The Clue of the Missing Socks - 18

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There was a slight delay in posting this chapter, but here it is.

This chapter is my longes chapter (over 2,000 words).  I didn't know where to cut it into two chapters, so I left it one long chapter.


The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 18


          Since the three of us were stunned by what we saw, we didn’t say a word until another Gronckle shot was heard.


         “I.. guess.. we.. should go check what the shot was for,” I said slowly as Hat turned his dragon around.  I kept watching the man fly away on the Whispering Death until he was out of view.


          We flew to where the Gronckle blast came from and found the rest of our group was there.


          “What did you find?” Ashley said as she jumped off her dragon after we had landed.


          “You will never guess,” Meen replied.


          I answered, “You found some of the stolen items from the robberies around Berk.”


          Meen made a face at me.  “How can I help it if a wild guess came true or not,” I said.


          I saw that a little of what was stolen from around Berk was there, but there were still a lot missing.  Among the items there was Astrid’s axe and Steinson’s axe.  Several other items such as books, shields, scrap metal, and other tools.  Oh, and there were a ton of left socks.


          “So this is where all the socks in Berk have gone,” Thor said.  “My mother will be glad to get my socks back.  But the thing is, how can we tell whose socks are whose?”


          “I don’t know but we better get this stuff to some shelter because another storm is brewing,”


          “How can you tell?” asked Tory.


          “By the clouds,” I answered.  “I saw Cirro-stratus clouds yesterday, and this morning I saw Alto-Cumulus clouds.  The first batch of clouds indicated that there would be a change in the weather in about a day.  Those Alto-Cumulus clouds tell me there should be a thunderstorm coming pretty soon now.”


          “I think I see it now,” said Cullan as he pointed to some ominous looking cumulonimbus clouds.


          “I saw a cave, that is big enough for our dragons, while we were coming to your position when we heard your shot, Thor,” said Pat.


          “Good we will need to get this stuff there quick,” I said as I started to pick up some of the items.  “The storm should be here within the hour, by the looks of it.”


          “Okay, well let’s hop to,” replied Meen.


          Pat said that the cave was only a few minutes from us by flying, so that would mean about five or so minutes of walking.  I picked up several items I thought I could carry, so did the others.  They got on their dragons and followed Thor to the cave.  Since I was carrying several more items than the dragon riders, I walked to the cave.


          We had to make two trips.  This made me realize that these items should be the majority of the items around Berk that were stolen.  When I was walking back from the first trip, I noticed the storm had quickly moved from the last time I saw it.  I walked back to the cave with my load the second time, though it was not as much as the first trip.


          I was the last one to get to the cave and told Hattori and Ashley to gather some fire wood, because we will be in this cave over night.  I also figured because the clouds were high and towering, there should be a cold front in front of it bringing colder temperatures.  However, the temperatures should be severely colder, because it is cool right now.


          As I waited outside the cave for Hat and Ash to get back with the firewood, I observed the storm’s lightning strikes.  They were cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, so I knew there were electric charges in the clouds and on surface of the sea.  Of what I just said, you can probably gather I have a very good knowledge of weather.  I enjoy observing the weather and watching the patterns it makes, so I can accurately predict what the weather should be.


          Hat and Ash got back just in time to hear me say, “I guys got back just in time, because the rain should start pouring any minute.”


          And it did.  As soon as the two of them had gotten inside the cave entrance, it started to pour.


          As the three of us walked into the cave, I carried Ashley’s firewood for her.


          “Thank you, Jarl,” thanked Ashley.


          Hattori then said, “I would have done the same thing Jarl, but as you can see I have my own load to carry.”


          We joined the others at a spot that Cullan had picked out.  He said this should be a good spot because there is a natural ventilation shaft outlet over head.  This will make the smoke from the fire be taken out of the cave so we it does not stay in the cave.


          “So did you guys find anything?” I asked as I laid some of the firewood beneath the ventilation shaft.


          “We picked up the tracks of the man we were following,” said Tory.  “And we followed them as they turned back in the direction of Berk.”


          “Strange, the man should do that,” said Thor.


          “That is when we heard Meteorblast’s shot,” added Cullan.


          I finally realized something by asking, “Where’s Adam?”


          “Oh,” said Pat.  “Shortly after we started off from where split up into groups, Adam stepped in some type of hole.  He said he twisted his ankle and thought he should head back to Berk.”


          “I thought it was strange,” added Cullan. “He wanted to go all the way back to Berk.”


          “He said he didn’t’ want to be a nuisance, so he left and went back to Berk,” finished Pat.


          “Are you sure he was alright?” I asked.


          “Yeah,” said Pat.  “I examined the ankle.  Look as if he lightly twisted it.”


          Just then there was a loud clap of thunder from a lightning strike.  We all felt the cave shake as if a cave-in were imminent.  But as suddenly as it started, it stopped.  We all sighed in relief.


          “That was close,” said Nav.


          I heard my stomach growl at me, telling I should get the food out of my pack and start handing it out.  I had some smoked meat we could roast over the fire.  I also had some fruit we could snack on while the meat was cooking.


          “Oh by the way; Hat, Ash, and I saw a man riding a Whispering Death,” I said abruptly as we were roasting our meat.


          Most of them said, “What?!” or gasped.  I recounted what had transpired while Hat, Ash, and I were away from the group.  They all were stunned by a man riding a Whispering Death.  We all kept mulling that over while the meat cooked.


          I asked Hat a question, “You told me earlier you were going to tell me later why Jack declined to go with us.”


          “Oh yeah,” said Hat.  “He said he had an important lead to follow up that he had found.  He said it might have a big bearing on the robberies but it might turn out to be nothing.  Either way he said he had to stay in Berk to follow up on it.”


          “Okay,” I replied.


          After we had nearly finished our meal, I got up and said, “Okay, anyone want to hear scary story?”


          “Sure,” said Cullan.  “What is it this time, the attack of the random clean Outcast?”


          Everyone laughed.


          “Close,” I said.


          I started to talk in random circles, about some random Outcast on some random island, talking with some other random Outcast, talking about some random topic.  Can you see where I am going with this?


          “As the two were talking,” I said with a low mysterious voice.  “Out from the depth of the ocean sprang a random giant sea monster!  Let see if I can get my best monster expression.”


          Everybody kept shaking their heads, but as long as they kept laughing I didn’t really care if I looked weird or not.


          “Okay here we go,” I said as I revealed my “scary” look.  It was more funny than “scary” though.


          Everyone gasped and stopped smiling.  “Ha hah!  I have finally scared you guys,” I said with an important voice.  I began to open my mouth to go, “Rroagha!”, but something beat me too it by going, “Roarrrrr!”


          I slowly turned around to find a green thunderdrum slowly walking toward me.  My first reaction was to be scared or terrified, but something made me relax.  I think it was because the dragon didn’t seem care if we were there to “hurt it”.  But I knelt down and asked it what was wrong.  The thunderdrum turned to show me he had a broken spine tip and what looked like several bumps and scratches.


          I spent the rest of the night nursing the thunderdrum’s bumps and scratches.  When the others tried to get close to me and the drum, he would start to growl.  This made me the only one to get near him.


          The next morning I found myself lying next to the thunderdrum.  He must not have moved all last night because the last thing I remember was treating his broken spine tip.  I got up and decided to go outside and check what had happened over night.


          As I was walking to the entrance of the cave when I noticed the thunderdrum was following me.  I thought that was kind of neat.  When I had neared the entrance, I could see immediately the damage of the storm last night.  Several trees were knocked down, the ground was soaked, and the one lightning strike that shook the cave must have knocked some large rocks in front of the cave, because there they stood.


          I went back and told everybody what I had saw, and I also said that we will need some of the dragons to make a path for us to get out of this cave.  They accomplished this in a matter of minutes.  With the large rocks out of the way, I told the guys that I would like to go back to Berk and make sure with Gobber and Hiccup that this thunderdrum doesn’t have any other apparent injuries.  They all said that would be fine.  I knew the rest of my friends could catch some of the hogs because Hattori had packed some traps.


          Before I left, I strapped some of the items from the robberies to my pack and started off for towards Berk.  I made sure to leave the rest of the food for my friends, in-case they need to stay past afternoon which I didn’t see them doing that.  All they could really do is set the traps, wait and see if any hog will come then they could catch them.  But they don’t usually come out until late in the evening, so my friends could actually come back to Berk once they have set all the traps.



          As I was almost back to Berk, I saw two girls playing with some strange red object.  I couldn’t tell what the object was exactly, but as soon as I got closer I could discern that it was a small dragon, a baby dragon to be exact.


          When I had almost reached them, the two girls saw me and came to greet me.


          “Hi,” they both said.


          “Hello.  What is your name?” I asked.


          The blonde haired one answered first, “My name is Repteil.”


          “And my name is Faith,” said the other girl.


          "What is your name?" asked Repteil.


          "My name is Jarl Moller," I replied.


          "Oh, you mom does a lot of the village's sewing and stuff.  Am I correct?" Faith stated


          “Yes your are.  What do you have there,” I questioned as I pointed to the small red dragon that Repteil was holding.


          “I am not sure,” replied Repteil.


          “We saw it lying next to the road here when we came by,” said Faith.


          “It sure looks like a loveable dragon,” I said as the dragon started to rub his head under my hand which I held out.


          “Yeah.  We named him Fire,” said Faith.  “We have played with him since we found him.”


          “Fire can do tricks too.  Watch,” Repteil said as she threw a stick.  Fire started after it.


          When Fire was walking back with the stick, I observed the dragon.  I noticed its features.  He had a very skinny body, almost snake-like.  He had a pair of very small wings, which to me didn’t look like he used them all that much.  He had four short legs.  Now the head resembled a Terrible Terror, but he had more bulging scales around his mouth and eyes.  I kept looking at the eyes, when I remembered what Vemund Steinson had said.  The dragon he saw on the shoulder of the robber had yellow eyes.  This dragon had yellow eyes.


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That was awesome typing, you are really talented. 

Thanks for making me in this chapter.


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Thing is about my writing style...

And the thing is, I have never taken a "writing" class.  I just use what I have learned in school in Grammar.  I just type what I would think would happen if my story were a TV show or movie.  I imagine the scene in my head, think about the characters, then type it in to my book via either narration or dialouge.  I try to layout each chapter kinda like the chapters from the old Hardy Boys Mysteries Stories.

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Can't wait for the next chapter! Oh and don't forget our dragons! Spined doesn't wanna be left behind! (Juz kidding i don't care about her)


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Very nice story telling!I

Very nice story telling!

I look foward to finding out what happens next. :)


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I kinda have a feeling that I know who is that WD rider XD. Anyway, awesome chapter once again! :)