The Chat In-Game and how we can fix it

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It is no new news that the chat system is more or less broken.

Let's see how we can fix it.


Don't auto mute.

I cannot stress this enough. I don't care if people say it's because I just got auto-muted, most of the time it doesn't help anything and to be honest, no one likes it because 95% of the people who get auto muted, didn't do anything wrong. I don't care if you have to use CommunitySift, just please-- don't auto mute us. Auto mute isn't needed. Just block the message and it's fine.

By the way, I literally just saw somebody say "fxck you" which is definitely not filtered because I saw it. "fxck you" person does not get auto muted, but I get muted for saying "I thought they left." (I don't have a picture because the SoD client is way too difficult to work with taking a screenshot of, great, (I have lightshot) but try it yourself if it isn't an auto mute phrase yet)


I don't care if reporting has to be done in a forum post, and I don't care if the mods are just volunteers. If SoD is ever to be as big as it was back then, we need a reporting system. Parents are going to get driven away because:

A. The chat system isn't working the way it was intended to

B. You don't have a report system

C. All of the above

Right now, looking at the chat system and how there isn't a reporting system, any parent who thinks about it will go, "wait, should I really be spending my money on a game that my child plays  and it doesn't even have a reporting system, or a reliable chat filter?"


I know this might never happen. I know the chances are slim. I know this post might be demanding. But this is going to improve the chat in the game a lot.





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Please SoD developers, fix your bugs first. While the community may be overwhelming at times, in the end, most of the time they simply want what's best for the game. In terms of population and overall development process, SoD is by far your most successful and most developed creation. I feel that part of the problem is that you are running other games and overwhelming yourselves. These games are basically dead and few people play them anymore, with the exception of Neopets, where some players are still active for the nostalgia.

Also, I am aware of times where the community is desperate for certain updates or dragons. But I beg of you to strive for a clean, bug free game first before pursuing these updates. Doing this will make your company appear more reliable and trustworthy. I agree, new content is needed to help keep players. But so is fixing bugs. Many of your bugs can be game breaking as well, causing potential customers to leave.

This is why I believe your team should consider fixing bugs more than doing updates. I can wait for an update, but game breaking bugs I can't.


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Um, we do have a reporting system. It sucks, but we do have one.
Our reporting system doesn't enclude and option to type our own reason and doesn't have a hacking option.


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Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about that. But that system could definitely be approved. Well anyway, they SHOULD improve the chat too.

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The reporting sytem isn't that good. Ii got banned twice because of the chat for saying "I think your dragon is very pretty". I just don't see why instead of adding new things, they don;t fix the old things they have first. Such as, the chat, glitches, bugs, and probably a whole lot more. This is just my opinion on the matter.




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The game is rated E for everyone-not just kids, but adults also (there are a lot of older players who DO NOT respect the chat) like you said, with such a large age variety playing the game, the chat needs to have a much better filtering system. If i had kids, i would not let them play this game because of it. And im afraid all we can do is wait until the game developers do something about it.



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The thing that i hate the most about the chat is other players creeping me out -.-

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Wort Wort Wort!

Before I say anything I just want to point out that, yes, the chat can be frustrating at time... (I got a 7 day mute) trying to help new players... 


Like it says above, many people play this game in different age groups, the game is rated E for everyone and it's a mix between people. Monitoring a chat in an online game is always difficult due to the quantity of people. A new report system would be great, and the introduction of Moderators will also be a great addition, trustworthy ones obviously.

Most of the time I do see people insulting each other in the chat, using very vulgar language, judging by the way they insult I can say they are probably young children, now I'm only 18 years old, I have to cut them some slack knowing back in the old minecraft days I was also annoying at times haha, but yeah, a new system is highly demanding but it will work out great in the long term!

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WHY! Do we get flagged on Chat when we say something if it isn't a curse word or something like that!!! I got flagged a month ago for saying "That was a great round"!!!! WHHHHYYYYY!!!

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I've been flagged for dumb stuff too. -_- Granted my chat doesn't work 90% of the time anyway (I can only play through FB gameroom at the moment so maybe that has something to do with it???) but when it does like half the stuff I say gets flagged when I didn't even say anything bad! I mean seriously I have seen some pretty nasty convos between players and I'm like "Oh suuure, they can talk about drinking alcohol in excess with barely changing the words and it's obvious that that's what they're talking about, but I can't even ask if others are experiencing the same glitch as me? Really?" -_- The censorship in the chat is broke as a cheap vase in an earthquake...


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I agree with everyone they

I agree with everyone they should fix it! They really should fix it even if they don't want to...


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Sorry my computers lagged

Sorry my computers lagged