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Are there any clubs in the School of Dragons game that active peps like me can be in? Just asking cuz it can be quite boring as a loner ;P

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Clans clans clans

If you mean clans, then BlueMarvelDragon just opened up a new one and is asking for players here. Clans can add a lot of fun to the game! I'm still a loner myself though, since the clan I am in is completely inactive.


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I am already in a clan. I am referring to clubs as in the Speed Stinger Club (see Barracks forum). Are there other clubs like that?

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There may be other clubs like that one you can join, I'm not sure. You would probably have to do a forum search to see if there are any in game clubs that are still active or hope someone responds with one you can join on this thread. There's no way to search clubs like that in game like the way you can search clans. Clubs like The Speed Stinger Club are just things people come up with in game.


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