The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 19

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The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 19


          I wanted to jump to the conclusion that this was the dragon that Steinson saw, but I had no evidence which would support such a claim. 


          “I need to go now,” Faith said.  “I need to return home and help my mother with some chores.  You guys can take Fire.”


          “Okay,” I replied.  “Nice to meet you, Faith.”

          Repteil and I waved to Faith as she walked a short distance to reach the village.  I continued to observe the dragon as I rubbed my hand on the dragon’s head.  He acted kinda like Adam’s cat Pebbles, always wanting you to rub him.  If you stopped petting him, he would rub his head on your hand if you stuck it out.


          “Well,” I said.  “I need to my thunderdrum to Gobber and Hiccup to see if he needs any medical attention.”


          “Oh,” said Repteil, startled.  “I didn’t see the thunderdrum there.  He blended in so well with the grass.”  I turned around to see my thunderdrum curled up sleeping.  I just noticed too that my thunderdrum was well camouflage with the surrounding area.


          I chuckled then said, “Hmm.  I think we should take this red dragon to show Hiccup because I think He would interested in see this new type of dragon.”


          “Okay,” answered Repteil.


          I walked over to my thunderdrum and said nicely, “Wake up.”


          He woke up as if he never dosed off.  He followed the two of us into the Berk village.  We did not have to walk long to reach the Gobber’s shop.  It just so happens that Hiccup was there too, Along with Astrid, Stormfly, and Toothless.


          “Hey Hiccup, look what I drug home,” I greeted.


          Hiccup turned around and said in amazement, “Wow!  A thunderdrum?  So I guess if we send you off hunting for clues and meat, you come back with a dragon.”


          “I don’t just have one dragon,” I said revealing the new dragon.  “I have two.  Hiccup, Astrid, Gobber: Meet Fire.  Fire, meet everybody.”


          Repteil let Fire down, because she was carrying him.


          “What is that?” Hiccup asked.


          “A new dragon,” Astrid said with excitement.


          “Well I know it is a new dragon, Astrid,” said Hiccup.


          Fire had gone to everybody wanting them to pet him.  He also went to Stormfly and Toothless.  Stormfly thought Fire was very interesting and watched how he moved.  Every time Fire would walk, his thin body would move up and down.  He looked like a spring.  Also, every time Fire stopped, his body would stop moving too.


          When Fire had gone over to Toothless, Toothless was not too sure of Fire.  He kept rumbling that he did not want Fire around.


          “Toothless.  It is alright,” assured Hiccup.  “It looks like Fire wants to be a friend.  We should offer to be his friends too.”


          But Toothless would step back every time Fire would step forward to him.   The two of them did this a few times until Fire finally gave up, snorted, and walked back to Repteil.


          “Now Toothless, let’s not start the whole ‘Torch’ debacle again,” said Hiccup.


          “I found something else while I was out there…,” I said as I took off my pack.  I set it down on the ground, uncovered it, and took out Astrid’s Axe.


          “My Axe!” exclaimed Astrid.  She grabbed the axe from my grasp and twirled around with it couple times and then started to swing the axe.  She acted as if she never had a axe before.  I leaned up against a post and just smiled and shook my head.  Hiccup shook his head too.


          “Oh I missed you so much,” said Astrid.  She then wound up and threw the axe.  It missed my head by about five inches.


          “You missed me, but not ‘by’ much,” I tried to chuckle, but it did not work.


          “Oh you are fine,” Astrid answered as she came over and took her axe.  “No blood was drawn; then you’re fine.  Well I off to go get reacquainted with my axe.  Come on Stormfly.” Stormfly followed as Astrid ran off towards the forest mumbling about how she is going to get the person that had the nerve to steal her axe.


          “Well,” I said.  “Back to the main reason I came here for.  I wanted you and Gobber to check my thunderdrum over.  I noticed he had some bumps and scratches; I want to make sure he is alright.”


          “Sure,” replied Gobber.


          Gobber went back and motioned for my thunderdrum to follow.


          “I finally found a dragon I like,” I said.


          “That is great,” Hiccup said.  “Could I look at Fire here closer?”


          “Yeah,” said Repteil.


          Hiccup took several minutes to look him over.


          “Fire is a mighty interesting character,” Hiccup said when he was finished.  “I have never seen a dragon like him.”

          “I have to go home now,” stated Repteil.  “It is almost time for lunch.  Can I take Fire home?”


          I answered, “I think you should because you were one of the ones that found it.  I don’t mind you taking it home; and Faith said we could take Fire.”


          “Thanks,” said Repteil as she ran home while Fire ran after her.


          Gobber came back said that my thunderdrum was in a great state of health.  Gobber also stated that the bumps and scratches had scared over; meaning, that these wounds had happened a very long time ago.  I thanked Gobber as Hiccup said he was going to go.  I decided to go with Hiccup.  I told Gobber before we left that my pack had a few items from the robberies and that he should notify Stoick about the found items that were stolen.


          My thunderdrum and Toothless were behind Hiccup and I as we started to walk toward my house.  The two dragons seemed to be having a conversation.  I decided to start my own.  I recounted what transpired on the hunting/tracking trip.  I told him the following: my friends and I lost the robber’s tracks at a small stream, how we split up to go looking for the place where the robber’s might reappear, also told about the near encounter with the suspected man who might have been the robber, also how the man was Riding a Whispering Death, how I met my thunderdrum, and finally when I saw the new dragon.


          “I guess villagers weren’t the only ones that had a busy couple of days,” said Hiccup.


          Hiccup told me that there were two robberies right after I left and three more this morning.


          “My dad wants the top priority to be the apprehension of the culprit.  He doesn’t care how long it takes,” Hiccup continued.  “The village is getting very restless and there has been talk that the thief is one of our own.”


          “Who would it be if the person is from Berk?” I asked.


          “I think I should tell you this but the first two robberies the other day, there were two witnesses that saw Adam going in and coming out of the two houses that were robbed.  But when…,”


          “Adam?” I interrupted.


          “I am afraid so.  Most of the clan elders think that Adam is to blame, because he is the only new person that has come to this island.  It doesn’t help that the witnesses saw Adam take out a package from each house.  Shortly thereafter, the owners of the house came and told me that their house had bed burglarized.  I haven’t confronted Adam yet with this accusation.  In fact he was left right after he got the packages.  I saw him go into the forest.”


          There was a long pause before I said as we arrived in front of my house, “I have been thinking.  Maybe we should set a trap for the thief.  This way we can catch him in the act.  Spread this story around the village that I have some valuable swords in my house.”


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Nice chapter Drums! I'm guessing what breed Fire is (not telling cause I hate being wrong). 


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You will find out the breed

You will find out the breed soon.

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- Subject -

This chapter ended so quick!! D: I want more!! XD

anyway, nice chapter once again drums! :)

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There will be more coming in

There will be more coming in the next few days.  The next few chapters are going to very interesting, fast.

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Sadly this chapter went by

Sadly this chapter went by all too fast. XD

Very nice writing though. :)

I am really hanging out for the next chapter. :)


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For me typing, it did go by

For me typing, it did go by fast.  But this chapter does have over 1,300 words.  I try to average around a 1,000 words per chapter.

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Hmm... Interesting! :DI

Hmm... Interesting! :D

I wondered why chapters in books were about the same length as each other.

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I like that I can get away

I like that I can get away but make me more rebellious. Is my dragon coming soon? 


I want my weapon to be a sword.


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Yes, your dragon will be on

Yes, your dragon will be on soon.  I like to introduce a character then their dragon.


I will have your viking have a sword.

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Is your viking skilled with a

Is your viking skilled with a sword?  Also, is your viking athletic, agile?