The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 27

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The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 27


          Just then my grip slipped on a shelf I was leaning on and I knocked over the same buckets I almost knocked over before.




          “What was that?” DB question.


          “I don’t know,” said traitor Vemund, “Let’s find out.”


          I thought to myself, “Oh man!  They is gonna find me.  What am I going to do?!”


          I didn’t know what to do, I tried thinking of an idea but it was too late because it was too late.  They were already opening the door!  So I hid behind the door.


          “Vemund!  Vemund Steinson!” a man yelled as I heard him enter the hallway.


          “What is it?” he answered as the door was cracked open.


          “Dragon riders, on the North side of the island!” the man answered.


          After the man said that, all three of them started to walk quickly away from my closet.  I breathed a small sigh of relief.


          “Probably Jarl and his friends, set the island on full alert,” Vemund ordered.  “If anyone sees a viking that is not suppose to be here, take ‘em!”


          I saw DB stop in his tracks.


          “Oh oh oh, I didn’t mean you DB!  I meant.. well.. um.. other…. vikings…… that are…. um.. not you..” Vemund stuttered.


          “Bah!” DB answered as he shoved Steinson aside.  “If you don’t that Grapple Grounder in one hand and that egg in the other, you’re going to get you know what where,” DB stormed out of there.  I got the feeling he didn’t like other vikings beside the ones he worked with to see him.


          After DB had left, Vemund held his chest and looked scared.


          There was a pause.


          “Are you okay Vemund?” the other man asked that was still there.


          As if Steinson was “in the clouds”, what the man said brought him back to ground level.


          “If those riders are Jarl and his friends, do not let them escape,” he ordered as he started to run out of the hallway.  “And especially, don’t let them get to his other friends that we are holding!  Double the guards; triple the guards if you have to!”


          “Yes sir!” the other man saluted.


          With that I was left alone in the hallway.  “Man I hope those riders aren’t my friends.  But if they aren’t, who are they then?” I asked myself.


          As I myself started to run out of the hallway and checking to make sure no one saw me as I left the hallway, I decided my plan for rescuing my friends would have to be sped up.


          Just before I got to Explod and Elsa, I was thinking, “Why did DB say, ‘…and the egg in the other…’?”


          “I was getting worried about you brother,” Elsa said as she hugged me.


          “I was too,” I said.  “Elsa and Explod, I need the both of you to go round up our other riders.  I found where are friends are being held.  They’re in Alvin’s training ring in one of the cages.”


          I noticed it had gotten dark sooner than I had hoped.


          “Wha-?” Elsa started to say, but I interrupted her.


          “No time to explain; just go round them up…” I looked up at the sky, storm clouds were rolling in and making the sky get dark quicker.  “On second thought we will meet our friends back at our meeting spot.  Did you tell Asvord about our secret signal, Elsa?”




          “Okay, you two go on I’ll be right behind you to make sure no one follows you.”


          “Roger,” Explod said.


          A minute or two after they left, I got on Fredrick and waited for something.  Since storm clouds were rolling in, I was waiting for… wait for it….


          Lightning just then struck nearby.


          …. the lightning strike.


          When the thunder started to come I told and signaled Fredrick to fire a blast into the sky.  Taught both my sisters to distinguish a thunderdrum’s blast and actual thunder apart, this blast was our signal; if you had not guessed that already.


          By the time I had caught back up to Explod and Elsa, I was too late.  The extra guards that were sent out by Steinson had trapped Explod and Elsa.  I also then noticed that their dragons were both frozen.  I guess whoever had the Flightmare used it to capture my sister and Explod.


          “I should have never left them,” I said under my breath.


          “Well that should do it, the others by now should have captured them with that Flightmare stuff,” one of the guards said.


          I thought, “Flightmare stuff?  What is that?”


          I stopped and hid in the shadows before the guards saw me.  When I did that I just then noticed the guards that were there were both Outcast and Berserker and another kind I had not seen before.  The odd guards were all wearing a weird pointy helmet.


          Anyway, I thought “What am I going to do?  The way they are talking they have captured all of my friends,” a tear started to roll down my check.


          “No!” I said again under my breath, wiping away the tear.  “Wait, I got an idea.  It’s crazy, but it might work.”


          I saw that they were in no hurry to get back to the ring, so I got on Fredrick and flew back to the ring.


          When I got there, no guards could be seen anywhere, but I could hear them coming.  I guess they were all out looking for the dragon riders.


          I knew I had to work fast, so I reached into my saddlebag and long rope and tied it to one of my bolas I had on my belt.  I went to the edge of the ring.  Since I was on top, I would have to lower myself down.  I wrapped the bola with the rope around one of the metal beams that was a part of the caging for the ring. I then threw the rope into the ring and used the rope to help climb down the side of the wall.


          When I got to the bottom I found myself standing in front of the cage that had my first group of friends that were being held.


          “Jarl?!” asked Thor.


          “Jarl?” asked Ashley as well.  “Is Hattori alright?”


          “He is okay,” I said as I slipped through the cage bars and ran to the extra hand socket-handcuffs that were near Ashley.  I saw that all of my friends’ hands were in these cuffs and their hands were behind their back.  Though that was the only thing that bound them, they were free to roam the cage.  I was thinking sarcastically, “That was nice of them to do that.  Not.”


          Ashley then said, “You said, ‘Okay’.  What does that mean?  Oh no is he hurt?!”


          “He is fine.  Don’t have much time to explain, but you’ll need to trust me on this one,” I said as I messed with the extra cuffs.


          “Why?” Thor laughed.  “You gonna leave us here?”


          “Exactly,” I said as I patted twice him on the back.


          “What?!” Tory exclaimed.


          “Like I said,” I told her as I heard a crowd coming from the upper level of the ring.  I ran back to my rope and said, “Trust me!”


          I saw that the crowd was coming opposite me, which was good.  It being dark helped me climb back up my rope without being seen, or not because there was a guard waiting for me when I got back to the top.


          “Oh hi,” I said very startled and also waved to him, because you got to be polite.  I mean we are vikings right?  “Is this where those wonderful yak-ribs and burly cags are severed, I heard from a friend that they were really, really good.”


          Another man that was next to him replied, “Oh do you mean Buffnut?”


          “Yeah… yeah I do, I do….” I said clapping my hands.


          Awkward silence.


          “So…… what… happens next?” I stuttered.


          “You join your friends a man said behind me.”


          “What in the name of-” I was cut short because I was caught off guard and also something hit on the back of my head.


          Here we go again.


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Please leave comments.  I love reading them.