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I'll bet that the word I said that I was penalized for was Stormcutter. Why would one think 'Stormcutter' would be a negative word? It's a dragon species isn't it? Just trying to chat with a fellow player that had an unusual amount of Stormcutter dragons, yet I get temp banned. Is there a rule book that I can be pointed to? Because I would love to read over the rules to have knowledge of what is right and wrong, what the chat allows and does not. I'm sure other players would like to know the rules too, because warnings or not, if we do not have access to the rules, we're gonna end up making the same mistakes again. 


This is not saying I would rather have no penalties. If penalties exist, then rules should also be someplace accessible to any player. Why not include a tab in the journal? Or open up settings and include a place that opens up the brief explanation of the rules, with a link to the full? There's the forum rules that thoroughly explains what is expected on the forum. Anything for the in-game chat??

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This is such a recurrent topic in the SOD forums but...


Chat bot censor in SOD is cow moo.


It'll censor you, or heck... Will even BAN you from chat for a certain amount of time, for typing numbers, symbols and saying even the most random words. Deth, Cut, Cutter, general curse words, references to adult stuff like alcohol or drugs. It'll even censor or ban you from certain mundane words. 


It's a nuisance that everybody knows, and everyone knows that in-game chat is horse neigh. So the only way you can bypass the censor's by typing xlikeQthisx or LikeMaybeThis. Or some other technique that others have discussed hundreds of times in the forums.







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Forgotten language of SoD

I remember trying to bypass the chat by typing hive instead of five as it prevented all and any numerical references. But I did take a very long break and forgot about the chat rules and stuff. Why numbers would be banned, I have no clue but to only guess- it prevents kids sharing phone numbers? The main point of this topic is to raise a proposal to have an accessible place where we can all understand why certain words are banned. Penalties after penalties without reasoning isn't going to help anyone. It's as if they're trying to bait unknowing players into the trap. And when someone does get banned, can the server at least notify others so the banned player isn't "rude" especially if they were just in the middle of a conversation and a chat ban hits them. 

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I'd actually appreciate if the chat announces chat ban to a player.

That way, while having a conversation and getting banned in the middle of it, you don't need to go " :X " for the other player to understand what just happened.


It won't really "Shame" the player either from the announcement. As we all know how incompetent the censor is XP

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I say we fire the headmaster for not allowing free speech. There's gotta be a law that he's breaking somehow. If not I guess we should overthrow him.

Actually, the recent update made me very excited for once because it said 'bug fixes' but does anyone know which ones?


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wait... is it true?

Did you really get a chat ban for only an hour? Wow. I just... Wow. My very first chat ban was for two hours, and all the rest (except one for one week) were for one entire day ;-; Mostly for nothing. Once I got banned for sayinng 'hi'. Chat bot sensor is completely broken, last week I got two bans in a row without any warning for saying 'Qglitch' T_T


Funny thing, as far as I know, curses in other languages aren't rather censored XD

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I absolutely have no idea why the game censors you from saying greeting words like hi and hello.

I have resorted to greeting people by saying "Hewwo".

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Yes, only one hour. 

Yes, only one hour. 

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Really the only advice I can give you is to avoid numbers (including spelling them), symbols (excluding periods, dashes, commas, and apostraphes), and any POTENTIAL word that MIGHT associate itself with ANY adult reference (like "drunk") even though it doesn't necessarily HAVE to. Then, there's also random words that have no negative meaning or reference/connection to a negative, adult, or forbidden topic/word. Justqtalkqlikeqthis and you'll usually be fine. I get multiple warnings all the time. 

Another workaround for numbers is to compensate using letters (IOOO --> iooo in caps; SS --> ss in caps). Most of these can't be used since most letters don't look like any number. Stick only to number divisible by five. Or the exact number one because capital i or lowercase L will work in its place. 


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But this time there was no warning. Devs, please do something about this. Look over the chat and tell me what i said wrong. 

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ugh i get this a lot

I have gotten banned from chat WAY TO MANY TIMES and I never say anything adult related, curse related, or anything that even has a remotley negative tone or effect. I once got banned for saying "stop doing that" (a character was firing at me but if i said shooting or firing it would ban me). I also got banned for sharing a promo code.


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