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0in">Today’s conversation will feature Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil (SGE) and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO).


0in">Zar, Wolf and Chast break after all morning of weapon training. Chast has hot chocolate and a chocolate mustache on his upper lip. Wolf has coffee and is chugging it down after every third sentence she speaks. Zar has her legs resting on the back of Chast’s chair and is holding a can of diet coke.


0in">Wolf: What would happen if characters got stuck in the wrong book?

0in">Chast: Well, it’d be a disaster, wouldn’t it?

0in">Zar: Course it would, you ninny.

0in">Chast: So what would happen if the gods and goddesses from Percy Jackson and the Olympians got stuck in The School for Good and Evil?

0in">Wolf: …

0in">Zar: …

0in">Wolf: I personally think that’d be pretty funny as long as we’re not stuck there too, organizing it all.

0in">Zar: Wolf…

0in">Wolf: What?

0in">Zar: * glares and makes a zip-your-lip motion* With your luck that might just happen

0in">Wolf: *grins and nods* And I’m dragging you along with me.

0in">Chast: Any idea which side each god would be on?

0in">Zar: I think Ares would be in the School for Evil.

0in">Wolf: Yeah. I can’t imagine that war god in a trim tuxedo taking Aphrodite to a Snow Ball.

0in">Chast: *chokes on hot chocolate and bursts out in giggles* Yeah. He could be a teacher for spells or utter destruction, aka Surviving Fairy Tales.

0in">Zar: Yeah. Your typical love on opposite sides will happen, just like Sophie and Tedros.

0in">Wolf: What about Hades?

0in">Zar: He’s kinda the sorta Evil type, considering he’s the god of the Underworld. But he’s not completely evil either...

0in">Wolf: True. He might be like Hort. Trying to be who he is while the world demotes his reputation and utterly destroys your dignity while all he wants is what Evil can’t have: love.

0in">Zar: But Hades got Persephone.

0in">Wolf: And Sophie should get Hort.

0in">Chast: What about Athena? She’s not necessarily evil or good.

0in">Wolf: She could be a wolf. They’re the ones who make sure everyone stays in line and whoops any butt that gets out of it.

0in">Zar: Ok. Seems fair. What about Hermes?

0in">Wolf: Definitely a failed Never who turns into a fairy for the School for Good. He’s neither good or evil enough for either school.

0in">Zar: I see your point. So now we move to Dionysius. I’d say he’d be better off as a teacher too. I don’t know which one. But he’s definitely not the super evil type.

0in">Wolf: Aphrodite and Demeter are 100% Good. Especially Aphrodite. She could teach Beautification class.

0in">Chast: I can see Demeter leading Animal Communication.

0in">Zar: And Zeus would strike Rafal dead and take over the School Master status.

0in">Wolf: But Rafal’s already dead. Unless Soman decides to bring him back in his fourth book, Quests for Glory.

0in">Zar: Then Zeus would have to zap Sophie if he’s gonna be in the School Tower. I bet Zeus would write up some pretty fantastic fairy tales for us.

0in">Wolf: Yeah. And then make the loser at each round in Circus of Talents do something awful, like roll a stone up a mountainside only to have it roll back down again. Or maybe have the losing top ten of the Circus of Talents would be locked up in the Doom Rooms and have a drop of poison splat on their faces every 2 seconds for a week.

0in">Chast: Dude. That god’s a genius.

0in">Wolf: Which is why he’s king of the gods.

0in">Zar: Not king, but very powerful and overcoming.

0in">Chast: Yeah. The total kind of god that will kick your butt if you mess with him.

0in">Zar: I thought that was Ares.

0in">Wolf: Yeah. But there’s a difference in their style. Zeus has dignity and power. Ares has good old fashioned war instincts, especially when it comes to kicking someone’s behind to high heaven.

0in">Zar: Well, my 30 minutes of break are almost over. I need to head to Zynge’s smithy before he brands me a snoozing dove.

0in">Wolf: Cya sassy.

0in">Zar *shoots Wolf a glare*

0in">Chast: Later alligator!

0in">Zar *walks out*

0in">Wolf: Well. Speaking of PJO, which god would you be the son of?

0in">Chast: Definitely Hermes!

0in">Wolf: Thought so. I think I’d be the daughter of Hermes, Ares, or Hades.

0in">Chast: Cya in Cabin 11, 5 or 13 then.

0in">Wolf: Speaking of that, they’re almost done with Cabin 8. Then the camp will be ready for summer.

0in">Chast: Yeah. You need to decide, cause you can’t split yourself in three and live in each cabin you mentioned.

0in">Wolf: Or could I?

0in">Chast: *grins* We’d better get to practice before Nace tans our hides. I’ll send some blue prints over sometime tonight or tomorrow.

0in">Wolf: *stands up and gives thumbs up* Ok. Let’s get going then. *heads towards exit*

0in">Chast: *stands up and walks out café with Wolf* 


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