Choosing Between Four Dragons

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I decided I am gonna get one more dragon for my newest Viking after all - afterwards I should still have enough gems to get the Triple Stryke whenever it comes out - but I'm having a tough time choosing which one to pick.


For my new Viking, GraceTheGentle, the first dragon was a male Rumblehorn named Hammercrunch, and the second dragon (the one she hatched from an egg) was a female Deadly Nadder named Sharpstrike (almost went for a Gronckle but decided to go for a faster dragon, since the Rumblehorn isn't too fast as far as I recall).


I've given things some thought, and I've finally narrowed it down to four dragon possibilities for the next one. I excluded ones that I get as part of the expansions from my consideration at this time, as well as the Hobblegrunt since it's not always available. Here are the four I've narrowed it down to, starting with the two I'm more familiar with:


Slithersong - Along with the next choice, it's arguably my favourite SoD dragon that's available. I love it a lot more than the Death Song, since its animations are smoother, it's a pretty good battler and, by my experience, a pretty dang good racer, too.


Prickleboggle - Tied with the Slithersong for the position of my favourite SoD dragon. I like its design, its healing powers would suit my Viking's gentle and motherly personality (I based her on an old non-HTTYD OC of mine), and it's, in my opinion, one of the best dragons for battle, if not the best battle dragon of all.


Wooly Howl - I don't know too much about this dragon, admittedly. I really like its design and I've heard it can be a really good racer. I'd appreciate a little more info on the pros and cons of this one (e.g. its shot limit) before I make a decision either way.


Silver Phantom - Once again this isn't a dragon I'm very familiar with, but to be honest I adore its design. I've also heard that it's another very good dragon for racing, but I'd love to hear a bit more about its pros and cons before I decide. How does it do in battles?


In your opinion, which of these dragons should GraceTheGentle get next, and why? :) I really appreciate your input!

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I really want to say Woolly Howl since out of those choices the Woolly Howl is my favorite but this is to help you out and honestly I think the Prickleboggle would be best suited to your viking. From your description of your viking, I can definitely see Grace and a Prickleboggle getting along really well. They're both gentle and I can see a gentle, motherly person really appreciating the Prickleboggle's gentle nature and healing abilities.


To answer your question about Woolly Howls, they have a 6 shot limit. They can be really good racers but you have to learn how to handle them. They don't do well with tight turns but with work you can learn to get really good with them. I usually do pretty good with mine.


I don't really remember how Silver Phantoms do in battles as I haven't used mine in awhile.


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Dragon by dragon...   In

Dragon by dragon...


In terms of your Viking, canonically I wouldn't recommend a Slithersong. The same species as the Death Song (different subspecies), it is a solitary creature that generally prefers to eat Vikings and other dragons. I wouldn't recommend it for most Vikings but particularly not for someone known as "the Gentle" unless you want to go with an "opposites attract" theme. But as a game asset, this is a great dragon for you to have. This is absolutely the best racer among the 4 here, one of the best in the game, and as you said, not a terrible battle dragon either. Plus the animation on this model is pretty solid.


The Woolly Howl, while being one of my favorite dragons, is not one I'd recommend as strongly. The model is inaccurate to the species, animation dated and unoriginal, it's not much of a battler at all, its dive was never given proper pitch, and while it's fast, it has a poor turn rate and the worst acceleration in the game. It's difficult to learn to maneuver it, and its poor acceleration means any mistakes lose you the race. It's a great racer in the right hands, but only the most skilled  (and lucky) racers win with it regularly, and its slow start means it's also helpless against good Toothless racers no matter how good you are (unlike the Slithersong, which has a fighting chance). In terms of canon, we know little about this dragon's personality, but it is supposedly very enduring, difficult to train due to its intelligence, and "not cuddly" (from aggression or a not-soft exterior,  we don't know). It's another dragon I have a hard time picturing for your Viking canonically, though since we don't know its demeanor, I wouldn't read too much into that.


The Silver Phantom is another one of my favorites, and canonically I think a great choice for your Viking. Brave, strong, calm, gentle, able to fly great speeds and distances. In terms of the game, I love the animation a lot, but the turn rate leaves much to be desired and its speed, while originally fast, has been needed. Its not the racer it once was. I recommend this one over the Slithersong personality-wise but recommend the Slithersong more for gameplay. 


The Prickleboggle, however,  is my top recommendation of these 4. Its got a gentle and compassionate personality to match your Viking canonically and a nice model with fitting (if reused) animation but also is truly the  #1 best battle dragon in the whole game! Its the worst racer, mind you, but with all the gems it'll win you in battle, you can get a great racer in no time and then some!


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I agree

I absolutely agree entirely with this.

The prickleboggle would match her most, plus win many, many battles. Fun fact, it will heal you in battle too!

It matches her personality wise, and you can save up for a better racer too, as Whisper put.


I also love the prickleboggle. They are very beautiful and peaceful!






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I agree with Shiro and Whisper!

Definitely a Prickleboggle, it's;


-Nice model

-A healer

-Ice Dragon

-The Best Battle Dragon!





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