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The first week when they tell you to do battle to earn a spot in the top 8. Don't bother. They hand pick who they want. The first 8 they listed the other week was no mistake. It's who they wanted to be in the clash. Than when we called them out they panicked and choose a different group. 


Secondly , the clash is nothing but tons of players battling themselves in fireball. Example , pony leader of the Russian clan. 


Than there is the dark lords a known hacker clan that has been hacking a long time. Admins , have been messaged many times about them. By many players. But, do nothing and in fact let them in a tournament.


Last year atleast seemed to make sense. Those of us that track trophy earning can tell you some of the top 8 were wrong. Swift racers had a better average than dragon racers first week. But, admins did not check actually the numbers . They only looked within top 20 clans. They looked at Fikang racers to only since the leader mentioned there hard work. 


Today, I happily say i am done with this game. Admins attack the players that used a glitch in there program for gems. But, the real hackers run free doing anything they want. 


As I write  this I am sure sod has already picked there winner for this year. They don't know how to actually check earnings. They don't look at the game. They don't even know who the clans are for the most part on top 100.





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If I am wrong sod prove it. Post the numbers for the first week. Show us the trophies earned and the average. Bet, you can't do it. Show us top 100 clans.

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The burden of proof is on you.



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The first couple of

The first couple of tournaments, they did show what clans scored. March 2015 I think was the first they did not.


GIF Created by Nessie




The Dragon Racers: Recruitment



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I want to see how this turns out.


Popcorn anyone?


the walking dead michael jackson thriller noah tyler james williams


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tumblr httyd how to train your dragon toothless hiccup



i must go my people need me httyd toothless hiccup httyd2



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Watashi No Tomodachi

Oooooh! What do we have here? *sits next to Tibbles*




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*hands over popcorn*


Want some?

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Watashi No Tomodachi

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Here ya go!



Image result for Popcorn

*Pulls over another couch*

Anyone else?

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In da theatre like..

I'm in! I brought my own popcorn. It's scrumptious, the microwave is over thare if anyone wants some like this.


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^By TosiLohi^



Age: 16

Gender: Feminine

Rank: Dragon Trainer

Personality: Timid, intentionally lonely

Dragon partner(s): Flier, Murrdaih, Jet

Clan: Guardians of Pure Hearts





Age: 15

Gender: Feminine

Species: Night Fury

Personality: Adventurous, docile

Human partner: None


^By Fury-Fan^



Age: 23

Gender: Feminine

Personality: Aggressive, loyal

Species: ???

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Askar gif done by Olizozoli



Askar by NeverendingSilverstorm



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Bristle pixels done by Lululu6161



Askar pixels done by Galactic-Fire



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HTTYD Universe (c) Cressida Cowell, Dreamworks

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To this day

Written by Shane Koyczan


I'm not the only kid who grew up this way

Surrounded by people who used to say that rhyme, about sticks and stones

As if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called and we got called them all

So we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us

That we'd be lonely, forever...

That we'd never meet someone to make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their tool shed So broken heart strings bled the blues As we tried to empty ourselves so we would feel nothing.

Don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone.

That an ingrown life is something surgeons can cut away

That there's no way for it to metastasize It does


She was eight years old

Our first day of grade three when she got called ugly

We both got moved to the back of the class so we would stop getting bombarded by spit balls

But the school halls were a battleground we found ourselves outnumbered day after day

We used to stay inside for recess Because outside was worse

Outside we'd have to rehearse running away or learn to stay still like statues giving no clues that we were there In grade five they taped a sign to the front of her desk that read "Beware Of Dog"

To this day despite a loving husband, she doesn't think she's beautiful

Because of a birthmark that takes up a little less than half of her face...

Kids used to say she looks like a wrong answer that someone tried to erase but couldn't quite get the job done And they'll never understand that she's raising two kids whose definition of beauty begins with the word mom! Because they see her heart before they see her skin, because she's only ever always been amazing!



...was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree...


But not because his parents opted for a different destiny...

He was three when he became a mixed drink of one part left alone, and two parts tragedy

Started therapy in 8th grade

Had a personality made up of tests and pills

Lived like the uphills were mountains and the downhills were cliffs

Four fifths suicidal a tidal wave of anti depressants depressants and an adolescence of being called popper

One part because of the pills, ninety nine parts because of the cruelty.

He tried to kill himself in grade ten when a kid who could still go home to mom and dad had the audacity to tell him "Get over it."

As if depression is something that can be remedied by any of the contents found in a first aid kit.

To this day he is a stick of TNT lift from both ends.

Could describe you in detail the way the sky bends in the moments before it's about to fall

And despite an army of friends who all call him an inspiration

He remains a conversation piece between people who can't understand that sometimes, becoming drug free Has less to do with addiction and more to do with sanity!


We weren't the only kids who grew up this way...

To this day kids are still being called names.

The classics were "Hey stupid" "Hey spaz"

Seems like every school has an arsenal of names getting updated every year

And if a kid breaks in a school and no one around chooses to hear do they make a sound?

Are they just the background noise Of a soundtrack stuck on repeat When people say things like

Kids can be cruel?

Every school was a big top circus tent

And the pecking order went from acrobats to lion tamers from clowns to carnies

All of these were miles ahead of who we were we were freaks..

Lobster claw boys and bearded ladies




And loneliness

Playing solitaire, spin the bottle,

Trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal

But at night! While the others slept, we kept walking the tightrope

It was practice and yes some of us fell

But I wanna tell them that all of this,

Is just debris...

Leftover when we finally decide to smash all the things we thought we used to be

And if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror!

Look a little closer!


Because there's something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.

You built a cast around your broken heart and signed it yourself, you signed it



Because maybe you didn't belong to a group or a cliche

Maybe they decided to pick you last for basketball or everything

Maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth to show and tell but never told

Because how can you hold your ground if everyone around you wants to better you beneath it



They have to be wrong...

Why else would we still be here?

We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog because we see ourselves in them

We stem from a root planted in the belief that we are not what we were called

We are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on some highway

And if in some way we are don't worry

We only got out to walk and get gas

We are graduating members from the class of we made it

Not the faded echoes of voices crying out names will never hurt me

Of course... They did...

But our lives will only ever always continue to be a balancing act that has less to do with pain

And more to do with beauty...







Dividers by soluxevitaeli

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im in! hows it going?  ~grabs

im in! hows it going?  ~grabs a handful of popcorn stuffing into my mouth~  yummmy...  ok who made the popcorn?  good job!  drinks anyone?  i brought the store LOL

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one for me, please  xD




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Me too, please! :D

Me too, please! :D


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Until you're gone

- Shelter 

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There ya go!

Image result for Popcorn

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rats, this isnt working!


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(just going to put this here...) The Clash of Clans results for this tournament before they changed it to what it is now.




Swift For Life 3/24/2015-Present

Swifties Swifties Oi Oi Oi!

Viking created Oct 11, 2014 at around 6:40pm PST

Made first friend on Jan 16, 2015 at 5:27pm

Joined first clan on Jan 19, 2015

First time in Single Player ThunderRun Jan 31, 2015 at 11:28pm

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(Above banner made by me, crests used made by Maijic)

The right side clan crest art was made by carmine (SC banner above made by Silence!)

"Swift Chompions "We bite-alot"" -Moondragonfox

          SWIFT CHAMPIONS IS CURRENTLY RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!!!! We love to race and we strive to be one of the best clans in rank and loyalty. We are an active clan and are currently ranked 13. Loyalty within our family is very important. We talk to each other all the time though chatzy, discord, and pm. If you would like to join, apply by clicking here and filling out the form. If you have any questions, you can send me a PM here or contact me on Facebook. I am Tyra Penn on Facebook.


Clay Toothless made by me: SoD #FanartSaturday showcased 9/17/16

Youtube Video made by me: SoD #ShoutOutSunday showcased 2/19/17

Youtube Video made by me: SoD #ShoutOutSunday showcased 4/2/17

I gained a total of 17,040 trophies in the 2016 Clash of Clans Tournament O.O  (Banner below made by httyyd!)

Aithusa/me (drawn by MistyNight) Aithusa/me (drawn by Carmine) 


Master's 47 Commandments



  1. - Thou shalt not hate thy Master. Thou shalt also have a special name.

  2. -

  3. - Thou shalt maketh a song about thy commandments.

  4. - Thou shalt maketh a poem for thy Master, containing the spleling of her loyalist of servants.

  5. -

  6. -

  7. -Thou shalt weareth thy Master's ‘Master Musk’ scent

  8. -

  9. - All bleach must be holy bleach. All bleach must be prior blessed by a priest. It is decreed.

  10. -

  11. -

  12. -

  13. -Thou shalt call the color blue by thy true name of ble, for the Master sayeth it is so. One who refuses shalt be a fool.

  14. -

  15. -

  16. -

  17. -

  18. -

  19. - Note, thy Master does not condone nor accept bribes and/or threats. But things magic may happen if either one or the other is used.

  20. -

  21. -

  22. -

  23. -

  24. -

  25. -

  26. -

  27. -

  28. -Thou shalt always quest for the answers. Quessing

  29. -

  30. -

  31. -

  32. -

  33. -

  34. -

  35. -

  36. -

  37. -#catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate: When thou art late to a Master's party, it shalt be catastrophic and awkward.

  38. -When one shalt arrive #catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate, and find all party goers have become waiting ghosts, then thou shalt ascend to fairy-hood to bringeth thy swift ghosts back to thy living.

  39. - Thou must pass gas once in the presence of master, so she knoweth of thy presence

  40. - Master Chan is kawaii af

  41. - Thou shalt not be greedy while receiving highly demanded, not so demanded, gifts. Thou shalt also not be greedy in any other aspect of one's life. Tis unbecoming.

  42. - Only Master can assume (be it the assumption of genders)

  43. - Thou shalt give with abundance to those who are less fortunate AND more fortunate than thyself.

  44. -

  45. -

  46. -

  47. -

-Koda Penndragon-

-Terra-BABY FOX TALES-Spirit-

-Smaug-Luna-Tauriel-Legolas-Lyla-Earth-Merlin-Misty and Meadows-Hailstone-Aragog-Snow White-

-Zack-Loki-Jack Frost-Ralph-Lancelot-Gormogon-Kilgharrah-Temperance-Ichabod Crane-Bazynga-

-Katrina-LOTR-Howard-Nibbles-Forrest Gump-PitBull-Agni-Pitch-Lilith-Tiger-Freya-

-Hot Tamales-August Rush-Nick-Rhino-Arya-Tyrion-Margaery-Fumaca-

-Buddy-Grave Digger-Penny-Icicle-Loch Ness-Gecko-Drake

Oathkeeper-Seahawk-Nymeria-Razanur and Peregrin-


The above art/dragon species was created by me, his name is Swift and he is what I call an Asheous Mare (He is just a baby dragon). Asheous Mares are the mascot of Swift Champions.



(made by me)               (made by Victoriae350)               (made by me)

Art and Adoptables Made by themasterplan47!

Chrome, Mushu, and Darwin

Adoptables Made by MidnightMare!

Lycaon Pictus (origional creation) my adopted African Wild Dog Fury

P. T Leo, Alex, Rarity, and Terra

Art and Adoptables Made by DuskDaybreak!

Kilgherrah, Hugo, Angela and Araneae!

Sapphire, Twilight, Sunset, and Sapling

Art Made by TosiLohi!

Art and Adopts Made by Kimbenoso!

Caimen, Legolas, Swift, Gormogon

Other Art and Adoptables!


Cobblestone (made by Defy), Uther, and Kiwi (both made by chameishida)

This is Milky Way, Asteria, and Cosmos (all Galaxyfurys created by bubbles5498)

Timber (made by blockEdragon) Tony Stark and Black Widow (Both made by AniuRavenwolf)

Lycaon(made by Twistedclaw),Tauriel(made by Mariella), Sable(made by kelcyk123), Arya+Gormogon (made by snowflake12298)


Swift (made by TildenWolfGirl)  Sandies (made by Witcherforever)


Petrichor (made by Bavelly)

Toothless (first 2 made by NightmareRebuffLycaon and Swift! (second 2 made by carmine)


I Love My Babies

Cora (rip), Bella, Kisha (rip), Abby (rip), and Cuddles

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Stating Facts

Stating Facts:

Spirit of Valhall did not compete in the tournament this year with this clan, and got 6th place.

The Phantom Lords did not compete with this clan, but with their new tournament clan, yet it got 8th place.



Why were these clans put in the top 8 when they did not even compete or get many trophies?



Stating Facts:

In the new tournament top 8 listing, Dark Lords are in second place, yet in the old listing shown above, they were not in the top 8 at all.



How is it that a clan not even in the listing all of a sudden shoots up to second place when trophies were recounted?

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School of Dragons Admin
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See the facts below...

To be clear, this was not a simple recount of Trophies. There was an actual error in the manner in which the report for those stats was pulled, which is why the clans in the top 8 were so drastically reshuffled. As mentioned already to some of your fellow Vikings, there are technical systems in play recording account data and history of players in certain clans, which is reviewed at the end of each round of the tournament. The admins are not manually recording trophies earned in each round as they happen. So sorry for the confusion!

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so... you track the players that gained a lot of trophies in past tournaments to see who is likely to win this years tournament? "history of players in certain clans" so how does it decide what clans to pay closer attention to, just the ones that made it in past tournaments?


Thank you for the response

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Advancement is ONLY ever determined by...

No, as mentioned time and time again, tournament advancement is ONLY ever determined by the average number of trophies earned by a clan.  The select portion of the text that you pulled refers specifically to the players in the top performing clans after round one which is "pool play" and open to all clans. That being said, the advancement of the top 8 is determined solely on the average number of trophies earned with in the specified round of gameplay. Once the top 8 is determined (based off their own merits from earning trophies), the bracket is then seeded to create the matchups as announced last week. Additionally, the mentioned account history can include dates that a player joined their clan, activity during the round of play to determine overall contribution to total trophies earned, etc. These are simply other things that are all monitored by our team along with final trophy averages. Hope that clears up some of your confusion!

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yes it does, thank you :)


Though I am curious, why did you guys decide to stop showing the clan averages of the top 8?

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School of Dragons Admin
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So sorry you feel this way...

Hello, Viking!


As we mentioned to you many times before, we take claims of hacking very seriously and are looking into your specific reports in order to better safeguard our game systems for the future. If specific evidence collected from account histories and data can prove that certain clans are manipulating the game in any way for an unfair advantage, actions will be taken accordingly. However, we do not take disciplinary actions on ANY players of our game until we can support it with verified evidence from investigations by tech and production teams.


And despite what you have already convinced yourself to be true, tournament trophy counts are ONLY ever collected on Mondays at the end of each round of gameplay. At that point, trophies earned within the corresponding period of play are the ONLY factors that play into deciding which clans advance. And while incorrect standings were erroneously published last week, we can assure you that there are technical systems in place to track earned trophies and we have never used any other means to ever ‘choose’ the clans that advance in the tournament. Last week’s announcement issue was associated with an error regarding the manner in which the reported stats were pulled, and not the actual activity trackers used to record account and clan history. This tournament is based purely off of stats from the game and nothing more.


We are truly sorry for the confusion regarding last week’s announcement, and we hope that it is clear to you that the School of Dragons’ team has absolutely no way of benefiting from the success of players who choose to cheat the systems in our game. We do not advocate for these types of efforts as they negatively affect our intended designs for the game and events like this. Our stance on safeguarding the game is further emphasized by our continued fforts to reign in reported game exploits - account bans for extreme cases of gem mining, the redesign of racing with checkpoints, etc. In fact, if our records are correct, your account was one that was returned after the gem exploit, despite the violation to our Terms of Use as previously explained to you.


That being said, we understand that you have made up your mind about this situation. All we can do for you is reassure you that the assumptions you’ve presented here about how you believe our team runs this event are completely untrue and in complete disregard for the details regarding how this tournament is run. And while it was never our intention to provide you with such a negative experience with the game, we ask that you do keep in mind that we will also not tolerate any continued attacks on the integrity of our Forum Admins, as noted in our official Forum Rules, here:


We understand that this isn’t the information that you want to hear, but we have already explained to you how the tournament is run and there is nothing more to it than that. And, so you are aware, to encourage the spirit of competition among already eliminated clans, we have decided to announce details on ways to earn consolation prizes once your time in the tournament has ended. For details on that, stay tuned for today’s announcement and best of luck!

Joined: 02/20/2015

All I wanted was you to prove your results. Why the secret . Show how many trophy each clan earned and the average. 

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If they showed the trophy count for each clan, what good would come from it? Clan members would be scrambling with stress, bitter losers would accuse the higher-up clans of hacking, and there would be even worse boosting and trapping. If anything, leave the SoD team to their jobs. They made an error in the wrong results, but they FIXED it.


Oh, and fun fact:

"Leaving a game" usually entitles to not obsessing over the competition that caused you to "leave" if it gives you so much stress.







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astrid carol
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When racing got boring and "stupid" i stopped. i can't believed some of you played for three year. I mean you can play but the only thing fun is racing but can be boring if you get annoyed everytime use only your fastest dragon. All this. I still want to Racing For VALOR but the game is too boring if your only desire is to race. Which is the only thing fun. Perhap. the are working on Fighting Arena cause the Striple Stryke is still not realised.


I stopped playing this game and i started playing WAR DRAGONS an onling Phone/tablet game. It will be the best game you ever played. Theres is about 5 SOD members who play the game and is in the SOD chat in war dragon.


Donyn i recommend you try to play war dragons.


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My favorite dragons




1) Lighting flash my SHOCKJAW





2) Toothless My NIGHTFURY





3) Sweet Beaut My SLITHERSONG




4) Blizzard my SNOW WRAITH




5) Sand Tempest my SAND WRAITH




6) Amber Blast my DEATHSONG




7) Night Howler my STORMCUTTER




8) Electic Nebula my Titan Wing SKRILL



9) Legendary Foreverwin my RUMBLEHORN




10) Sweet Boiler my SCAULDRON






Proud to be an elder in






Me on a Tree







Favorite activity











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This double posted all on

This double posted all on it's own :/

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I play just enough to keep it enjoyable :)

Hey there you are. Good to see you around. Valor will always be open for you XD

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karkat sickled my subject ;~;

eh im not really interested in clash of clans sure in the end you get a cool item but then alot of stuff starts firing up when the tournament comes around things like hacking and stuff, my clan and I didn't make it for sure but that doesn't matter to me tbh sure people want to get the gold during clash of clans but in the end what is it for? sure like I said you get an item and glory but after a month or so that just dies off and meanwhile others are still getting more exciting things done.


im not sure if any of this I typed made any sense Dx


Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) - Wikipedia








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