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I have been banned from chat and am not sure what I've supposedly done for this to happen.

Got several warnings for messages that weren't to my knowledge offensive, over several days.

First warning was a few weeks ago, and my impression was that I had used characters that for technical reasons weren't allowed.

Second one was a few days ago when I was trying to ask people what is up with the q's that appear in their chat (QEveryoneqseemesqtoqtalkqlikeqthis)

Then today I said "I didn't think we'd make it there for a second" and got a warning. Tried saying it again without the ' and got banned from chat.


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It is unfortunately not a

It is unfortunately not a bug, but a real feature with our crappy chat.

You can get banned for using numbers, symbols and wven sayin „hi” - with the last one it depends if the chat has a good or bad day hah.


To avoid that people put x or q after and before every word, because then they are not recognised by the filter and will usually protect you from getting banned. This however can be abused to use inappropriate words too.


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Thank you for the reply, it

Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful. :)

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Thank you for the reply, it

(Double post because of lag. Apparently can't delete)

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Figured that out fast lol

I tried to send a smiley face and it banned me. XD


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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I once got banned for saying ikr

Don't say puffin, puffing or put a single X, you'll get instant warning/ban even with Q.


Puffins is allowed though.


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Nooooope not a bug at all

The SOD chat filter is obnoxiously sensitive... I'll say something completely clean and appropriate and get banned. Tip: don't ever EVER say a number or anything regarding a number! That's a big mistake we all made at first... You got banned for including the word "second." It's not a bug. :( It's just how things are. Nobody wants to be banned from a chat qsoqtheyqdoqthisq so the filter won't recognize any of the words. There's no telling when you'll say something "bad" because half the English dictionary is "bad language". Pfft. We've all been asking for a less sensitive filter but it never changes. They do it to protect players but seriously some of these words can't POSSIBLY be abused! 

Oh and sometimes misspelling a word doesn't help either. I guess the filter caught on to some things.

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just use roblox's chat filter. THREE MOONS.

( wings of fire reference XD)


i agree with the crappy filter, but being a roblox player aswell, i think they should use the chat filter program roblox uses. its WAY better.




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Never played Roblox. Didn't appeal to me. So I don't know about their version of a chat filter. I think they should censor swears, but that's it. No need to censor the year that'll be anyone's age. "I'm three cookies away--" *BANNED* 

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I wonder if it would be

I wonder if it would be possible to have the swear filter censor for the reciever instead of the sender, then have an option to turn it off.

That way you would probably not have to have such a sensitive filter since noone who wants to swear would have a reason to cheat the filter, and those who don't want foul language wouldn't have to see it.

The text that could be censored by others would appear in a different colour so that you'd know it was being censored.

Swear filter would be on by default and the way to disable it would have to be a bit convoluted so as to not have children do it.

If that would work it would be a better option than having one of the main features of a multiplayer game, to be able to interact with other players, glitched.

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This is really ridiculous. I

This is really ridiculous. I got banned from chat for 23 hours for asking how much hp the scout ship had left during an event.

What is even the point of banning someone from chat if the message isn't even allowed to be sent by the filter?