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So, I keep on getting flagged for my speech, as the game thinks that I'm swearing, and I'm not. Monday, I believe, I was blocked for 21hours because I said something along the lines of, "you guys ready for this one?" 

What are some common words that aren't allowed, so that I can adjust my typing? Also, it seems every time I try to use a number, rather than spelling it out, I.e 1, it gets blocked, coincidence?

Thank you very much! 

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Hello :D

Ahh yes the chat system is very sensitive, you are correct numbers are indeed blocked from chat even spelling them out will get you banned. I suggest typing like this QhelloQhowQareQyou? Or try this HelloHowAreYou? those are the ways I and other players squirm are way outta it, hope this helps c:



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In a perfect world, ducking SOD chat censor doesn't exist. The day chat censor's been finally sent to where it belongs will  flowers sprout from dry deserts, the dried up well will burst forth with sweet water, and the world rejoices and embrace each brethren and sister.


Don't bother learning which words are gonna earn you a ban. It'll censor everything from tequila to mathematics. Because math is the forbidden knowledge the snake of the tree has given us.


For my end, IWriteSentencesLikeThis. I prefer it that way because QTalkingQlikeQlhisQconfusesQmeQmore :')







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Captcha glitch

Captcha glitch

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Thank you very much, while I

Thank you very much, while I got you here, was wondering if you could answer another question. I saw talk of gear effecting racing, so I went on the shop, found the wooden night fury helm, saw it gave aboost to speed, and bought it. However, when I click on it now, it claims it doesn't have any stats. Is there a window to check racing stats that I'm missing?

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I might be wrong but I don't think there is a place to check racing stats in-game, somebody on forum did make a thread explaining what helped the most and what didn't, most of thread consists of stats of all the old racing armor but sadly they removed the old armor from the game. If you want the best racing gear though use code cloudcover and skrillthrill ((I believe those are the codes)) which will give you the skrill armor and stormcutter amror if you want the best combo here's what I think it is, Skrill boots, stormcutter pants, Skrill wings, stormcutter cuffs, skrill helmet, and stormcutter shoulder pads. Again hope this helps c:

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From what I know, you cannot

From what I know, you cannot check the stats of normal clothing, even if it does affect your stats

Only Dragon Tactics gear stats can be checked


(I might be wrong)


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I laughed at this, not because I think it's stupid, and not to insult you, but because this happens to everyone so much and I remember wondering what the heck was up. So from what I've figured out, NO NUMBERS EVER. Obviously no swearing, too. I forgot which acronyms can't be used but try not to push any acronyms aside from "idk", "lol", "gtg" and "brb". 

MOST of the time, qtalkingqlikeqthisq confuses the chat and you can get away with saying almost anything. And sometimes the chat's just moody.


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