The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 10

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I am sorry I have not posted a chapter in a couple of weeks, but I have been very busy at a basketball tournament.  I had hardly any free time to myself to write in my book.  However, I will try to at least post one chapter a week from now on.  Things for me will get back to normal in a few days.


Please comment what you think of significance Adam's roll will play in my story.



The Clue of the Missing Socks.



Chapter 10


          Adam and I had sailed for two days when both of us noticed a storm brewing on the horizon.


          “That looks like trouble, Jarl.  There is no way to get around that storm.  All we can do now is to secure all of my supplies on board and then take cover.”


          “Take cover where?  Under the ship?" I asked puzzled.


          “Yes, sort of.”


          Adam then lifted a door from the bottom of the deck.


          “We can hide in here until the storm blows over.”


          As soon as we had secured all the supplies and took down the sail, the rain had started to fall.  I helped Adam take the sail down into the lower deck.  Just as Adam was about ready to shut the latch where we entered, Pebbles jumped in.


          “I guess Pebbles wanted to join us,” Adam said sarcastically.  But I knew he knew that we have a tough night ahead of us.  When I saw the first lightning strike, the sun had already set.


          Both of us were very surprised that the storm that night didn’t pack more of a punch.  There were only a very few lightning strikes, no ship-toppling waves, and the wind was not very strong.  It did gust several times during the night though.



          I woke up to find Pebbles in front of my face again.  But this time I did not flinch.  Pebbles just meowed and batted at my head as if to make me get up.


          “What’s wrong big guy?” I asked.  I sat up and he got on my lap and continued to bat at me.  “What do you want, Pebbles?”


          “I think he wants you to help me find a way out,”


          “What happened to the door?  Won’t it open?” I replied.


          “No, I think one of the bigger gusts of wind knocked over the mast.  The mast is probably laying on the latch here,” responded Adam.  I have been trying for the past five minutes to get it to open; but to no avail.”


          I asked, “Why don’t we see if we can tell where we are right now?”


          “Good idea, Jarl.”


          I looked out the left side of the boat while Adam looked out the right side of the book.  The windows were located close to the deck of the ship so both of us found some old crates to stand on to look those windows.


          “Dragon!” Adam exclaimed.  “Get down, it is a Night Fury!”


          Adam went for his crossbow when I said, “Stop!  Don’t shoot at it!


          “Jarl, you should know what those things do.”


          “Well for one thing, most people don’t even know what they look like.  Let alone what they actually do.  Trust me on this one.”


          Adam nodded.


          I knew that the black blur was Toothless and Hiccup, but I had to get their attention somehow.  I also knew I needed to move quickly because they were flying away from the location our ship.  Adam had several shields along the side of his ship which I found one that was overlaid with silver.


          “Adam, do you have a tool of some sort to get that shield with the two red stripes up from the side of the ship?”




          “Then go get it please.”


          Toothless and Hiccup were almost over us and I had very little time to rig the contraption need to signal them.  I found the crude supplies ready when Adam came with the shield.  I picked up a long board and slid it through the handle of the shield.  On the other end of that board it had a block of wood that would keep the shield from falling off.  Then, I tied a sand bag to the board to keep it from falling out the window.  After I had done all that, I had a very small window of opportunity to signal them.


          I kept waving the shield back and forth.  After five minutes I could not see them, but I knew Toothless would see us.


          “I don’t want to give up yet, Jarl, but I don’t see why you want to signal a uh…,”


          “A Night Fury? You will see.” I said.


          I figured after another five minutes I would start again signaling.  When I started again I heard the familiar sound that Toothless makes when he dives down.


          “Here comes the Night Fury! Get down!” yelled Adam.


          Though I was not fully sure it was Toothless, I knew it had to be Toothless because he would be the only dragon to notice my signal which would mean somebody was in trouble.


          Adam saw the dragon and his jaw just dropped.


          I announced, “Boy, am I glad to see you.”


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