” She spoke soft and calm, knowing how furious Amy could get because of these things.
“Oh, I’d rather not talk about it...” she said, and turned her back towards her. The third Lance Corporal, and some Privates gathered around. “I’m curious about that...” one whispered. “Yes, me too.” Another one did.
Amy turned around again. “If you all are here for my origin story, I have no choice..” she said.
I was born 16 years before the War of the Grey, my parents both were in the Stormcutter Guard. My mother was Corporal. We were a, happy, family. We did almost everything together. As a kiddo I always played ‘little guard’ with my dad, I was fascinated by their job! And when I was 15, I went on adventure with Goldie, and found Shadow there. But I’ve told about that before...
I walked downstairs to find my parents sitting in front of the fireplace, with their faces down, and the duty weapons next to them. “Mom? Dad? What happened?” I asked.
My dad sighed. “Did you feed Shadow?” He asked, Trying to change subject. “Dad, you were there when I fed him. What is it?” I raised my voice. “Well, If you really want to know..” He said slowly. “DAD JUST TELL ME!” I yelled. “You have to tell her one day, hon.” My mother said. “You’re right...Amy...there’s a war about to come, and.....we have to leave the house for quite a while to fight in the war.” He spoke slow. I knew enough. Running upstairs again I dropped my face in my pillow and cried. “Knew She wasn’t ready....” My dad said to my mom. 
Looking up, I saw Shadow looking down at me. “Hi cutie, I’m fine...” I said sniffing. Shadow purred and bumped his head against me. “Oh Shadow, i don’t know what to do! I...I....” Shadow wrapped his wings around me trying to comfort me. “What if they don’t make it?” I worried so much.. 
Someone knocked on the door. It was mom. “Sweetie?”
I raised my head. “Mom? How long will you be away, if you survive?” I asked. “Don’t worry girl, we will come back for you no matter what. Just go to sleep, it’s late.”
“But mom, I have more questions! They HAVE to be asked! Now!” I protested. “One more question then...”
“When do you have to leave?” I asked. 
“ in three days...”
I couldn’t stand it anymore. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?” I yelled.
“Calm! We heard about it just today! Well, the war wasn’t a new thing, but if WE had to participate too..nobody knew that. More of us are just as shocked as you and us..” She spoke.
“Mom?” I said, hopping into bed.
She turned around. “Yes?”
“I love you. And tell dad I love him just as much...please?”
She nodded. “I will. Good night.”
She blew the candle out.
The next morning, I woke up to find a note next to my breakfast. “We’re off to the training grounds. Feel free to visit us, but you know we won’t respond to your talking.” The note said. Typically dad. 
I took the bread and went outside. Taking a bite Shadow landed in front of me. “Good morning boy! You hungry?” I always said. He’d then respond with moving his head up and down. Grabbing a fish out of the bucket, I threw it up and Shadow fetched. “Yummy Huh?” 
The next 3 days this was my daily routine, waking up with breakfast, feeding Shadow and then visiting my mom and dad on the training grounds, performing things such as commandos, tactics and attacks like the bayonet stab. The only attack I knew about.
Then, it was time. I woke up early to say goodbye to my parents by hugging them. “If you won’t return, know that I will always remember you.” I said before they took off to the Meade Hall, where the regiments gathered. The Nadders, Stormcutter, Screaming Death’s..and more. I stood outside waiting for the whole army to leave and fly over our house. The wingbeats of the dragons matched perfectly, even though this wasn’t duty. This was war. 
Everyday I woke up early to receive mail. About the war, possible attacks on Berk, and letters of my parents. The daily letters turned to 5 a week, then 3-2....and then they stopped coming. I worried sick! The next morning, 5 days after the letters stopped coming, a Lance Corporal from the Stormcutter Guard landed in front of the door. He knocked. At first I thought it was my dad, he looked a lot like him. Then i noticed the chevron right under his shoulder. My heart stopped beating for a moment. “Is anyone home?” He asked. I didn’t want to know.. I ran back upstairs and hid under my bed. He probably heard me run, because he opened the door, his armor shaking heavily. “Amy...I know you’re here....” he said with a friendly sounding voice. “How the heck did he know my name?” I thought. He went upstairs. He knocked on my room’s door. “Come on girl, I’m here to tell you something...”
Now I knew for sure. I tried to keep as silent as possible, but the tears found their way. He opened the door, hearing me whining. I saw his boots, the metal pieces damaged badly. Then he crouched and looked under. “Amy...” he said soft. 
“LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE!” I cried out and hid my face. “Shhh...stand up...I’m following your mother’s command...” he said. I looked up. “Mom?”
He nodded. “Yes, come out and sit downstairs with me so I can talk to you properly” he said reaching for my hand. I kept still, then held his hand as he pulled me up. 
He sat down next to me on the couch. “So, you came here because my mom told you to?” I said. He nodded. “How is she doing? And what about dad?”
His face changed to a sad one. “Your dad..she ordered me to tell you she was badly wounded, and your dad shot and instantly killed....”
My mouth fell open...tears rolling down again. “And mom? Is she gonna be okay?” I asked after. “Moments before I took off, she passed away because of her injuries...I’m so, so sorry Amy....” 
That was it. I was alone. They were gone like...poof..I cried like I never did before. Even worse then the time I fell on hard stone. Or when I missed my dad so bad, because he was away because of a search party...
I felt his hand on my shoulder. It was silent for a long time..well...only my crying could be heard but still. Then I asked. “How do you know my name?”
“Your parents spoke about you almost everyday! From the day you were born till your teenage” he spoke. I never knew they did. They were prouder of me then I could imagine..
“Hold me.....please?”
He kept silent, and wrapped his arms around me. I But for how long would I be safe?
We sat there for 30 minutes, when I saw shadows through the doorway. I yelped out of fear and squeezed the Lance Corporal. “Luke? Why aren’t you on the battlefield?!” A heavy voice echoed through the room. “Order from Corporal Anna, sir.” He responded.
The man understood, and backed away. “Is there anything you want to ask me before I leave?” Luke asked me. I looked outside. I saw a poster that said: Are you the one we’re looking for?
My eyes widened. “Yes.”
Luke waited for the question.
 “Where can I sign up for the Stormcutter Guard?”
The next day, me and Shadow arrived on the cold training grounds. There were a lot of others wanting to join a regiment. All of us waiting for the Lance Corporal to arrive. “Isn’t it a bit weird,  that we are earlier than the LC?” Someone asked. “Don’t think so....he does more than training and selecting recruits” someone else replied. I just watched, still wondering how I could be selected this quick. Moments later he arrived. He immediately started the first training: Marching. 
It looked so easy at sight, but lots of us got tired pretty fast. Me as well, but I’m glad my dad showed me how to do the quick march.
“This is just the beginning, the more you train the better you get!” He kept shouting. It took the whole morning, but now everyone marched without missing a beat. 
“Quick learners...most of the recruits I trained took 1 to 2 days to learn just the quick march. Moving on to marching in place!” He then shouted.
Each day that passed he got more strict, and...meaner. The whole week was about marches...the slow march being the hardest.
The next week was about attacks and blocks. We trained with training dummies
The meaner, the better..they all said. That’s how we’d learn how to ignore things. Things like annoying tourists trying to make us smile, or other things that would distract us. A harsh way to learn, but also the most effective. When we actually got free time, I thought about stopping. It was much harder then I thought it would be. But I didn’t give up. Every time I thought about giving up, my parents reminded me why I started. We also learned how to ride our duty dragon, more commands, how to wear our armor and way more. Half a year later we switched from dummies to bots. Now that’s what I call training! Months passed, as we learned more, and more. And when we learned everything, the following year was all about repeating the trainings we already had. And the year after..
Finally ready to go on duty, we got our badge. 2/3 already left, it being too heavy for them. 2 hours on duty, 4 hours off. In those 4 hour breaks we talked about the trainings we had, about bloopers...almost everything. 
“Hey Amy! You remember the 24 hour training?” Evelyn said. “Hah,yes I do..” my response was.
Believe me, hallucinating is not cool.
“And do you remember that one day when you tried to bayonet stab a dummy, but almost flew over it!” I said.
“Very funny...” She said with a sarcastic tone. 
Everything was fun and all, till I got selected for the LC recruits. I was so happy, yet so sad. Getting promoted is always fun, but it meant I would see Evelyn less often. She was, and still is my best friend. My broadsword got swapped with a thin, Stormcutter Sword. I learned how to do the Changing of the Guard commands. And what to do when the Corporal would be gone.
One day, Berk seemed to be very peaceful. The guards were expecting nothing, including me. The Skywatch scanned the sky as usual. And we did our patrolling on foot, with our dragons on our side.
Noon. The school grounds were filled with young vikings. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sounds of happiness. I opened them again when those sounds became screams of terror. Someone collapsed on the floor. A young girl, an arrow in her back. 
We had to keep motionless, but this always would be hard if someone got shot, and you might be the next to fall. We had to wait for commands of the Skywatch’s Corporal, as there were no other Corporals around. Another arrow zoomed past, with a yell coming after. The Private next to me fell down, the arrow in his leg. Soon all the youngsters were gone into the Meade Hall, and School Hall. “RAISE, SHIELDS!” The Skywatch shouted. Finally, a command was given. We raised our shields and gathered around to form some sort of living tank. “CLOSE BIGGER PORTHOLE 1 AND 2” The main entrances were closed, the littlest one stayed open, for if duty dragons fell and a reserve one was needed. This sounds harsh towards the dragons, but the duty dragons would be treated immediately after ‘dragon swapping’ by the medics. 
More arrows flew towards us. Dragon Hunter arrows. The tip was poisoned. “Stormcutter Guard! Counting ready!” 
We shouted ready once we were on top of our dragons, then took to the sky.
The crack in the wall was the perfect spot for them to hide, and perform stealth attacks. If we flew in there without thinking, we’d become cheese with holes. We didn’t know what was waiting for us on the other side of the wall. But a decision had to be made, cause every second spilled would be lost forever. No one seemed to know what to do. 
A horn could be heard blowing from the other side. Dozens of arrows were fired over the wall, and lots of guards were hit. Most of them didn’t penetrate the armor. Then, I remembered something. I remembered when Evelyn and I would meet up at a rock next to the school wall every evening, and when we got bored (which we got pretty often) we’d fire the wall. It has worn down a hole over time and we sometimes used it as a personal exit. Even though I wasn’t allowed to I went out of formation and rushed to that hole. Seeing only one, but humongous ship was kind of a relief. I gestured to the others to come over. 
“Good lord that thing is massive.” One whispered. “How are we gonna take it out?” Another one did.
We would make a big entry if everyone went to attack. One by one wasn’t good idea either. “We should go stealth mode, close against the ship.” The Skywatch Corporal said. “Sir, they’ve got bows and ballista’s everywhere! Even close to the water!” Someone tried to change plans. “Do you doubt my decisions? Who’s going first?” He said angered. Everyone kept still. I knew no one would respond and let the Corporal choose, which would take longer than needed. So I just went for it. 
Arrows flew past us. Lots of dragon hunters on deck, and on the ballista’s. Looking behind, more of us followed, dodging the incoming projectiles. Dragon’s fire was seen everywhere, but didn’t seem to do much. Alex, who did massive research on dragon hunter ships, scanned the ship. “I know what to do!” He shouted. Most of the time when he did, it wasn’t a good idea. “Haven’t you learned from the mistakes you made?” The Corporal hissed at him. “No I haven’t!” Alex’s response was, resulting most of us to facepalm. “But trust me! I really know what to do!” He then said. “I wonder how you got your rank as first Lance Corporal in the first place..” 
I listened from a distance, dodging more projectiles and burning down enemies in the meantime. After a moment of thinking, the Corporal nodded. “Do what you need to do.”
Alex then called for me. “Amy! I will need your help though!”
Surprised, I followed him on deck. They knew Alex wanted to get inside, so half of the battalion distracted the hunters for us, while the others burnt the hunters on the wall.
Leaving the dragons on deck, we ran inside. As we did so,I heard heavy armor behind me. It was the Corporal. “Don’t scare me like that next time!” I hissed. He apologised
“Where exactly are we going?” I asked. “To the ship’s core, that’s where we can blow everything up.” Alex responded. “Wait..blow up? We’re.....blowing up the ship?” I panicked. “You heard me! I’m blowing the thing up! The walls are strong enough to handle the Big Bang, so don’t worry!” He shouted to be heard over the sounds of fighting. Once we reached the Room of the Gears, Alex explained the plan. “Okay, if I dismantle this will cause this gear to shift..and if that gear shifts the-“ he got interrupted by the Corporal. “If you know what you have to do, then why do you need us?” He asked. “No one asked for your help Corporal, but now you’re here you could help distracting the hunters behind you!” He pointed at them. 
Nodding, he rushed out to fight them off.
“Amy, you have to go to the steering hut, and have the ship move away from the walls. When you’ve done that, let me know. I’ll prepare myself to fall in the meanwhile.” 
I froze. “You’re blowing the ship AND yourself?”
“Someone’s gotta do it.” He replied, and smiled. I let out a sigh. We both stood up, and saluted each other. “May your soul run wild in the afterlife.” I said. “So long, friend.” He said after. I wanted to run to the steering hut, when Alex stopped me to say one last thing. “Tell The Skywatch Corporal that if someone deserves to be Corporal of the Stormcutter Guard, it’s you.”
“But what have I done to deserve that?” I said.
“You’ve been a good friend, and you’ve done a lot for us. Remember our training? When someone said out loud that she was giving up, but you said she had to keep going? And our first mission? The one you got that scar on your nose from? That’s when you helped us all make it through..and there’s so much more but the clock’s ticking....go! Now!”
I ran past the SC, pushed hunters out of my way and opened doors. Then, Arriving at the hut, I grabbed the steering wheel and turned it, the ship turning to the right. Good thing that the sails were fully raised. Now sailing to the horizon, the SC also ran out and hopped on his dragon, taking Alex’s dragon with him. Shadow fired away, then grabbing my shoulders and took off to the skies. “READY!” I shouted.
Alex heard, and dismantled the wire. The gears immediately made a loud cracking sound, and the explosive powder Alex connected it with did its work. 
I could only stare. The flames bursting out and soon rising over the masts.
Squeezing Shadow’s leg when he dive down, peace slowly found its way back. A tear rolled down. And again I felt an arm resting on my shoulder, just like 2 years ago. “I heard what Alex told you...and I agree with him. You indeed did a lot for your regiment. You deserve to.” The SC spoke.
“No..I can’t accept that...” I said.
“Unlike your mother?” He reminded. “She got promoted to Corporal in a similar way..didn’t she tell you?”
I shook my head. “Well, then there’s a lot to talk about on your promotion day..”
The Wednesday that followed after, took place in the hall of recruits, where guards could register and got selected, where they got demoted and promoted. 
Standing on a platform, I felt being watched. Melvin walked up with his broadsword in his hand. Raising it, he placed it on my right shoulder. “For chief, dragon and island, I promise to lead my members to victory, will fight with honour and lose with dignity.” I spoke after him. 
“Behold, the stormcutter’s Corporal has returned!” Melvin said out loud, then looked down. “Your parents would be proud of you.”
I nodded. 
Food was served in the Meade Hall, as some sort of after party.
I returned home, tired of the past two days. Sitting on yak pelt, I read a book. Shadow joined. Greeting him, I noticed he held some paper in his mouth. It was a drawing of me, my dad, my mom, and Shadow. 
All the memories came back, but instead of whining, I smiled. Just like the times    I was playing with dad, or together with mom, or out riding with my best friend. 
And just like...-
Amy stopped there, noticing the privates and Lance Corporals had fallen asleep. All but one: Mia
“I feel bad for asking...must’ve been hard for you to tell...I’m sorry” she apologised.
“It’s fine..I’m glad I made it through without having a tear pop out..” She joked, reaching for something in her pocket. It was that same drawing, and again Amy smiled, then looking up into the sky. “Rest while you still can, cause tomorrow will be harsh.”


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 You can call me either Amy (main OC) or Céline, which is my real name. 



About me in rl:


Name: Céline (mentioned that before but idc xD)

Birthday: February the fifth 

Where I’m from: The flat lands..

joking it’s The Netherlands xD

Favourite dragon: Stormcutter

Likes: Drawing, writing (at times), reading, PLANES, pizza and anything that has to do with dragons .-.

Dislikes: What do I hate, actually? Idk but there sure are some things I don’t like.

Watch it. I somehow got an obsession for guards (AND PLANES). Please don’t ask how because I don’t know either :p





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That’s her info card. She either leaves it in her office or on the dining table. She’s not 20 anymore though..

She’s now 28. But during rp’s, her age varies a bit. I like to give them “timelines”: Imagine a timeline. Birth, important moments.. all shown on it. Let’s say that the rp’s get placed on there too.

Sorry for the sloppy explanation. I just can’t explain things .-.


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                                         Credits to Piggyxl, Amy every morning..


                                          Credits to Zikta for this proud Shadow


                                          Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, majestic!

                                          Credits to Zikta for the sleeping brothers.


                                           Credits to MericcupNightFury for this amazing portrait of Amy


                                           Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, it looks nice!


                                         Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX for the cute looking Shadow! Just like when he was a baby.


                                           Credits to SilverNight for this amazing art of Shadow! 


                                           Credits to TosiLohi for this incredible artpiece of Amy in da summer


                                         Credits to Zeezur for this wonderful edit of Shadow.

 Some drawings by me:

Shadow in DT

Ah, Memories..


A drawing of an agitated Amy.





                                         Crystalcore the female Light Fury. Credits to dragonrider34


                                          Credits to XxSilver.NightxX for the mischievous Swifty.


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I love it! :D

I love it! :D


that's what you need to no

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Outside of game info: I love listening to music, most of my dragons are named after songs. I'm watching One Piece (finally at the current episode) and what I like the best about HTTYD are the dragons. My favourite dragons are the Skrill, the Stormcutter, the Triple Stryke and the Moldruffle. I also play Rise of Berk and I read Warrior Cats (in German). My favourite movie is Into The Wild (no, not only because of the soundtracks... but they're a big part of it too XD)
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RiverAndConcrete (River and Concrete, both by Izzy Stradlin)
lightMyFire (Light My Fire by The Doors)
liveWire (Live Wire by Mötley Crüe)
Dehydrated Coyote (Dehydrated and Milo, both by Izzy Stradlin)
Sweetchbladeknives (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
KillerOnTheRoad (Riders on the Storm by The Doors)
Papercut (Paper Cut by Nirvana)
Dragon Cannonball (Human Cannonball by Toadies)

Highway Mint's dragons
The Body Electric (The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff)
Innuendo (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
Trance Mission (Trance Mission by Izzy Stradlin)
Polly (Polly by Nirvana)
Silent Storm (Silent Storm by Carl Espen)
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Calm after the Storm (Calm after the Storm by The Common Linnets)
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Dragon Cannonball


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My imaginary Stormcutter by Zikta
Mudhoney by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Sandstorm and icyRoad by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Wixyigzy

Asura by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Zikta
Asura by AntroTyree
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

LiveWire by dogloven
LiveWire by AntroTyree

DeadWrong by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
Tiger Baby, a female Night Fury adoptable; base by Wyndbain, colored by AntroTyree

Primal Scream, a female Blazing Firemaw, adopted from Zikta

DeadWrong the philosoph by Zikta
DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX
lightMyFire by XxXPurpleHolking
Asura by XxXPurpleHolking
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Megaphone after playing in the snow and becoming friends with the one and only psycho Boneknapper aka this happens when you fail to request the right colors by Zikta

my trumpet dragon Allamanda by ScaleFeatherz

DeadWrong after becoming a titan wing by Zikta

DeadWrong - maybe he has changed by Zikta
DeadWrong - but he will always remain the question marker by Zikta

the psycho Boneknapper and Nightrain by Zikta

TBone and Nightrain by Zikta

Lucid Dream, a Flightmare chosen and drawn by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta
DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
DeadWrong kidnapped by Zikta

Nightrain playing with Zikta's Gronckle meteor (with helmet, just to be safe, a header is dangerous, you know)

deadHorse by Zikta

my waterproof hairdryer dragon Siccy by TosiLohi

Primal Scream as Titan Wing by Zikta

Siccy the titan wing waterproof hairdryer dragon by Zikta

Allamanda the titan wing trumpet dragon by Zikta

Edit of Emperor Scorpion by Zeezur

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Easter Fire by Zikta

Fab One by Zikta
KillerOnTheRoad by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Sandstorm sunbathing by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

DeadWrong by XxSilver.NightxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Emperor Scorpion and DeadWrong by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea the Woolly Howl, chosen and made by RagingNature

Piscatora Spinata, a Whispering Glider by snowflake12298

Nubes Gravis, a male Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Emperor Scorpion by Kasanelover

WhisperInTheDark and Sweetchbladeknives by piggyxl

Emperor Scorpion by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by ELSA II

Mudhoney and Firework by Zikta

Marinecutter by Madoka Miyazono

DehydratedCoyote by Fireflash

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea and Tiger Baby meeting for the first time by RoaringOrigins

Dragon Cannonball by RedHoodJason

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch by sunsetlightthelovely

Sandstorm by Zikta

liveWire the cactus by HoneyCloudy

liveWire by sunsetlightthelovely

cute DemonStinger and a cute fish by RoaringOrigins

DeadWrong by Zikta

deadHorse by Zikta

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Give DeadWrong back -_- by Zikta (note that question mark)

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

Pluto and DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch, RiverAndConcrete and Ignis et Cinis by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Witchura by Zikta

Threadfail by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

An Artillery Wyvern egg by Wildvanity

Look who hatched! Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Threadfail by Zikta

Bête Traquée by LissaFish

KillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Ignis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Cinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Bête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Reward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)

Tiger Baby by AndreaEaston

Sandstorm by AndreaEaston

DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Hypergolic by RoaringOrigins

Primal Scream by LissaFish

Some non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins

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Thanks :D