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Halo! My daugther is playing SOD on Facebook gameroom. It is slow, and blocking, but her biggest problem is about the chat function. When she tries to chat, it says that safe chat has to be turned on. That has been done, but the same message appears again. What is the problem? Please help. Thank you in advance! Matilda.

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I have a hint


That’s only a hint, but you can try.

If have activated you daughter’s account, then you should try to log in onto the SoD site and in „Manage Account” turn the chat option on and update. If it doesn’t work for the first time, then try to turn on and off few times. Be sure that you saves every change and then logged of.

If the problem is still occuring, then you can contact Brynjolf or one of other admins.

I can’t really tell anything else, because I’m playing the downloaded version, never tryed on Facebook.


Hope everything I said is readable ( English isn’t my first language ) and good luck :]


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