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Suggestions to update clans:


POLLS- We have the news option, but can we have a poll option? Like in the forums? So the leader can make a weekly pool about what the members like or if they have any new suggestions. So that way the leader could improve the clan.


VIEWING REQUESTS PROFILES- (this has already been suggested) We acn view the profile of a request


DELETE ALL REQUESTS- we can decline all the clan requests


GIFTING :D- So if trading won't be added, we could at least host gift exchanges in the clan. Like if the clan has done really well and the leader wants to give everyone a reward or if a specific member has showed great skill. What if a member has a birthday? it would be nice if the clan would make him/her a gift!


So i'm thinking like an option on the clan page: GIFT 

And you could select everybody or a specific member. And you could ice them gems, coins, farm items, fish, supplies.....


PROMOTING- i think there should be more stages, not just elder

Elder- can view join requests and add players

*Next rank* - can promote members 

Second in command (There can only be 1-2 of these)- can do everything that the leader can do, except: make themself leader, change clan name/crest


Or something simillar, you know just more positions in clans :D I'm fine with how things are now, but i'd me nice if we'd get some of these things.




Other little suggestions:





And i don't know about this idea:

Do you think other stuff for clans would be added, not just trophies? So a clan would have to gather something else not just trophies.

Some players don't like racing or playing FF. Maybe there could be a counter of how many fish they cought or something new!



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agree ^^

I like all your suggestions. Also what if we have like inside clan game. Like FF but clan members can play with each other. Something like that XD