The Chat System. Let's face it; it needs help.

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I find that I usually accidentally say something that's blocked in SoD. Such as numbers. Or abbreviating the game name as SoD (Yes, SoD is blocked and you can get muted for saying it enough.) I think the chat system REALLY, REALLY needs a rework in a couple ways. First of all, let's go over some banned words I think should be allowed. I will go over in detail why each word should be allowed, because I know you want to keep SoD a very kid-friendly place.




Words That Should Be Allowed and WHY


The word "number." 

It's just extremely useful. 


The symbol " : "

You can use it to make smiley faces. :D c: :)


Actual numbers, 1 2 3, etc. and the words, one two three, etc.

I cannot think of any place where numbers could be innapropriately used, other than telling people your age. The solution to this? Tell the kids to NOT GIVE AWAY PERSONAL INFO. Put up a little safety banner, make an educational online safety quest or something, just don't take it out on chat. Most people will NOT use numbers to say how old they are, so you are preventing like 99.99999% legitimate usages of numbers from being said. It is SO helpful to be able to say numbers. You are game developers, you would probably understand that. SoD is made up of math.


The word "SoD"

NOBODY wants to type out 'school of dragons' every single time. We LIKE abbreviations; we're gamers. I cannot even begin to imagine why on earth you blocked sod. Other than being the abbreviation for the game name, the actual definition of sod isn't mildly innapropriate. It's dirt.





I've already explained how a lot of words you've blocked are words that people use a LOT. Plenty of us tend to use these words.. regularly, constantly, every day, to say the least. We are USED to NOT being harrased by Valka when we say them, so they might accidentally slip out. Then we get a warning. 


If we pick up enough of the warnings, we get muted for 24 hours. I hate that. I tried to fix my mute once, and let's just say, long story short, I lost my password to my account until we could finally convince the staff team that it was my account, which took 7-8 months. We got my password changed. Anyways, it was all because I was just trying to fix a 24 hour chat ban. 


WHY did I get chat banned for 24 hours? I don't know, maybe I accidentally said, "Do either of you two want to race?" and the chat patrol pounced on me with some mouth-sealing duct tape and said I couldn't say numbers. I wouldn't ever want to try to say something innapropriate, or bypass the filter, or try to swear, or give out my age, and yet I get chat banned CONSTANTLY because it's so, so, so insanely sensitive.


What you are doing with this chat system is called carpet-bombing. Once in a while, it actually mutes somebody worth muting, but how many people will be unncecessarily silenced for it? WAY too many to be considered worth it.


The Solution for Mutes I'm Suggesting

Remove chat mutes handed out by bots ENTIRELY. Staff would still be able to give out mutes, and players would of course still be able to report others. But letting a bot handle mutes? No, that should be removed.


Also, if you DO say a word that is deemed innapropriate, your message can be censored, sure, but DON'T give out chat bans anymore. That's the one change I would love to see above ALL ELSE. I couldn't care less about new dragons.


The Pros

If someone was actually ever being obnoxious, or bypassing the filter, which actually HAS to be caught by a person, you can still report them or block them if they are making you uncomfortable.


Your fate is no longer decided by a script that filters out only certain words, instead of the actual usage or meaning behind them. I personally have not noticed your chat bot being anywhere near capable of deciphering what a person is actually saying when they use the number 'one' in their sentence.


People who mean well and would never want to insult or be rude to another human are being muted for absolutely no reason at all. That won't happen anymore with this!


The Cons

People will be muted a lot less frequently, and it means that people who are trying to say something bad will have a lesser chance of being muted, unless somebody reports them or a mod catches them. And I have never seen a mod. Not sure if they're disguised or what.


You'll have to implement this. You gotta take the time to remove the chat bot feature. mhM.




THAT'S IT. If you oppose this, PLEASE tell me why, because I would love to know. I WANT the staff team to see this and implement it, but they need to see that the community supports it first. If you DO support the idea, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Let's get chat fixed ASAP.






We all want to see changes to our chat.


Help us show the staff team that so that the chat can be more accessible, usable, and enjoyable for everyone.


Check out my thread on the current state of the chat.


Unreasonable Chatban Count: 9

By unreasonable, I mean a chatban for 24 hours that was completely undeserved. I was NOT being innapropriate or giving out any kind of hate or obnoxious language, and nobody was ever offended by me. This goes to show how horribly broken chat is, and how something needs to be done. 



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Pretty much every game I play I just use the abbreviations for the name so I agree. Saying SoD would be much better than typing out the whole thing



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Maybe the numbers would not
Maybe the numbers would not be a good idea to fix it, there may be people who make that mistake and give wrong information. I'm content to do Roman numbers.
Neither the 1 or the "one" should be admitted as a precaution. The names, at least the abbreviation should be admitted.
Other words like insults that I do not want to say should be blocked.
But what remains the rest ... the species or name of the dragon, among many other words should be accepted. That is to say..
I only say Hi and then react to the answers with emojis. It does not seem fair to me.
The " :) " for example, could also be admitted. The chat requires many fixes.
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All chat is good for is silencing people. English chat is not allowed on there, chat in other languages is fine and doesn't actually get filtered no matter what's being said.


I think they should just remove the chat in its entirety. I don't think there's a proper solution since you can bypass the filters with ease anyway if you really want to. People would be better off using out-of-game chats like Discord and whatnot.


I very much doubt that JS would hire people just to moderate a barely-functional chat. Sounds like a waste of money.


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" in other languages is fine and doesn't actually get filtered no matter what's being said."
That's not true. My language can't be used in SoD because it gives you chat ban. Mainly because we have letters with accents (é, ú, ü, ű, í, ó, ö, ő and á).
So we can't use those letters, plus most words are censored so whenever I use Hungarian in chat I have to put a 'q' in front of every single word.
I don't agree with the getting rid of the chat thing. Remember, there are many kids above 13 and most of them (hopefully) don't have any social media pages. Then they shouldn't use chat either, you'll say, but this game is mainly designed for kids so getting rid of chat because older players using bad language...
Yes, the chat system brings dangers with itself (bullying, saying inapropiate things, sharing personal information, etc.) but I also see it being used for useful things, like asking for advice.
My opinion: no matter how bad they are, I think they should keep the filters.
However, they shouldn't give you chat ban just because accidentaly typing a number (I think all mobile users know what I mean) or just because you're happy with the battle reward.
Still not the best solution, but I guess there's nothing else they could do which makes the players happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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It was a hyperbole, and you can easily just ditch accents due to context.


I wasn't talking about social media so I'm not sure where that's coming from, and bad language isn't an old player thing. If anything, it's a thing kids in the game do because they think it makes them look cool or something.


Thing is, the current filters do nothing when it comes to kids' safety. They can easily bypass the filter and share any information they want if they're clever enough. Do you really think they should keep a filter that only exists to be a mild annoyance, rather than to do the job it's supposed to?


The only other thing they could do is just fully censor any sentence that contains a forbidden word or name, and with that I mean just don't have the thing send it through at all. Kind of like the current deal but without the actual banning part. It'd take a try or ten or twenty before one can say what they want to say, though. No normal person has the patience for that.

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Ahh, of course it was one,

Ahh, of course it was one, silly me. Xc
Yus, that's also true, I forgot about how nowadays some kids use bad language.
Even some kids still in kindergarden use bad language, which is really sad.
Well, although we complaint many times they didn't fix the chat filters. (And they are not doing anything, at least I didn't notice any changes since 2015-that's when I started playing.)
Even if just a few bad words and other inappropiate stuff it can stop, still better than nothing. Yeah, I'm somewhere between an optimist and a realist, I guess. I totally understand what are you saying. I don't know what has to happen to make the team fix the filters, but I don't think that it would happen any time soon. ('cause the game is 5-6 years old and so far there haven't been a big change in the chat system. OR silly me didn't notice.)
Yes, that would also be a solution (kinda similar to mine).
I never really understood what's the point of chat ban. I know that it's supposed to be educative, but with the bad filters it's rather annoying. And if a player's parent can't do the job, then no one will.

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Yeah, the fact that they're doing nothing about the chat made me think it's best if they just remove it altogether. It's filled with weirdos, and nothing's being done about it. Best to get rid of it and have people use alternative chats if they really want to. The chat is useless as it is now.


I do get the point of the chat ban, but the execution isn't good at all. Repeated offenses should silence people, but because of the fact that nearly every word is a 'bad' word the thing just ends up silencing everyone. To be honest I don't even have the chat opened.


Perhaps they should just make it a canned chat. It sucks, but it works.

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I agree with what you're saying. It's like I've said before in another thread, QtalkingQlikeQthisQonlyQgoesQsoQfarQinQchatQ.
Also, the fact that dragon species names from the show are censored? WHY? It's as bad as certain Pokemon names that get censored. Why censor something that's legit? I don't get it. Same thing with name filters. Ugh.

Plus, they need to consider the fact that most of the players on the game now-a-days are teens or adults. There should be a seperate chat for those who are older, that's not censored to oblivion. Before someone says "But you can lie about your age", well we can't expect a game to babysit younger kids. Parents should monitor their own kids, and have the chat closed if they're that concered. There's no need to punish the rest of the HTTYD audience who've literally grown up with the books or movies. It's as I've said before, we may as well have chat removed alltogether at this rate.


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I can use the symbol ":". I use it make this smiley face: c: because making this one: :) gets me a chat ban. What's banned for one person isn't always banned for another person.


There are other ways numbers can be inappropriately used other than giving out your age. Kids can give out their phone numbers, address, ect. Telling kids not to give out personal info is a good idea and I wholeheartedly agee that kids should be educated on internet safety, but let's face it, a lot of kids just won't listen. Granted, there are some that will, but there will always be some who don't. You can tell them all you want why they shouldn't give out personal info on the internet, online date, ect but they just won't listen because they just don't understand the danger of what they're doing and they see the adults as " worrying too much" and "trying to keep them from having fun." Matters are made worse when parents won't supervise their kids while they're on the internet. There are a lot of parents who use it as a babysitter so they can do what they want. While not all parents are like this, and I applaud and am proud of the ones that aren't, there's a lot of them that are. That's one reason why the gamemakers try so hard to keep kids safe.


I agree that chat does need a major overhaul because there's too many things that get banned that shouldn't be and the ones who do need to be banned get away with what they're doing, but I don't see it getting fixed anytime soon, and honestly there's other things that I'd rather them fix first. Black has been gone from the game for almost a year and I'm experiencing so many bugs from the recent update that I'm at the point where I'm getting majorly annoyed. SoD has been around for 6 years now and the chat has been more or less the same as far as I know so I think it's safe to say the chat will continue to remain the same.


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*deleted post since its irrelevant due to the fact I can't edit the original post.*

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I do not agree to block the
I do not agree to block the chat completely / delete it.
There will be some people (like me) who have no other source of communication. The best thing that could be done is a filter for people who are already big but there should be a blocking filter for innappropriate, malicious or real information words like ..
-Block the numbers and full names.
But even the name of the dragon can not be said. It's okay that Deadly sounds bad and we can only call them Nadder, but what about other dragons? We can not just say Screaming to Screaming Death. Or Flight  to Flightmare; etc ... do you understand me ?.
The chat has been getting worse and I do not think the solution would be to eliminate the chat.
I agree with those above that children could be careless and parents should control them so they do not make a mistake, but deleting chat is not an option.
I like to talk (albeit a little) in the game, I only rarely hold conversations with my friends. How will I communicate if the chat ceases to exist?.
I believe that those who abuse using innappropriate words should be blocked for 1 week or 2.
But for those who say it once they should give you a warning up to 3 warnings and then block it for 24 hours.
I assume it worked like that before (except for blocking a week), but it got worse and must be fixed.
My language is Spanish, and there is a lot of filter to this language. And since everything in the game is in English, I can not communicate with people from my language so easily, so I practice with English to be able to converse. And I'm always careful with what I say ..
Now .. Qwrite Qthis?
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Admins seem quiet here...

I always know a good thread by the fact that admins haven't responded to anything. Are they afraid to acknowledge poor systems? Have they realizd understand that responding to legitimate issues only fuels the fire?

Fix the dang chat. Or take it away entirely; maybe then I'll actually be motivated to use Discord. 


Not gonna lie, I legit didn't know what was causing my chat bans until reading this. I stopped using it so quickly that I never took the time to figure it out XD


... which is a great example of how frustrating the chat function is.





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