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the sabertooth tiger kings




hi im bow ie im the leader of this clan to join this will require to do:

.read the forum

.you must be a racer or a fireball frenzyer to earn tropies

.you must try not to let me down

.to join you must have a least 1000 tropies so get those wings flapping


after, request to join and ill check to see if you can or not join.

every month ill check if u stay member or go to elder if one week you dont do as well you be put down from elder to member if the next weak you let me down you will be put down from member to beghing kicked out.

weekly you will get a challenge.

must see improvememnts in tropies

together we can do anything cuz we have the power of a saber tooth tiger. dont forgett we are in the tops xd.




This is war!!!