Cloudjumper is... an absolute unit?

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hey all,


so uh, has anyone else realised that cloudjumper is absolutely massive? here's a pic of him next to my Stormcutter in neo Berki can't afford to make him a titan wing but, he's bigger then that too, right??
i.. is this a bug? has anyone else noticed this? is he actually a titan wing on sod and im just dumb?

WHATEVER it is, i hope it stays! he's very handsome.


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double post-ers, beware!

ignore the terrible quality and the double post but,

this is him next to my titan wing goregutter. 


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they didnt want to risk

they didnt want to risk decreasing any of his Chad Dad energy


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Stormy fetch the subject!

Cloudjumper is actually the correct size. The stormcutters we have in game are smaller than a stormcutter is supposed to be. 


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well, I always knew he was big but I thought atleast all Stormcutters would be his size...

just make him a titan wing, dreamworks!! we need a titan wing mc!!

is it a ''clifford the big red dog" situation??? or it makes me think he's like, more then a thousand years old cause like. stereotypically dragons live thousands of years but i dunno i guess! he's lorge and i love him

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I don't think it's a bug. I think it's to show that Cloudjumper is just a larger stormcutter than the others. Masybe it's to make people stop complaining about their own stormcutters' size.


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