The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 37

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The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 37


          “With this new development you still don’t look very happy, is there something else that is bothering you?” I asked.


          “Well there is,” Hiccup started.  “I grounded Snotlout for continuing to disobey my orders and suspended him from the Academy.  But I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not.  Do I reinstate Snotlout?  But if I do I risk losing the respect of the other Academy riders.  However, I am the leader of the Academy and the other riders have to follow my rules.”


          “Tough one,” I said.


          “Yeah, that is what my father said,” replied Hiccup.  “So you figure that the markings in the cave you found, both Grapple Grounders, and the two eggs that you and Steinson have are all connected?”


          “Yes, the map that I have here is a copy of the map in the cave leading to an island southwest of Berk.  If the markings and pictures in the cave are correct, then Steinson will be heading to that island.  Because of the way he sounded the last time I saw him, Steinson knows more about the egg than we do,” I answered.


          “If this map has anything to do with any connection to Night Furies, I would so want to go with you on this.  However, I think it is best if I stay behind and keep an eye on the situation at the Academy,” said Hiccup who seem like he was a bit pre-occupied.


          I relayed to Hiccup about the evidence in a scuffle that I saw in the cave.  “Thinking back to what Annett said about seeing two people in a ‘dream’ she had after she hit her head, that maybe what she saw wasn’t a ‘dream’ after all.  So that would have to make one of those men Adam and the other the brother to Adam and Annett.”


          Hiccup nodded in agreement.


          Hiccup said he needed to do a few things and bid me, “So long.”


          I then walked up the nearby stairs to the Great Hall and entered the room where Annett was staying.  I saw Annett sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to Asvord and Elsa of what we found in the cave.


          “So do you think you would know something about this map because of your knowledge of the egg,” I asked Annett as I handed her the map.


          “I might,” she replied as she took the map.  “Of what your sisters described to me, I’ll see if anything looks familiar.”


          As Annett was studying the map, I noticed she may have found something to say about it.


          “This island that this map is guiding you to is the exact same one that my clan’s elders had talked about the egg we had.  Looks like it has Berk as the starting point then you go to a ‘C’ shaped island and then head northwest.  The elders always thought this island never existed or was to far way and too dangerous to go sailing to the island.  Most everybody thought the second thing, but pretty much everyone had their doubts about the island,” Annett stated.  “But this island southwest of here is definitely the island that your egg originated.  I recognized the shape of the island.  See here.”


          She showed me the map and pointed to what looked like an inlet from the island that had only one very small entrance to it from the ocean.


          I suddenly remembered something, ”Oh!  I knew this map looked somewhat familiar.  I have been racking my brain to remember this.”


          “What is it, Jarl?  Is there another connection?” asked Asvord.


          “Yes there is,” as I started.  “While I was in Steinson’s headquarters on Outcast Island, I saw a larger map with more detail on the wall.  Seeing the map at a closer glance I see the inlet here and the one on the wall at Outcast Island are pictures of the same island.  So it is almost a sure bet that Steinson will be going to that island.”


          “Jarl, I would muck like to go with you to the island,” voiced Annett with a somewhat pleading tone.  “If there is a chance of seeing my brother Adam, I want to take the chance.”


          “Okay,” I replied.  “Your knowledge of the egg might prove useful.”


          “Oh by the way,” I said just before leaving the room with my sisters.  “Does a black dragon called a ‘Night Fury’ bear any connection with the egg?”


          Annett thought for a moment.  “A black dragon yes, but I have never heard of a ‘Night Fury’ dragon.  It was said that the egg, that you have, holds the key to unlock mysteries of a black dragon.”


          “Called the black dragon, ‘Mystery of the Night’ for the dragon only struck at night.  Also it was a very dangerous dragon, using its mighty blasts to destroy buildings and anything else that it needed to do; though it felt to me like the dragon was trying to protect something because it only ‘attacked’ one side of our island in the same spot every time."


          “Interesting,” I thought to myself.  “Could there really be another Night Fury?  She nearly described Toothless, before Hiccup trained him, to a tee.”


          “It was strange though,” Annett continued.  “While I was traveling in search of my brothers, I stopped at an island to grow some food when I saw a black dragon one Night.  This was a little over a year ago.  The Dragon had landed on a small island off the shore.  It was a clear, moon-lit night.  The dragon must have heard something because it looked up after it had lain down.  It looked straight in my direction.  We both looked at each other.  But I blinked and then saw it was gone.”


          “That was strange indeed,” said Asvord as she bid Annett, “Goodbye,” as did myself and Elsa.


          As I had just stepped out the door, Annett called to me, “Jarl.”




          “When will we leave?”


          “Um… Tomorrow.. late afternoon.. maybe evening,” I told Annett.


          I was still mulling over in my head what Annett said about a “black dragon.”  The way she described her encounters with the black dragon could it be that this dragon and Toothless are one and the same?  Because it seems like enough time between Annett last saw the “black dragon” and when Hiccup first started to train Toothless had elapsed.


          My sisters and I took a leisurely flight around Berk, after we exited the Great hall.  I kept thinking about the “black dragon.”


          Somehow Asvord and Elsa got into a heated discussion about Spiker could beat Meatballs any day of the week.  But Elsa kept saying that Meatballs could out maneuver Spiker.  I couldn’t argue with that.


          However, Asvord said that speed is the biggest factor in a race and maneuverability was not as important.


          My sister kept going back and forth debating whose dragon would win in a race; although somehow Fredrick and I entered the conversation.  Asvord and Elsa both agreed that their dragons could beat me and Fredrick with Spiker’s speed and Meatball’s maneuverability.


          “Hey now,” I inputted.  “Even though a thunderdrum doesn’t ‘excell’ at anything, doesn’t mean mine can’t beat your dragons in a race.”


          “Oh you want to put your words to the test?” challenged Asvord.


          “Sure,” I accepted.  “How about this…  Three races.  First, Fredrick verses Spiker on speed.  Second, Fredrick verses Meatballs on maneuverability.  Third and final, all three of us verses each other on both speed and maneuverability.  This way you two can settle your dispute whose dragon is better:  the Deadly Nadder or the Gronckle in a race.  Plus see how your dragons stack up against my thunderdrum.”


          “Sounds good,” agreed Asvord.


          “Same here,” Elsa added.


          I took us a few minutes to decide on the track layout.  But we came to terms on two.  First off for me and Asvord, we would start from the “Donut Hole”, fly down to Berk to sea level, then turn left and fly over the Academy, turn left and fly through the forest, and then back through the “Donut Hole.”  Three laps were set and Elsa would be judge who finished first.


          “Go,” yelled Elsa as Asvord and I were ready for the start.


          Asvord got the early lead with the quick dive down to sea level.  I was close behind.  The first lap, we both got used to the course and Asvord controlled the lead.  We dove down again after the “Donut Hole,” but I stayed directly behind Spiker so I would not lose anytime by taking the same line as Asvord.


          This was the first real test for all our dragons flying abilities.


          Asvord used a more direct line on the course while I set up Fredrick on the turns so we could be quicker out of them, gaining more time.


          I noticed as I was gaining on Asvord and passed her on the outside turn back to the “Donut Hole,” but she had the inside line and regained the lead.


          I really felt the wind and ocean mist on the final lap, because the speeds we were traveling at were very high.


          I noticed I was gaining ground on Asvord by staying behind Spiker in the straight-aways.  Not sure exactly why, but I was actually flying faster because of that.  This time I nudged Fredrick to bank the turns more and found even more speed.  I was able to get right behind Spiker.  She instinctively blocked my inside passing try over the Academy.  After dodging a few large trees, I initiated the outside pass from the previous lap, but started it sooner.  Asvord nudged Spiker to block, but I cut left instead and edged out them for the win by half a nadder tail.


          “Yeah!  That’s how it is done!” I cheered.


          “But you had to fake me out to win,” voiced Asvord when we met back at Elsa.  “But good, close race though."


          “Definitely,” I agreed.  “You had me on the ropes there for a while until I figured out a way to pass you two.”


          “How’d you do it?” Asvord baited me into revealing be secret.


          I shook my head, “You are not going to get the answer that easy.”


          “I thought you might say that,” she stated as she got off Spiker and gave her some dragon nip from the saddlebag.


          “Asvord, you can probably figure out what I did the next time we ra-…”


          “Guys look!” interrupted Elsa, pointing back down towards Berk.


          “What?!” Asvord and I questioned.


          I saw Hookfang flying in from the open sea and landing near the fire stacks in the middle of Berk.


          “So it’s Hookfang,” said Asvord getting back on Spiker.


          But then I recognized who was on Hookfang, “The rider on Hookfang isn’t Snotlout, look again.”


          “Is that… it can’t be!  Can it?” questioned Asvord who took that second look.


          I answered with, “The only viking I know that has three spikes on each shoulder pad is a viking by the name.. Alvin the Treacherous.”


          “And he has Snotlout over his left shoulder,” added Elsa.


          “We need to fly down and find out why Alvin would pull such a stupid act… Coming back to Berk,” asked Asvord with a puzzling look on her face.


          “Especially since his last visit proved not worthwhile by trying to bargain with Stoick,” I stated.  “Let’s go!”


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Very nice chapter Drums! Sorry I haven't been replying to much of your chapters. I like how your fan-fic's going so far. I can't wait for Chapter 38, I've grown so bored of not having anything to read anymore! Keep writing anyway, I hope to see your sequel


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That is okay.  I keep

That is okay.  I keep writing, just as long as people keep reading.

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