Coins for gems?

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So am I the only one who thinks you should be able to purchase gems without using actual money? I mean, come on, some of us can't afford to just buy 'em, right? They should make it to where gems can be purchased for a certain number of coins, like 50 gems for 5000 coins and so on. 5000 should make it less easy, but it would still give us a chance.


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Well, gems aren't necessary to play the game. They're just premium currency. If you don't want to pay for them, try doing stuff like stable quests. There's a few quests that reward gems and they're easily farmable if you keep ditching non-gem quests for a while.


I like the idea though. I have heard it before. 5000 gold for 50 gems sounds like a steal, though! Maybe 100 gems for every 50k coins or so would sound more fair? I'm not entirely sure.


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I would love this as well but I doubt it would happen, other thing I'd like to see is coins for titan runes.


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This is what I like

The thing I like about this game, is that you can play for free. Sure, it takes a bit if you don't have the gems, but in time you can still do everything. Most other games don't have that feature, you have to pay to get something.


This is a good idea though. Maybe 50,000 coins for 500 gems or something. A lot for a lot I say!



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