Continue the story: "Time is Power"

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Hi everyone! This is the "Continue the story". Here the beginning of the story is posted and you can continue it. How will this turn out is up to the unstoppable power of imagination. (Note: The whole thread is about the same story)
The start is on the next reply. It was originally posted in the Story Starters thread. Other "Continue the Story " will be posted soon.



That's all.

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Time is Power

Pandora and Nickie followed the teacher to the "room of punished students " as they say it. The girls thought that they would never step in this class full of the rebels and hooligans of the school. They sat next to each other, between a girl with red dyed hair and a tough looking boy with piercings.
Nickie frowned at Pandora. "It's your fault ".
"Excuse me? Why is it my fault?". "If you didn't intervene between the student and the teacher, then we wouldn't be here ".
Pandora frowned and turned her head to the other side, ignoring Nickie. She was also frustrated.
Two hours later
Pandora walked quickly after Nickie.
"Oh, come on you are still mad at me?".
"You know it's not my fault that you intervened too".
"I wanted to protect you from getting in more trouble ". Nickie complained.
Pandora stopped for a while, thinking that tomorrow she will be better.
The wind was blowing softly taking the leaves with it. The sun was shining between the clouds. Nickie started to cross the empty road. When she was in the middle, a really fast car ran, firing the ground. Nickie wouldn't make it.
Pandora noticed and ran, like she could reach in time.
When Pandora reached her hand, everything began to twirl and everything to go backwards. When it stopped, she saw Nickie walking next to her.
Pandora looked at her hands shocked. "What did just happen?".

Hope you like it! Have fun!