Chickenpoxer: design, behavior, and more...

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This is my design for the Chicknpoxer if it were in the Dreamworks dragons franchise.
The Chickenpoxer is (obviously) a boulder class dragon coated with thick mushroom like spores -Poxes- as scales and thick durable skin. With it's armored poxes around it's head, nose, back, tail, and legs completely deflects projectiles and so does the thick skin so arrows and spines do no effect to these dragons. The best weapon to kill them is with a greatsword, or to cast it from the sky, try a large dragon ballista.
Chickenpoxers have strong poxes that allow them to ram into objects and crack open large boulders with ease. The poxes also gives them armor when fighting other dragons in combat, including their own kind. These dragons also have a typical fire breath that ranges up to 100 feet with a common shot limit of 6.
A baby chickenpoxer's spores start off as wart-like humps or average scales. Their skin is not so durable so they can get cut, injured by projectiles and even burned. As a mother's job to protect her young, she must nurse them until their poxes develop and skin strengthens enough as they age.
An egg itself weighs abut 100lbs. A buff Viking is able to lift it with two hands, but like an adult Chickenpoxer, the egg is very durable with a thick shell and an extra layer coated with poxes and is an egg that explodes. Baby poxers aren't that durable, but they are naturally born tough.
Chickenpoxers are hefty and stubborn dragons and don't often like anything placed and strapped to their bodies. It is very typical that these dragons will attempt to buck you off on the ground and air and they can put up a shocking fight. These dragons are harder to tame and train then a lot of other dragons, their not aggressive unless provoked. They will get used to wearing saddles and getting rode on if you try it enough times.
These dragons are not known for their loyalty and compassion for their owner, but these dragons can charge a really good punch to targets, and trustworthy to remain stationary until the owner commands the dragon to move (doesn't work all the time). Only the best can tame and control these dragons, however they can also be starter dragons, if you are a fan of rodeo.
Chickenpoxers are the size of a large draft horse with a wing span nearly equivalent to their body length. Their wings spread to 22 feet and is just enough to carry it's weight without much effort.
These dragons are harder to tame then many other dragons. They are not normally aggressive towards humans, but they are not quite comfortable with many humans around (one is enough for them). The best method is to give them attention and plenty of food because they love to eat. Don't approach the dragon too often for at least a few days then the dragon settles with you around it, then you can approach the dragon a little closer.
Trivia- Unlike most dragons, the Chickenpoxer is immune to the hand on the nose method of training and dragon nip. Dragon nip may get them settled a little faster, but it's nearly a waste of effort to try.
-Baby Chickenpoxers will get along with you faster, but they won't necessarily drift too far from their natural behavior.
Chickenpoxers walk much like alligators and have their legs arched and spread out when standing. They are outstandingly quick while running and they run like four legged chickens. When flying, it would normally take a few forceful wing beats before going airborne by stretching it's wings vertically and flapping quickly and hard along with kicking their legs to help get them moving.
These dragons are not long distance flyers due by their weight, weighing approximately a 1,900lbs and flaps often in the air. These are not quite fast dragons either; flies up to 40mph while in flight, and drops nearly twice that speed when diving, but when diving, these dragons don't easily regain altitude so they are likely to crash.

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Ooh nice!

I think the chickenpoxer is pretty cool. I'm not a fan of boulder class, but it's really cool anyways!






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A very unique design!! I really like the whole "pox" armour idea, and how it develops more with age.~




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