The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 3

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The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 3


          The next morning was the first cold day of the year and the second day of winter.  Gobber had gone to the village’s seamstress, my mother.


          “Good morning Svana,” greeted Gobber as he walked through the doorway of my two storied - littered with material - house with which I had to share a room with my sisters, Asvord and Elsa.  My mom’s job was one of several among the women of Berk.  She is a seamstress.  She sells what she makes to the village for a small profit; she also repaired clothes for whoever needed it.  She is excellent at making clothes and does wonders with wool.  Her specialties are clothes and blankets.


          “Svana I have a question for you,”


          “Gobber, are you here for more socks?” asked Svana in anticipation of his question.




          “You are going to buy all of my men’s socks, especially the left ones.  Why do you need so many left socks?  Is it because of the rumor that’s been going around you are misplacing your socks just to come and see me?”


          “Oh... ahem... ahh... umm... no.  No.  It... it is because of those pesky trolls keep stealing my left socks and those twins keep pranking me,”


          As I came in down stairs to greet Gobber, I said, “Are you sure it was actually a troll or the twins?”


          “I am sure of it.  I finally figured it out.  The twins saw the chance at playing a prank on me when my socks started to disappear.  They took other things in Berk to suggest they are not the ones taking my socks.  They are my number one suspects in my book,”


          “But Gobber you don’t have any proof,” my mother said to him as she got his socks and she put them in a box for him to carry home.  “Well, here you go Gobber,” she said as she gave the box to him.


          “Good day,” Gobber said as he walked out the door.  My mom replied to him, “Good day.”


          When Gobber had shut the door, my two sisters came downstairs.  Asvord came down first, and then followed by Elsa.  “Did Gobber come for more socks, Mother?”


          “Yes he did,” I answered her question.


          “Well thank you, mother.  Golly, your voice changed,” she replied sarcastically.


          I countered with, “Very funny,” and I added “Vordy” at the end.  I have called her that ever since I could remember; because you should get to pick on your older sibling, just a little.


          As it was morning my sisters and I needed to do a few things around the house before we could go around the village.  We all made our beds and swept the floors.  We then went down stairs to sweep those floors as well.  We all tidied up the downstairs room.  Elsa cleaned up around Mother’s working area, while Asvord and I picked up any loose material that was lying around and put them in a box near my mother’s desk where she keeps the extra material.


          After we were finished with all of that, my mother stood up and said, “I need to go into the marketplace and get a few things.  You children go out and get some fresh air.”


          “Alright Mother,” responded Asvord.


          We waved goodbye to our Mother as she went to the marketplace.  We decided to go to the Great Hall and see what is going on there.


          As my sisters and I started walking towards the Great Hall, we heard a cry for help.


          “Did you hear that Jarl?” Asvord asked.


          “Yes I did,”


          “Help!  Help!  I have been robbed!” came the shout of a woman viking.


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