A complete guide to TRR (Thunder Run Racing) !

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Many of us enjoy racing :) but it is an art and not so easy and requires skill and experience. Here is a guide that I hope will help you out when Racing, here we go:-


1. The best dragon for racing is of course Toothless, but since not everyone can get him there are some other alternatives that I think are very good too such as a Sand Wraith, Snow Wraith, and Scuttleclaw. Gronckle and Groncicle were surprisingly good too as they start out really fast.


2. Buy the defender saddles for your specific racing dragon as well as armor for yourself that adds stats to your racing. The defenders Saddles cost 225 gems and they give you + 2 speed and + 2 pitch rate. The best armor you should try getting for yourself are the ones that have stats as well but they also cost gems, I will list the armors that have the highest stats in the whole shop, yea I calculated them very carefully: ​Alpha Toothless Helm, Screaming Death Chest, Stormcutter Pants, Screaming Death Boots, and Death Song Bracers.


3. Practice a lot in single player to get accustomed to the maps and know where sharp turns are etc. Also do not miss a single green hoop, if you miss one you will not finish the race and you will become last depending on how many players are in the race. Also try to go through as many hoops as you can as they give you a small boost of speed which helps a lot.


4. When the 3 2 1 and Go shows up have your hand on the space bar and once the race starts DIVE right away dive as low and fast as you can but be careful not to hit the ground or a rock or so. When you dive at the beginning it gives you a great boost of speed from the start which gives you a good head start. Also whenever you get the chance to dive in the middle of the race do it, diving really speeds you up but like I said above be careful not to hit anything.


5. When there is a sharp turn and you have a dragon whose turn rate is not so good then press shift to slow down and take the turn slowly. If you don't slow down you will most likely hit a wall which will delay you, so use shift in tight turns. If your dragon has a hight turn rate then take the turn carefully so that you don't turn too sharp and hit a wall as well.


6. Try to find shortcuts. This is a tough one but there are two ways you can find them. First single player, try out maps in single player and see if you can find any shortcuts to use in the actual racing. The other way is if you find someone who seems like a really good racer, or is in a top clan, or has platinum or gold stars try to keep a very close eye on them and follow them, these players most likely know all or some of the shortcuts in all the maps so you can find them out like that as well. Shortcuts are key to racing, they make you faster and help you finish faster and even reach first place.


7. DO NOT, I repeat, do not leave a race ! If you are a person who is trying to collect trophies for your clan or anything then don't leave a race unless you are in 4th 5th or 6th place but even 4th and 5th are not so bad you only lose 1 trophy when 4th and 2 when 5th if you are 6th you can leave if you want as you will lose 5 trophies just like the DNF. If you leave a race just because someone got in front of you or you hit a wall for a few seconds or got caught in a trap you will get a DNF which will make you lose 5 whole trophies just like that, so why when you can gain trophies instead even if you are last place if there were less than 4 people in the race or just lose 1 or 2 if there are 5 people in the race ? So try not to do that.


And that concludes it :) I hope these tips will prove useful to you and help you get those trophies in racing and enjoy it ^_^ Hope I helped you ~


One last thing to the people who like to shoot others in racing, please just stop it okay ? Its no use, it does not slow the person down or delay them in any way, it used to, many years ago, slow down someone for a second but now it has been removed so it is no use at all and completely unnecessary and you don't benefit anything, the only thing it does it just be annoying to other players so don't bother, and guess what ? It even slows your own dragon down for a bit because of the shooting animation so you get harmed no one else, so please just don't :)





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