The Common + Wingless Fangback - A Species by DrakeTheDragon

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Hi! Welcome to my art thread!

Please DO NOT REPLY yet!


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(Listed from most-to-least active)


This is Drakor the Fangback. He's my Siggy Guardian and loves guests :3

Thank you Flitt for doing an amazing job drawing him!


My Writing:

Guardian of Fangback Forest [WIP]

- Scauldron Tail (A Screenshot Story)




You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free broad-wing. I missed this game when I went on hiatus a while ago, so I'll try to not leave it behind again (well, at least not for a while anyways.)


I love to hang out at the Ice-Fishing-Patch in the school and take down ships. Feel free to chat if you find me!




VIKING(S): ErikaTheWild

NICKNAMES: Drake, Drako

GENDER: Female | She/Her

FAVOURITE GAMES/SHOWS: SoD (duh), BATIM, FNaF, Among Us, Miraculous, Pokémon (XYZ)


RPS I'M IN: Guardians of the Multiverse

STORIES I'VE TRACKED: Dragonling: The Gathering Storm, Revenger

FAVOURITE DRAGONS: Deadly Nadder, Flightmare, Deathsong, Deathgripper


ALL DRAGONS: [Blue = Male ~ Pink = Female | All Other Colours = Classes]


                        * Wisp ~ Broad-Wing ~ Flightmare

                        * Spike ~ Broad-Wing ~ Deadly Nadder

                        * Boulder ~ Broad-Wing ~ Gronkle

                        * Heathunter ~ Broad-Wing ~ Eruptodon

                        * Crew and Impo ~ Broad-Wing ~ Hideous Zippleback [Crew prefers to be called female]

                        * Tumbler ~ Borad-Wing ~ Whispering Death

                        * Whirlpool ~ Short-Wing ~ Scauldron


                        ^ Nightshade ~ Broad-Wing ~ Night Fury

                        ^ Shimmerwing ~ Broad-Wing ~ Light Fury


(Still reading? Well, here's A cringy-traditional-drawing that I did ages ago :/)




(Complete List)


This (freaking beautiful) art of Heathunter was made by VicZarSky





An AWEOME headshot of Wisp, made by Izzydrawsdragons


Some art of Spike, done by the talented Iamthesenate




Google Doc for flying-GIFS | Flying-GIFS of Boulder, Tumbler + Whirlpool | Art for Boulder, Tumbler, and Whirlpool

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Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

  Flurry Kimbenoso          Flurry Revamp Nightmarerebuff

Flurry the bouncie Grapple Fury (Nessie)

Coen and Broderick version 2 courtesy of Iron Man 2000

I am a member of the SOD forum Fan Fiction Club!

These guys are available for adoption! Flurry here is my pride and joy! Check them out on my adoption thread "Introducing the Grapple Fury!"

DuskDaybreak's Art

   Veritas the Utahraptor      Asia the Velociraptor         

Me and Chiheru Bronze                                 Tiba says Happy Halloween!

Haunted Hallows

          Hecate                         Undine

Character Furies

        Optimus Prime               Bumblebee               Captain America            Smokescreen 1


        Smokescreen 2                Arcee                White Tiger/Ava Ayala

Other dragons and art (including the new Velociraptor Draconis!)

       Gamma                             Jadewing                 Birthday Raptor            Razor Hunter


Dragon Bouncies

  Speed Stinger   Garenth           Starburst         Wrecker

  Cliffjumper          Naga           Darksteel         Elsa

     Topaz         Moonracer 1       Moonracer 2           Beau

   Beau 2           Goldwing

Pern Art by Mechfighter



Garenth the Bronze Dragon Mariah the Gold Fire-Lizard



Nitidus the Blue Fire Lizard

Other Artists (nothing personal guys, but a lot of my art comes from Duskdaybreak)

Me and Aran at Sunset on Halloween - thanks to ToshiLoshi!


Astrea and Sky-Strike the Oceanic Seasong (Adopto66)


Artemis and Faore the Banded Featherlure (Amberleaf)

Field Sprinter egg (Valoris620)


Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

Viper the Ikran/Forest banshee (Kimbenoso)

Jinhai the Cursedfire Wyvern gif (Kimbenoso)


Charizard Gif courtesy of Pyrelyth

Holly and Coral the holiday Seashocker (WingsofValor)

Frey the Forest Wanderer (chimchim24)

Moonracer the Flightmare (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)Makani the Starring Deciever (chimchim24)



Serefina the Gallant Flashfire (Golden Scarlet) Twister the Typhoomerang (Bow Ie)


Abalone the SeaWing (EpicShadows) Amber the MudWing (EpicShadows)


Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

Dragon License (Nessie)

Toothless and Smidvarg's Gang (courtesy of Dreamworks and Smidvarg)


Crystal the Dewmist (Cerebellum) Puru the Ominous Storm Rider (Golden Scarlet)


 Koyi the Oriental Serpentfang (NightmareRebuff) Harper the Paranoid Sandskitter


 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury and Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

Siamese Night Fury (xxHallaxx)Calico Night Fury (xxHallaxx)

 Heru the Sky Valkerie (Scobidous)

Garenth (Beareptilelover)Artemis Beareptilelover)

Bruiser version 1 (Beareptilelover) Bruiser version 2 (Beareptilelover)

  White Tiger bouncie Fury (Twistedclaw)  Wrecker Banner (Autum5467)


Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Black saphir) Baby Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Stiger23)

 Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (hrepetti)


Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


Verdentus the Shimmering Seascale (Coolerthandragons) Violet the Skrill (Zero the Ruthless)

 Glory the Vinenecked JungleClaw (Skyler Smile)

Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

Jin-hoh the Sand Wraith (Flaming Husky)


Jewelsong and Moonsong the Deathsong (Stiger23)


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Ooo... Sounds intriguing...



Caution! Construction ahead!!



Here, have this hilarious gif.  XD


...And this...


Some screenshots I've taken of Jaxomis and his dragons:

Jax and his little friend, Volt (Ruffrunner)


Jax and Oceanbreeze


A funny thing that happened to Fastfire, Jax's first dragon



Oceanbreeze by Speedyleaf


Sunset by AndreaEaston



Galaxy the Cunning Kyte by Lissafish

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DO NOT directly reply to this please! Thank you!

- The Common Fangback -


CLASS: Strike


SIZE: Male C. Fangbacks are about 10 feet tall and 10 feet tall, while females are 9 feet tall and 9.5 feet wide.


WINGSPAN: The Common Fangback's wingspan is around 41 feet for both genders.


WEIGHT: Healthy adult males are around 2400-2500 lbs, while healthy adult females are around 2300-2400 lbs.


APPEARANCE: Common Fangbacks resemble sleek, short-slimed Monstrous Nightmares with paws instead of wing-hands.


FAMILY: Common Fangbacks may seem like they are related to Monstruous Nightmares or Windwalkers due to their appearance, but they are actually closely related to Changewings.


COLOURS: A Common Fangback comes in a wide variety of colours due to their odd habitat choices. C. Fangbacks, much like Changewings, can change their colours to fit their environment, but unlike the Changewing, it's camoflauge isn't as foolproof, and it sometimes doesn't work, so it is merely used as a last-resort.






VENOM: None.


FIREPOWER: Fangbacks can spit fireballs consisting of pure-magnesium (similar to the fire a Deadly nadder uses)




HABITAT: Common Fangbacks live in dense areas such as forests or canyons. They make their nests in caves or large trees using whatever they can find (sticks, trash, etc....)


BEHAVIOUR: Common Fangbacks are very curious and intelligent creatures, usually sneaking into Viking villages simply for curiosity during the dead of night. They are usually docile unless provoked or ill. When threatened, A Common Fangback's first response is to flee, relying on its speed and camolfauge-ability. If it cannot flee, it will stand its ground, using its sharp claws, tail point, Spikes, fangs, and fire to protect itself from whatever is threading it/its nest.

PACKS: Common Fangbacks will live in groups of up to 5, with most of the 'members' being females. Occasionally, a sub-male will challenge the head male for his title, and they have been seen doing some crude form of 'flying race' to determine the winner, with the loser being exiled from the group.

DIET: A Common Fangback's diet is mainly fish, but it has been witnessed eating fruits and vegetables as well. Some males have been seen 'fishing' using their tail-spikes as a spear.




MATING RITUAL: Once a year in October, Common Fangbacks migrate to warmer weather. The voyage takes about two weeks, and once they arrive at their destination, the males quickly build intricate nests to hopefully impress females, who 'scout' all nearby male nests. Once they have chosen a mate, female C. Fangbacks will typically produce 2-3 eggs, with a high chance of one egg being a dud. After a month, the eggs hatch, and the hatchlings quickly learn how to hunt and fly, after a few months, the Fangbacks migrate back to thier initial nests. Typically, 2/3 percent of the time, the hatchlings survive until adulthood.

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DO NOT reply directly to this! Thanks!

- The Wingless Fangback -


CLASS: Strike


SIZE: Male C. Fangbacks are about 11 feet wide  and 11.6 feet tall, while females are 10 feet tall and 11.5 feet wide.




WEIGHT: Healthy adult males are around 2300-2400 lbs, while healthy adult females are around 2200-2300 lbs.


APPEARANCE: Wingless Fangbacks are 'bulkier' compared to a Common Fangback. They are more rugged, with longer back spines, and a long 'nasal horn' that runs along the entire length of their head.


FAMILY: Wingless Fangbacks are (obviously) related to Common Fangbacks, but they are also slightly-related to Speed Stingers.


COLOURS: A Wingless Fangback lacks the camouflage-ability of its more common cousin, but it makes up for that with its Venom




VENOM: W. Fangbacks tail-tips and fangs contain venom which confuses/disorients prey. It can affect young Vikings, and lasts for up to an hour.


FIREPOWER: W. Fangbacks can spit fireballs consisting of pure-magnesium (just like their kinder-cousins)




HABITAT: Wingless Fangbacks live in dense-wooded areas such as large forests. They make their nests in caves using rocks, and they should be avoided at all costs.


BEHAVIOUR: Unlike Common Fangbacks, Wingless Fangbacks are very aggressive and territorial. Common Fangbacks are built for stealth, and Wingless Fangbacks are made for hunting and fighting. They will raid Viking Villages regularly for food, and for enjoyment. Unless they know what they're doing, Vikings should avoid this dragon species.


DIET: A Wingless Fangback's diet is mainly mutton, but in a pinch, they will eat fish as well. Unlike Common Fangbacks, Wingless Fangbacks are strictly-carnivores.


BEHAVIOUR: Wingless Fangbacks are very solitary creatures, only occasionally living in groups of 3-4, and in those groups, there are more males than females. They will constantly pick fights with other species of dragons, and fight over females.


MATING RITUAL: Wingless Fangbacks don't migrate: they prefer to hibernate, starting in late fall. They gorge themselves on mutton and any other kind of meat they can get their claws on, then they find a sutable cave, and make their nests out of small stones they find in that cave. They have exellent night vision, allowing them to find rare minerals and ores for their nests. Similar to the more common variety of Fangback, females will 'scout' out a sutable male based off of their nests.

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- Name:

- Name on Picture?:


- Primary Colour:

- Secondary Colour:

- 'Detail' Colour:

- Backstory (optional):

- Lined or Pixel:

- Other details (scars, clothing, etc....):









(Red = Reserved | Yellow = In Progress | Green = Done)




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are these going to be digital or traditional art? I don't care either way, I'm just curious because I want a spot saved - brain is too tired to fill out a form right now 

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Answer :)

DrakeTheDragon5567 wrote:





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Tracking! Also can you save me a spot? I'm waiting to see the wingless fangback.



               This is sunlight gaurdain of my siggy. Made by Sohki! She is quite powerful for her size and can give a p.ainful nip!






* flying derbris * * flying derbris * falling debris * * falling debris * * angry crimson gore gutter* * charging crimson gore gutter * 


Oh no, that's why you really shouldn't get close to this construction...  Cinnamon: Rawr! oh sorry did I scare you? 

Oh yeah that's Cinnamon creatated by the ever so talented Sohki!




This soup the chicken made by Flitt.







Thanks for Bujo Carolinalina! 






                                       Some of my in game dragons: ( W. I. P. )


                 Age: broad wing.

                Gender: Male I think.

                Description: Shuttle is my main dragon that 

             I use. You will most likely see me riding this dragon.

                Species: Dramillion. ( Of course. )




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: I forgot Ahhhhhhh.

               Description: Bubbles used to be my main dragon, but I had always loved the dramillions even before I knew what race to edge was. Sadly the day that the dramillion was added to Sod we began to grow apart. Due to what once was our great bond I felt a little bad for Bubbles. That's why the dragon is here.




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: Noooooooooooooooo guess who forgot again.... Me!

               Description: Alright backstory time Nerve never fit into his ( I'm assuming ) pack of bone nappers due to having hunter stolen the rare bone from his armor. I found him searching for an area that had this bone. I wasn't sure what was happening with this bone napper until I spotted a hole in his armor I gladly searched the island for a bone to fit in here. Only to be unsuccessful. Then I had an idea to make a bit of armor for him with something that wasn't a bone. I collected some wood then found someone who could carve it. After lots of trying we finally found something that fit. I placed this wooden bone into the bone nappers armor. I decided to name him nerve because him roar sounded a little different than the others.

             Species: ( isn't this obvious by now. ) Bone napper. 


Alright that enough for now I'll continue later.               

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Answer :D

Sure! I'll save ya a sopt! The Winglwss Fangback will be ready today or next Monday :D

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Okay! :)

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- Name: Kiba 

- Name on Picture?: yes please 


- Primary Colour: topaz yellow 

- Secondary Colour: Sapphire blue 

- 'Detail' Colour: Ruby red 

- Backstory (optional):

- Lined or Pixel: line please! 

- Other details (scars, clothing, etc....):

- Name:

- Name on Picture?:


- Primary Colour:

- Secondary Colour:

- 'Detail' Colour:

- Backstory (optional):

- Lined or Pixel:

- Other details (scars, clothing, etc....):

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Finished Art for Kiba!

Here's Kiba! Just tell me if you want any edits.


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oh my gosh, thank you so much! he looks adorable! Hey, is it ok if I put him on another website since I don't have room in my siggy? I'll give you full credit of course

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bloop rhymes with bleep, now I’m a sheep :3

I don't mind at all! Feel free to order again anytime!

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Kiba stole my subject

Great! Thanks! I just wanted your permission first 

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Spike! No! That’s my subject! Wisp- help me!

The Wingless Fangback will be delayed a bit, so sorry!

It should be here in 1-2 days, stay tuned!