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Yasy Nihat
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hi - i can go on the school of dragons website but when i try to play the actual game, it  is now saying that there is a fatal contnt error and that i cannot play.


this happened before but i just reloaded the game but this isnt going away :(




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Re install Unity Player

Have you try reinstalling Unity Player? After I reinstall, I have never have that fatal error so far.

Here how if you're using windows:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. search add or remove programs
  3. A list of programs will shown. Go to Unity Web Player, right click and uninstall 
  4. Go this website:
  5. Download the version
I hope this will help!

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Hi, Yasy Nihat. Try following

Hi, Yasy Nihat. Try following the steps posted in another post with instructions on how to resolve this issue: If you still experience this problem, please email us at for further assistance.

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Millicent mouton
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I cant purchase the titan

I cant purchase the titan upgrade it says purchase failed all the time. Please help me



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This is the mother of necros here lmao.


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The fact that I stumbled upon a necro-thread 2 months later definitely warrants another seance...


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err... okay. thanks.