Clash of the Clans Round 2 Begins!

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Week 1 of Clash of the Clans has officially ended and the results are in! We want to thank you all for an amazing start to this year’s tournament. We know it must be difficult to earn all the trophies needed to pass on to the second week, however, every viking gave it their best and demonstrated what it means to be a Viking! 
Now allow me to introduce the TOP 8 clans who will be facing off on this week on round - which starts NOW! 
Fast and Furious Flying Potatoes (#1) v. Potato Brothers (#8)
oXo Dark Lords oXo (#2) v. Valor (#7)
The Fikang Racers (#3) v, The Dragon Racers (#6)
The Phantom Heroes (#4) v. Super Russian Dragon Trainers (#5)
If any viking needs a refresher on how our annual tournament is broken down, be sure to check out this link to get more details. Otherwise, cheer on your favorite Clan and see who will stick around for next week’s Semi-Finals! 
*An earlier version listed some clans as quarter finalists, we have now updated the image to reflect the correct clans who made it into the quarter finals. This was caused by a technical error when pulling the results report. We apologize for the confusion*
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Dark lords

Dark lords is all hackers. Wow there hacking software must be great. Your that blind. 





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Wait, what? Do you have any evidence to back this up?

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And that last one’s a biggie. If I've ever not done something that I said I would, just send me a PM. It probably just got lost on the massive mountain known as Things I Need To Do. It terrifies even expert climbers.
With that said, I am taking drawing requests! Just dragons right now, but if you want an OC of yours drawn, I will likely happily draw it for you. Just one teensy little thing- no rave Night Furies. Please?
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I'm a proud Hufflepuff!
FBAWTFT is amazing, let me tell you. And Newt Scamander. ‘Nuff said.
Well, if you've kept going this far, then I guess that means I haven't bored you to death yet. Or maybe I have…
Anyway, now we get into some of the interesting stuff.
Copperblaze Freyhelm
(also known as ‘that former self-insert that somehow developed a personality’)
by Fireflash
Copperblaze grew up in the midst of the Dragon War, near-miraculously surviving and staying completely intact through the chaos of it. Not one for pessimism, she did her best to cheer the village up through something she learned early on: pranking. While certainly never able to rival the infamous twins, Copperblaze was soon regarded as one not to mess with unless that Viking wanted their best axe tied to the rear end of a particularly grumpy yak.
But don't get her wrong, she wasn't really a wild, raucous prankster. Well, okay, maybe a little. Or a lot, actually. Secretly a kind, quiet, and empathetic individual at heart, Copperblaze could often be found reading and drawing. Of course, that was when she wasn't doing her best to cause mayhem and laughter, which took up most of her time.
Then the chief’s son saved the village on a Night Fury, and the world turned upside down. Dragons… were the friends of Vikings now. Copperblaze could barely contain her excitement. So many new possibilities had opened up! And not just for pranking, either.
While her pranks had done their job to make the village an overall happier place, they sometimes ostracized her from others her age. Now, this was her chance: to form a strong, lasting bond, to have and give everlasting trust, to have real friends, for once in her life!
Sadly, dreams didn't always come true. Though Copperblaze was among the first to enroll at the newly-established Dragon Training Academy, no dragon there seemed… right for her. Nadders were too vain and flighty, and the Gronckles were too lazy and slow. Nightmares? Too fiery. And don't get her started on the Zipplebacks. That had not been a fun week. 
Even that time she'd been offered a Whispering Death egg, still nothing happened. No bond formed. No realization of ‘this is my best friend’. Well, she'd managed to develop a serious phobia of the species in general, but Copperblaze didn't like to talk about that. You know, at all.
Alone again, Copperblaze resigned herself to her grounded fate. Until one day, in an abandoned clearing in the middle of the woods, she encountered a young, purple Skrill… but that's another story...
...which can be found here!
Thanks so much, IrishMexicanViking! It's so awesome, I literally can't put it into words!
Seriously, read it. It's the best.
by Vanilia Viking
No one knows who Raika’s birth parents are, not even Raika herself. All she knows is that if the teal Stormcutter that raised her from the egg isn't her mother, then something's seriously wrong with the world.
An excitable hatchling, Raika was always bouncing from one thing to the next, curious about everything around her. Getting into all sorts of danger was her best skill, and she'd frequently ticked off older dragons in her frequent mischief.
Raika wasn't old enough to understand why her mother suddenly separated the pair from all contact with other dragons, but she certainly was old enough to understand that she didn't like it one bit. Chalking it up to Windchaser’s overprotectiveness, Raika did her best to convince her mother that the bigger dragons weren't going to harm her, but to no avail. Windchaser would not budge.
Then a Prickleboggle came across them one day, informing the pair excitedly that the War had ended and the Queen was dead. Raika was confused. Windchaser, wanting to shelter her from the terrible War, hadn't told her anything about it, other than Vikings should be avoided at all costs, and so should unfamiliar dragons.
Then, for the first time that Raika could remember, her mother willingly left her side, with instructions to stay put and to not go looking for trouble. But of course, Raika didn't follow that. Curious about what her mother was doing, she decided to secretly tail her. Windchaser knew her way through the thick fog that surrounded Dragon Island. The problem was, Raika didn't.
Lost and disoriented, the young Skrill landed on a Viking-inhabited island that she'd never seen before, needing to give her tired wings a rest. It was there that, in a clearing she thought was unoccupied, Raika met a young Viking girl- starting off a new generation of mischief-making that no one was prepared for.
by Vanilia Viking
The day Windchaser found an abandoned Skrill egg would change her life forever, but for better or for worse? Often, she wasn't quite sure.
Having escaped the rule of the tyrannical Queen, the Red Death, Windchaser had left behind everything she held dear, including her beloved mate and any chance for hatchlings of her own. So when one was given to her, out of the blue, the motherly Stormcutter couldn't have left it behind if she tried. 
She couldn't, no, she wouldn't, leave the egg to the horrible fate of growing up without a family. And small though the family was, Windchaser vowed to do her best to take care of the Skrill hatchling.
Unfortunately, that particular Skrill hatchling proven to be very hard to take care of. Raika was continually getting into trouble of all sorts, and it was all Windchaser could do to keep her at least marginally safe. And when the little dragon learned how to fly, all Helheim broke loose.
When word was received that the Queen was searching for her former subject back, a desperate Windchaser was forced to take them both into hiding, an act that she feared would crush her young daughter. While thankfully that was not the case, Raika’s naturally attention-seeking personality caused her to focus most of her attention to her mother. It was a good day when Windchaser didn't want to tear her wings off from the frustration, and those good days were rarely found.
When a Prickleboggle (generally trusted among dragons, no matter their loyalties) told Windchaser the news that the War was over and the Queen was dead, she was naturally shocked. The Queen was invincible, she couldn't have been killed- could she? Hopeful, but not willing to take the news for granted, she flew to see it for herself, ordering her daughter to stay behind and not get into any trouble.
Confirming the formerly wild statement, Windchaser was overjoyed. She couldn't wait to tell Raika that their self-imposed exile had ended, and went to tell her immediately.
So when Raika wasn't where she'd left her, Windchaser naturally flew into a panic. Frantically searching every empty island in the area, her search was turned toward some of the not-so-empty ones, eventually finding her wayward daughter- but in the company of a Viking? Windchaser’s motherly instincts kicked in. Who knew what that Viking would do to her hatchling?
Eventually, after much convincing from Raika, Windchaser was finally able to see Vikings as people just as much as dragons were. She was still protective of her daughter, but after warming up to some of the non-dragon inhabitants, was much more comfortable letting Raika spend time among them.
And of course, that Viking that Raika always hung around with was officially adopted into the family, too. With the amount of time those two troublemakers spent together- well. It'd be just silly not to.
More coming soon!
(in no particular order)
Thanks so much to everyone who's drawn anything for me! I love them all!
Copperblaze by TosiLohi
Raika by Okamisusi
Raika chibi by FloofQueen
Dustcloud by Dragonist Hellen
Valentine Dustcloud by FloofQueen
Glowspot, my Mythical Whale Shark by Wutend Bonfire
Find his story HERE!
Raincloud, my Shadow Hunter by ScarfyWings
Find her story HERE!
Sunburst, my Vesupa by Bavelly
Torchburn, my Ukrainian Mistus by Megaboltphoenix
Peanut, my Night Hunter by Bluemoon20523
Copperblaze by Lululu6161
(did I miss something? I feel like I missed something... tell me if I missed something...)
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Quick, Hide the finish times

Evidence has been sent to Admin. Admin is well aware of its inability to track these clever codes


 What Admin takes seriously is using a ingame GEM FEATURE more than 200 times or in some players cases as little as 10 times.  

Bravo Admin you do a wonderful job catering to most players needs.

Thanks Admin, for showing yourselves up by posting incorrect results first before you drew straws  and posted what you got. Hilarious

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I'm sure the admins are doing what they can. As players of the game, what we need to do is take a deep breath, step back, and let them do their thing.


I am well aware that there are players who hack. I raced one just a few days ago. What I wanted to know was whether there was specific evidence that Dark Lords was a hacking clan or has hacking members, because it is unfair to anyone that is up against them. As a member of Valor, I would obviously prefer that we beat them and get into the next round, but if we do get beaten, I would prefer that that be in an honorable way by an honorable clan. Please, if anyone has any evidence that specific clans are hacking, please send it to the admins! They can make their own decisions about what should happen, we just need to let them.

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Ok then :)

Ok then :)


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Congratulations to all the clans who made it. I know you guys worked really hard to make it to round 2. Good luck everyone!


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Thank you Brynjolf

Thank you Brynjolf.  ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR The Phantom Heroes


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The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers

by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

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Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

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May the Purple be with you ;)

Thank you so much Brynjolf for the updated version.  Good luck to all the clans going onto the next round!  Dragon Racers for the win!  The Dragon Racers, hear our name & TREMBLE!



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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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Potatoes Oo

That will be a big potato party for us ^^.
Nice to see the phantom heroes in, it was great racing with you and I hope it can still be ;)!
Congrats to the clans who made it in. And a special one to our Bros' ^^.

Hope to have some more fun on the tracks =)


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You must

Are you the leader of both Fast and Furious Flying Potatoes and Potatoes Brothers.  Congratulations to both your clans for making it in.    


It is great racing with your clans too.  See you in Thunder Run. 

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Go Potatoes Go :D :D

I did not expect that! :O Congratulations my amazing Potato Heads! :) that will be fun week indeed. 


Congatulations to all clans who made it to top 8! See you all on tracks! 

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So happy that the FAST & FURIOUS FLYING POTATOS AND THE POTATO BROTHERS made it to the top 8! Even though we are versing each other one of us is going to get into the semi-finals whooOOO! Who do you think gonna win?











To Dragonaws's siggy!



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We are a huge family which includes the POTATO COUSINS & THE FAST AND FURIOUS FLYING POTATOS!

We are definitly against HACKING and we just wanna have FUN! 




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Ok, that makes a bit more sense. Congrats to everyone who made it, and good luck!


Go Valor!

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Why in the world is a hacking clan included (Dark Lords)? I guess they're not aware of their racing hacks.


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TRR trophies.....

Theres one server in TRR thats not giving trophies. Can you please take a look at this.

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We got this peeps! Keep pushing forward!


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Congrats to all the clans and

Congrats to all the clans and may the better clan win their matches!


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Chapters 8 and 9                        Chapter 10                                     Chapter 11

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Chapter 32                                   Chapter 33                                       Chapter 34

Chapter 35                                   Chapter 36                                       Chapter 37

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Congrats to all those who have made it to the 2nd round! You all did your best. =)

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Potatoes :D

Excited for the upcoming furture :)






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Congratulations to all the

Congratulations to all the clans that made it to the top 8! :)


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Congratulations to all clans who made it to the second round!!! Roarrrrr for Phantoms :D


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These guys are so cute hehehe

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Congrats to all of the clans who made it!

I've raced with some of you before and know your skills. May the best clan win! I'll see y'all at the Training Grounds and TRR! The Wulf Pack will all be howling in support!
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Congratz to all the clans who made it to round 2!



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Yes! First tournament ever

Yes! First tournament ever and I survived to Round 2! I owe it all to the Dragon Racers! Thank you so much! 


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go Phantom Hero!






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Super Russian Dragon Trainers!

As a leader of Super Russian Dragon Trainers, I spent all my time earning trophies. I am a bit dissapointed that we are 5th. I think we must be 2nd..

Shall I continue earning triphies or you'll just do what other clans say? I mean, they said that we mustn't be 2nd and you do what they ask. Unfair

Go Super Russian Dragon Trainers!






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Old McDonald was dyslexic O IE IE. ;P XD

It is because of the way the admins measure trophies.


If two clans earn ten trophies, but one clan has ten members while the other has twenty, even though both clans earned the same number of trophies, the clan with the ten members wins because of the average number of trophies for every single member was better than the member with the twenty members.


Why The Dragon Racers are playing against a clan of only 4 members, all of which are quite active and good racers.  But their average among the four of them was better than the whole of The Dragon Racers.


The admins are trying to be fair to the smaller clans.  But in doing so, I believe they are being unfair to the larger clans that are more active and have been around for a lot longer.


If the point of it is for everyone to be on even ground, the best way to find out who the best clan is, is to just see who can earn more trophies.  Everybody starts at zero and then whoever earns the most after each round moves on until there is a champion.  Simple, easy to follow, and the most common way in any tournament in any sport to find who the best team is.

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Hmm, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you there. If the standings went by trophy count alone, the biggest clan would automatically win, no matter what the other clans did. The only way to make it so that overall trophy count was what mattered would be to make each clan the same size, which of course is unfair to everyone because they either have to drop or add members.


This of course brings us right back to the averages, since by making set clan amounts, this would be almost exactly the same as having averages. By using this type of system, the admins can determine the winning clan by seeing the average number of trophies earned by members. If a smaller clan gets an average of 1000 trophies per person, with a total of 5000 trophies, but a larger clan gets an average of 500 trophies but a total of 10000 trophies, which clan would you say worked harder?


If larger clans are worried about smaller clans beating them, they can drop lower-earning members to boost their average, which is a tactic that I believe many clans use. You say that the larger clans are more active, but is this really true if some smaller clans beat them because they get more trophies per person?


Just something to think about.

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-insert subject here-

Dont waste your breath, mate.

I attempted to explain this very thing to this user this year and even last year but to no avail.

They absolutely refuse to understand.


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Drums R Round, Pi's R Squared

All I'm trying to do is to find a similar way of doing Clash of Clans that easy and understandable to even the newest of players.


I still don't understand how the admins calculate the trophies for each clan.  I have a good idea, but it still make it hard to understand.


Whoever earns the most trophies is a simple thing to understand and do.  Just go out and earn the most trophies.


Having to worry about the averages, how many vikings are in your clan and how it will affect your trophy counts, and causing rifts in your clan by removing players because you are trying to get fewer in your clan... seems to me like that is too much that needs to go into a tournament.  Simplifying the rules or the process I think would benefit everyone.


I'm not trying to sound or come across as not understanding, I just don't like how Clash of Clans is being run.  I'll still participate because it is the only clan tournament atm.


For example:  How is it fair that a clan of The Dragon Racers size (80+ members) goes up against a clan of the size of the FIAKING RACERS with only 4 members?  Advantage The Dragon Racers, right?  Wrong.  I know for a fact we earn hundreds and hundreds of trophies for the tournament, but we only placed 6th?  How did a clan of only 4 beat us?  Because of the law of averages.  Now if the tournament was just simply earn the most trophies, we may have been a position or two higher.  A clan of 80 vs a clan of 4 doesn't seem fair.  But in the current set up of the tournament, the clan with 4 doesn't have to work has hard to earn the better average.  A clan of 80 has to work a lot harder just to break even with the average of the smaller clan.


There has to be something simpler than this.

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No, actually, the tournament is set up so that each clan will have to work just as ha.rd. Clans can't just rely on a few high-earning trophy members to to all the work, that would mean that they aren't trying very ha.rd and don't necessarily deserve the win. The reason that the smaller clans are doing well is not that they're better advantaged by the average system, it's that their clan is only their best racers. They know that everyone in their clan is trying their best to win, meanwhile larger clans tend to have members that aren't. It's easier to manage a smaller clan, so the smaller clans are naturally taking advantage of this.


Removing players because a clan wants to be competitive is actually fairly simple. You make an announcement stating that members who are not trying ha.rd will be removed, then remove them with a promise of being welcomed back in as soon as the tournament is over. If people are upset about this, make it clear that this is a competition and so all members should try to win. This is not a random removal, this is one that removes the ones that aren't trying.


The way the admins likely calculate the trophies is very simple: find the mean. Add the numbers together, then divide by the number of members. This will be what every member is earning on average, because this is a team competition, not a single-player one. For example, Person A earns 750 trophies, and Person B earns 250 trophies. 1000/2=500, so the average amount is 500. Now Person C has earned 0 trophies. 500+0=500, 500/2=250, the average is 250.


By your reasoning, smaller clans are just kicking back and relaxing, right? No, actually they're working really hard. They're still earning a lot of trophies individually, but as a clan they're earning less in total than an 80+ clan because they have less total members. It would actually be very easy to beat them, just as easy as it would be to beat a same-sized or larger clan. The only advantage smaller clans have is that they know all of their members are trying, but for the same reason, if one member stops, all the other members suffer. Larger clans have a larger crutch to rely on here because they can afford to have a 0-trophy earning member; smaller clans don't and can't.


Since your clan has, as you said, 80+ members, obviously you'd be all for that system because it means you don't have to work as hard. My clan has around 20-some members. We'd be continually playing catch-up with the larger clans, having to earn four times as many trophies to get- a tie? Please, tell me how this is fair and 'benefits everyone', as you say, because it doesn't make sense to me.


I do hope that you're reading this, and not just skimming and responding.

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-insert subject here-


You are doing the explanation better than me.

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Heh, thanks. It just bugs me a bit, because that's not a fair way of choosing a winner. Every clan should get an equal shot!

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Drums R Round, Pi's R Squared

But still, the larger clans have to earn more trophies than the smaller clan so their average is higher.  The larger clans have to work twice as hard if not more than the smaller clans to earn more trophies.  This way neither a large clan or a small clan is on equal ground for the tournament.

What I'm trying to think through is what other ways would be better to find this equal ground where both clans have equal starting positions and have just as good a chance as the other clan to win, regardless of clan size?


Removing players is simple, but what if those players are active but still not good enough to be a "pro" at racing and even good friends?  Removing them just to win a tournament seems like betraying them, for lack of a better term.  It is possible to get in the tournament without removing the active players, in small and large amounts of Trophies.  TDR proved that this year, Swift Champions did it last year.


Did I say the smaller clans are kicking back and relaxing?  I actually expect the smaller clans to work harder than most clans.  And in this work they can out work larger clans that think they can just get by.  But because of our clan size even though we are quite active, I look at us as either an underdog or on an uphill battle.  If we have the mindset of the underdog, we will work harder than if we have the mindset of a big enough clan to get by.


Quite the contrary.  I would work harder because all I would have to worry about would be earning trophies.  I wouldn't get distracted with trying to make sure I have few enough members in my clan but still have enough members in my clan to earn trophies, worry about making enemies when I'm trying to make friends, worry about what might happen to my current long term members if I did get a rid of the less active players and what they might do in leaving my clan.


I'm trying to figure out the best way to have the least amount of distractions for every clan and clan leader but still be even for all clans to earn trophies and have equal shot at winning in the tournament.


I'm not completely sold on my idea and the way it is currently down.  I'm trying hash out my ideas to find the way that works best.


But, doesn't the bigger clans have to do the same thing you say the smaller clans would have to do in my system?  Neither way looks to be the best way for Clash of Clans.  But talking about this with other people helps both sides to see what is the best way.  I believe my way is better, but not the best way.  Wouldn't the zero trophy earning member actually bring down the average of the larger clan?  Wouldn't the member who is active but only earning a few trophies bring down the average of the larger clan?


I would like something simpler, fewer distractions, easier to understand, so we could concentrate more on the competition and fun of a clan tournament.


But how you feel with your 20 or so member clan that you have to play catch up, I feel with my 80+ member clan.  Everyone has to earn more trophies so our clan has a better average.  The smaller clans don't have to earn as many trophies to have the same average as the higher clan.


I did read through it and did not skimp in responding to it.

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-insert subject here-

To solve this 80 vs 4 can issue, maybe the next tournament should have a minimum clan size of 10 members? 10 isnt super small but is still harder to manage than 4.

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Dyslexia w/talks Yoda Master Jedi Is it correctly backwards read

But to me, that doesn't seem fair to the others in the clan that are still active and earns trophies on a regular basis, but is still like an amateur in racing and needs more practice.  I feel as though I would be disloyal to them and they wouldn't want to be in my clan anymore.  If they joined the clan to be in a high ranking and active clan to one day be in the tournament, if I were to drop them just because they aren't good, they may not stay in my clan after the tournament.


The Dragon Racers did prove that you don't have to make a smaller clan to make it into the tournament.  If your clan works hard enough as a clan and a team, it will pay off.

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I will only comment once on

I will only comment once on this in bullets :)


  • I am a fan of Vikings
  • Clash of the Clans is a battle not to be compared to anything else
  • I will only take my best Viking warriors into battle no matter the number and not my farmers, fishermen, and those not ready or fit for battle.
  • A true clan member will do what is best for the success of the clan and stay home with all the other clan mates that are not fit for battle while all other fly off to battle in the tournament.
  • I do not want to take time to type anymore because I should be in battle right now , gots to go


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Putting it that way, it

Putting it that way, it finally makes sense to me, at least about making a smaller clan that is.  Still don't like how the trophies are scored.  But that is one of the reasons why to make a smaller clan.


Ragkt and Stormstriker217 are probably doing the following, hard:

Double facepalm, when one isn't enough

And they are probably thinking, "We each took how long to explain to this guy about why one should make a smaller clan and he still didn't get it. Then some new guy walks in says a few things and it makes perfect sense.  How does that work?"


It makes sense not to take farmers or fishermen (Less active members of the clan) into a battle (into a tournament) as you want your most skilled available to win the battle.  Having soldiers with weaker skills may hinder the ones that are trying to win the battle.


I guess where I am coming from is my farmers and fishermen want to be in the battle and are eager to help in any way.  Believing that everyone can serve a purpose and I shouldn't leave a man behind when they could do some type of good, I am torn between having a better chance to win the battle without the farmers and fishermen, and finding a way to put the fishermen and farmers to work to do good where others could not, yet still possibly could hinder the chances of winning the battle because the fishermen and farmers are less skilled.


One of the main reasons I don't like how they score the trophies is because it adds distractions from the competition.  If all a competitor has to worry about is doing their best and focus on just competing, then the competition will be at its highest.  The more distractions that the competitor has to deal with, the more likely they are unable to simply focus on the competition and the level of competition might suffer, thus making for a less competitive match.


But I digress.  Maybe I am just thinking way too far into this.  And the distractions are only distractions if the competitor allows them to be distracting.  I can still think of ways to make Clash of Clans better, but those are even distractions themselves.


Basically, suck it up, deal with it, and move on.  Then making my decision with my clan on what I think is best and what the rest of my clan wants to do.


I apologize to you, Ragkt and Stormstriker217, if I came across as a thick-headed, stubborn, viking.  I always tried to listen to the both of you and try to understand; and when Worzy put it the way it did, it finally clicked.


Whatever my clan wants to do, that is what I will do as their leader.

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2-3 hacker clans making the top 8..... uuummmm can there be another recount? Anyways, Congrats to both Potato clans, Phantom Heroes, Dragon Racers, and Valor!!!! I am hoping to see it come down to one of you guys!!!!


(also, for those who do not know, The Fikang Racers is Walk's/Kekedady/Ares clan... with the help of someone else)


Amazing job SWIFTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! You did amazing and I was so happy to see so many of you racing!


Swifties Swifties Oi Oi Oi!!!!!!!!


Swift For Life 3/24/2015-Present

Swifties Swifties Oi Oi Oi!

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Clay Toothless made by me: SoD #FanartSaturday showcased 9/17/16

Youtube Video made by me: SoD #ShoutOutSunday showcased 2/19/17

Youtube Video made by me: SoD #ShoutOutSunday showcased 4/2/17

I gained a total of 17,040 trophies in the 2016 Clash of Clans Tournament O.O  (Banner below made by httyyd!)

Aithusa/me (drawn by MistyNight) Aithusa/me (drawn by Carmine) 


Master's 47 Commandments



  1. - Thou shalt not hate thy Master. Thou shalt also have a special name.

  2. -

  3. - Thou shalt maketh a song about thy commandments.

  4. - Thou shalt maketh a poem for thy Master, containing the spleling of her loyalist of servants.

  5. -

  6. -

  7. -Thou shalt weareth thy Master's ‘Master Musk’ scent

  8. -

  9. - All bleach must be holy bleach. All bleach must be prior blessed by a priest. It is decreed.

  10. -

  11. -

  12. -

  13. -Thou shalt call the color blue by thy true name of ble, for the Master sayeth it is so. One who refuses shalt be a fool.

  14. -

  15. -

  16. -

  17. -

  18. -

  19. - Note, thy Master does not condone nor accept bribes and/or threats. But things magic may happen if either one or the other is used.

  20. -

  21. -

  22. -

  23. -

  24. -

  25. -

  26. -

  27. -

  28. -Thou shalt always quest for the answers. Quessing

  29. -

  30. -

  31. -

  32. -

  33. -

  34. -

  35. -

  36. -

  37. -#catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate: When thou art late to a Master's party, it shalt be catastrophic and awkward.

  38. -When one shalt arrive #catastrophicallyandawkwardlylate, and find all party goers have become waiting ghosts, then thou shalt ascend to fairy-hood to bringeth thy swift ghosts back to thy living.

  39. - Thou must pass gas once in the presence of master, so she knoweth of thy presence

  40. - Master Chan is kawaii af

  41. - Thou shalt not be greedy while receiving highly demanded, not so demanded, gifts. Thou shalt also not be greedy in any other aspect of one's life. Tis unbecoming.

  42. - Only Master can assume (be it the assumption of genders)

  43. - Thou shalt give with abundance to those who are less fortunate AND more fortunate than thyself.

  44. -

  45. -

  46. -

  47. -

-Koda Penndragon-

-Terra-BABY FOX TALES-Spirit-

-Smaug-Luna-Tauriel-Legolas-Lyla-Earth-Merlin-Misty and Meadows-Hailstone-Aragog-Snow White-

-Zack-Loki-Jack Frost-Ralph-Lancelot-Gormogon-Kilgharrah-Temperance-Ichabod Crane-Bazynga-

-Katrina-LOTR-Howard-Nibbles-Forrest Gump-PitBull-Agni-Pitch-Lilith-Tiger-Freya-

-Hot Tamales-August Rush-Nick-Rhino-Arya-Tyrion-Margaery-Fumaca-

-Buddy-Grave Digger-Penny-Icicle-Loch Ness-Gecko-Drake

Oathkeeper-Seahawk-Nymeria-Razanur and Peregrin-


The above art/dragon species was created by me, his name is Swift and he is what I call an Asheous Mare (He is just a baby dragon). Asheous Mares are the mascot of Swift Champions.



(made by me)               (made by Victoriae350)               (made by me)

Art and Adoptables Made by themasterplan47!

Chrome, Mushu, and Darwin

Adoptables Made by MidnightMare!

Lycaon Pictus (origional creation) my adopted African Wild Dog Fury

P. T Leo, Alex, Rarity, and Terra

Art and Adoptables Made by DuskDaybreak!

Kilgherrah, Hugo, Angela and Araneae!

Sapphire, Twilight, Sunset, and Sapling

Art Made by TosiLohi!

Art and Adopts Made by Kimbenoso!

Caimen, Legolas, Swift, Gormogon

Other Art and Adoptables!


Cobblestone (made by Defy), Uther, and Kiwi (both made by chameishida)

This is Milky Way, Asteria, and Cosmos (all Galaxyfurys created by bubbles5498)

Timber (made by blockEdragon) Tony Stark and Black Widow (Both made by AniuRavenwolf)

Lycaon(made by Twistedclaw),Tauriel(made by Mariella), Sable(made by kelcyk123), Arya+Gormogon (made by snowflake12298)


Swift (made by TildenWolfGirl)  Sandies (made by Witcherforever) Petrichor (made by Bavelly

Toothless (first 2 made by NightmareRebuffLycaon and Swift! (second 2 made by carmine)


I Love My Babies

Cora (rip), Bella, Kisha (rip), Abby (rip), and Cuddles

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Katrin Thunder
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Thanks for that. I wish you good luck in the next years tournament :) 






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  Love my clan, my dragon, my game...

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Watashi No Tomodachi

I can tell the whole Dragon Racers clan shall give you the greatest graditude.

I wish luck to all participants!




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(Made by me. Please give credit when you use it.)

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Katrin Thunder
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 Yeay! I'm happy again

 Yeay! I'm happy again :)

Good luck everyone!


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I disagree. I have been earning trophies DAY AND NIGHT. I did not sleep at night! I had 54 000 trophies when tournament started. Now I have 73 000.
You really think that I'm such stupid to think that larger clans must beat clans who are smaller? Don' be ridiculous! I actually realize that Fast and Furious Potatoes are 1st. But we worked hard enough to be 2nd. I do not think that our clan must win just because we have lots of members.
Admins must send trophy count !
Why other top- clans rule the game?

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Katrin Thunder
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Oh god

ПОНИ ДЫШИ ПРОСТОТ ДЫШИ !!! Мы все равно прошли ! Все хорошо

не показывай себя с той стороны с которой они привыкли видеть нас :с

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So you earned  your 19,000 trophies where exactly pony? Funny I seen you race once. Using your hacking software again to generate trophies. There is no way you earned them cleanly . 

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Katrin Thunder
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Now you just being childish. There is another option to earn trophys, why are u so sure she is a cheater ? Because u saw her racing once, so what ? that doesn't mean she is a cheater. If u didn't succeed or whatever that doesn't mean u have to or u can  accuse people in cheating. 

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Her 19,000

Her claimed trophy for a few days more than confirms she did not face real opponents. 19,000 is not possible for anyone in a week. Or in fireball against real opponents . There are not enough real opponents in fireball to earn 19,000 either. 

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Katrin Thunder
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She is a bit drimitising this. It should be from 64k not 54 ( and it's also approximately)

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Sent her claimed trophy earnings to admins to look into.